Why Isn’t Filipino Food More Popular?

 Why Isn’t Filipino Food More Popular?

SOURCE: https://gothamist.com/food/filipino-food-gains-visibility-in-nyc-but-restaurateurs-point-to-a-complicated-reality?fbclid=IwAR0Q3-M_VLyKuHvc6Q1vnLiZo5YD9LkdiX-ZtPWFneX9Pzgyaqoxq6eDWes&mibextid=Zxz2cZ

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  • Yes it's true I'm running my own small restaurant in europe but I can't cook my own filipino food because most customers doesn't know about filipino foods..

  • Thanks for hyping up the Philippines 🇵🇭 ! Im half Filipino and half white, but sadly my dad wasnt around much. Never taught me a lot about the culture or food. As an adult ive done my own exploration and im loving it. I feel like i missed out a lot growing up but hey better late than never.

  • They can't keep it consistent. Sinigang is tamarind base. Adobo has vinegar and soy sauce. I"m not crazy of Jolly Bee.

  • on cebu island it is fat suggar,no sauces on rice they eat raw,disgustig for foreigners to eat rice with nothing

  • i lived eight years on Cebu island 95% of foreigners don't like pinoy food

  • I appreciate this but how does the pacific islands like those in polynesia influence us? Lol

  • I actually like that Filipino food has stayed fairly obscure on the global stage. Pinoy here. Love your content though… always.

  • One of the main reasons why Filipino cuisine is not as popular outside the Philippines is that many businesses tend to focus on nostalgia rather than creating the best dishes. They prioritize making their food 'sulit' which means affordable, instead of striving to create the best dishes possible in their restaurants. This lack of confidence in their food leads many Filipinos to prefer eating at home instead of spending their money on eating out. Filipino restaurants in the Philippines is world class because they need to stand out than most businesses in the country.

    However, there are hidden gems of great Filipino restaurants established outside the country. While they may not be as well-known or easily accessible, these establishments offer a taste of authentic Filipino cuisine that is sure to impress. By stepping outside of their comfort zones and seeking out these hidden gems, food lovers can discover the incredible flavors and unique dishes that Filipino cuisine has to offer.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • I’ll tell you why. Because we cook at home it’s a family thing.

  • UW is the house!!

  • we have all kinds of dishes in philippines, when you ask for spicy man i can fill a cookbook with just spicy dishes.

  • From a non-filipino perspective, I have tried many Filipino restaurants. They have fishy smell which Filipinos who go there don't seem to notice. For food, even if the food are imitation of Thai or Chinese food, they stink, undercooked, and overall just the lowest quality ingredients being used. You guys might not agree with me because of that Filipino pride, but that's how we, the outsiders, feel about your food.

  • Most of it is Culinary Linguistics, Filipino Cuisines are named in Foreign Language that usually Prestigious in the times of the creation of it's Recipes. In my observations, the neighbors of the Philippines gotten their Influences from the Philippines in making their Foods. Most of the Popular Foods in East Asian, Southeast Asian Cuisines is just a recent phenomenon, mostly of them starting to developed at the start of 19th century, but the Philippines already had that during 18th century, and many American New Inventions is first started in the Philippines. Even many desserts is already created here and most of them are spread thru Out Asia by Filipinos and Tourism in the Philippines during the early 19th Century.

  • My mom is Filipina. I don’t think the food is bad but the taste is one note. Also, there are foods from different regions I haven’t tried. Personally I would die for Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese food.

  • Because it usually depends on what you are looking for. I would say compared to American (disgusting calorics) or European (artwork, not food), Filipino food is more suited for a social + tropical setting. Filipino dishes are not meant to be street food fast food commercialized. The best bomb Filipino dishes gives the aura of homey feeling. That dish your grandma cooks on a special day. But there are some dishes that suits every people there is. And marketing Adobo as best Filipino dish is so overrated. There are hundreds of dishes waiting to be given spotlight. My personal best is Beef or Lamb Caldereta and Chicken Pumpkin Kare-Kare. Mwah 5/5.

  • perhaps their food isn’t that great…what could be the other reason?

  • I'm a Filipino I never like chicken adobo I preferred pork adobo instead.

  • because the food sucks – that is why. YUK

  • Outside of adobo, I don’t really care or crave Filipino food. Lumpia is a second-rate fried spring roll compared to Chinese or VNmese rolls. Lechon is good but other cuisines have similar roast pork. There’s too much use of vinegar and not enough use of fresh citrus instead. There’s also a lack of fresh vegetables infused in the cuisine. The food just doesn’t have enough umami.

  • