Why Philippines has a LOW standard of living… | Filipino Culture | Poverty

 Why Philippines has a LOW standard of living… | Filipino Culture | Poverty

Not! This is not a propaganda. I just genuinely want to share my thoughts about why has the living standard of the Philippines relative to that of the U.S. not risen, unlike its Asian neighbors? The country has been stuck in a low-growth trajectory. It is headed for a low steady-state level of output per worker, which explains its slow rate of long-term growth. Most significantly, its total factor productivity, at 20.9 percent of that of the U.S., is horrendously low, which explains its low convergence point. I am sharing my own opinion based on my own observation. Poverty can never be eradicated unless the people learn by whom they should be led.#filipinolife #poverty #filipinoculture

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  • Hy Ru, I am ashamed of myself and my little problems that I have in Switzerland, they are nothing compared to the problems People have in your Country, I think. Thanks for the good Research, you have done! Always very Interesting. BR Karl

  • Trillions of dollars family females wide.. spent to and on males I fcking did not say to hire or trust at all.. how the fck is that ok with any of you?

  • More companies should be created in the Philippines that would export products to the world. For example, companies that make money from fish, that are so much in there. So BTW, I would be very happy to eat fish with the inscription "made in the Philippines" 🙂

  • 🤯 This video content needs an update at least 3 times a year 💯🫰👏 your obvious passion for the Filipino heritage and culture is inspiring 😇🫰🤗

  • Do not rely on the gov't to help you. Take are of it yourself to secure your future.

  • The Phils. is the sick man of Asia – it cannot seem to get rid of widespread corruptions by its gov't. It will remain a third-world country in competition w/ Africa.

  • i love this woman

  • One of the biggest problems is the excessive influence of the church on the population. Not only the politicians because they are corrupt all over the world and only serve themselves. And also in the old world, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer

  • 7:18. Looks like you got a lot of work to do. I. Sure you will get there. Time is on your side.

  • It has been over 30 years since I was in the Philippines. I visited Clark Air Force Base back then. Today I wished I had retired in the Philippines but I'm to old and have many health problems now. I feel for you and your Country. You can't change the Country but maybe you can change/fix your Province. One step at the time. Elect people who care about your country, not themself. Moving to other countries is not the answer. Take care of yourself. I wish I was 30 years younger.

  • You don’t like anything you are everything you are very smart, very intelligent, very educated, and very beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • You are very brave to speak about these topics. Thank you!

  • You might enjoy reading Thomas Sowell or maybe check out George Gammon’s economics channel. The government cannot be anyone’s savior. Power corrupts and centralized power in government corrupts.

  • I read that the 15 richest philippinos have more money then 55 million "normal people" combined, half the population. All our societies now have this huge gap between rich and poor. It is sad to see 7 yr olds sleeping on cardboard outside my local 7 eleven. Yes we give a little food in the morning to them but always wonder how this situation arose. I love your country, culture etc and being a quest never criticize however it does make me sad to see the plight of so many good people and kids.

  • Maybe lack of education. Corruption for sure! I know, because I live and work since 2004 in SE-Asia! But I should not complain about corruption in Asia, because Europe and the US are far worse!🤭

  • You should represent Philippines for Miss Universe.. u have great mind and speak so eloquently on a very serious topic for Philippines and most countries in South east asia 👏👏👏👏

  • You have to Start by getting rid of your TOXIC cultural beliefs followed by the church then the government. FIX the culture and people FIRST. Te rest will follow, the two Asian tigers(Japan & Korea) did exactly that, also they are not religious either(Shinto & none)

  • In the USA it’s very different. Politicians are mostly criminals here as well but they are never convicted

  • i really enjoyed this video. You cover the Good, the Bad , and The Ugly. You are a very beautiful woman but for me your most attractive feature is your intelligence. I am no expert on the Philippines but with a population of about 110 million, it seems to be there are about 10 million rich people and 100 million poor people. The mother of my children was raised in a dirt poor Catholic family with 16 siblings. She was very smart and educated herself with the help of a benefactor. This was in Canada. When she became a Registered Nurse she turned her back on the Catholic Church. She had two children and that is all she wanted so she had her tubes tied right after the second child was born. Several of her sisters followed her example after having two children. Lead by example.

  • I think the biggest economic challenge to the Philippines is isolation. Everything has to be imported and even transporting goods from one island to another involves a lot of red tape and regulations that don't apply to a Continental country. In terms of natural resources the Philippines is a very wealthy country.
    Almost nobody is aware of the fact that the Philippines actually has over $26 Trillion USD in untapped petroleum deposits.

  • Wow you are very astute

  • Very thoughtful comments, which I think can probably be applied to many developing countries in the world, especailly the birth rates? Thank you for the honesty.

  • Sounds like America

  • Thank you for sharing! The circle of poverty in family or even country can't be stopped without ceasless effort. I believe you need a strong leader, but if you don't have them, you need to make them. I was raised in S.Korea in 1970-1990s. We were poor like anybody else. We were taught that if we want to be rich, we should throw away old paradigm, which is naive and complacent one. We had a strong leader, President Jung-Hee Park. He was a hero for our country. His decision to revive the dying economy was accurate and sincere. People admired him and followed his leadership. I think you need a great leader who can design the plan and execute the plan with the people of the nation.

  • If there was hope, it must lie in the proles, because only there in those swarming disregarded masses, 85 percent of the population of Oceania, could be the force to destroy the Party ever be generated. (Orwell, 1948)

  • In Urban Planning, the countries have been called the Global South or Emerging Economies.

    The other thing unique of Ph are World War II Military Transport Vehicles are used as public transit.

    Elders and family; please don't be financially cruel to your OFWs. In US there is a major housing shortage and cost of housing is extremely high, please stop making unrealistic financial demands to your Filipino American relatives.

  • It's so boring to hear you talking. You should use a synthetic voice generated by a computer instead. You don't have it

  • So let me ask you something. Are you prepared to loose your way of life? And I mean massive changes going right down to the lowest person.
    Lots of your traditions and how your families work, would have to change drastic.

  • I hear you say government should provide this and that but your problem is not a new one its what kept the entire world in poverty for thousands of years. All you guys need to do is look north, S Korea was as poor as your country is now and they decided to change things about 40 years ago and now are one of the powerhouses of the world. You have the most beautiful country in the world and you can turn this around but your leaders are corrupt. you don't really have a democracy, its a soft dictatorship.

  • Excellent presentation. I hope and pray and wish you well

  • Lets face it. When thinking about handsome men and incredibly beautiful women, no one would suggest England, nor Switzerland. Frankly speaking most young Norwegian women are unattractive. Not to speak about Koreans in real life. Yet, they are able to perform because somebody does care for their well being. But as soon as the national leadership despises the local folks, an economic collapse is created, no matter the actual name of that country.

  • My Dear, "Poverty can never be eradicated unless the people learn by whom they should be led." is a universal statement. So for any Nation, the recipe look like this : Health care, Education and Leadership (love for your own people) ! Browness is an asset. Not to be so beautiful, is an asset. Actually, to be gorgeous by global standards is a clear lethal trap.

  • 9:30 You are so right. Children do not owe their parents anything. It was not the children's choice to come into this world. My parents gave me everything they could (education, civilized living conditions). I give my daughters the best education I can afford and I will expect nothing in return from them but respect. In my country Romania, parents do not want to be an anchor hanging around the children's neck. Parents are proud if their children reach higher in the social hierarchy than their parents were. Parents help their children financially (if they can) even when the children have a salary or are married (if the parents are downsizing the apartment). But I see that in the Philippines parents are a burden to their children like some leeches. That mentality must be changed and then parents will no longer pump up the number of children when they realize that they as parents must help their children and not the other way around

  • Rubeauti, I live in Australia 🇦🇺, societies in “the rich west” are collapsing and WW3 just started – sadly I think you have missed the boat, so to speak. We have so many people and families who are living in their cars.

  • Don't kid yourself. Education does not make better voting choices. Democrats vote for people that want to take away their rights, take away their pay and take away everything else and yet they think they are voting for the smart candidate.

  • My friend lives in America, how can he meet a filipina?

  • I would love to give you some benefits of capitalism however my experiences are in America. When are you running for President?

  • 🌹🥰

  • It happens because we have a very lousy constitution and a terrible type of gov't..
    Blame the electorate for choosing a criminal is bit nonsense.
    We have to understand, nominees who aspires in the gov't seats with a controversial status secure their part from the approving body, the Comelec.
    The fundamental principle of the law says, every person should be pressumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.
    Even if they're convicted of a case, we have to submit that criminals still have an absolute right to appeal their convictions and whatever the outcome must be respected.

    The presidential type of government is proven ineffective for the Filipinos.
    Personality politics a business for these so-called nominated criminals therefore ammend the constitution and proceed with the parliamentary federal system.

  • Politics is the same across the world. All corrupt.

  • The more contraception, the more promiscuity

  • I'm sorry young lady but you are very wrong. And so are a lot of Filipinos who think the same way you do. You're asking for more government in an environment where more government has completely decimated your people.

  • You nailed the problem. Thinking the government providing Health Services or providing anything for the people is a good thing. The problem with your country is simply too much government regulation and control and taxation. Any country that punishes people who are successful, will always have a poor country

  • After seeing your this video, I couldn't control myself from subscribing your channel, it's so impressive. Lots of love from 🇮🇳 India

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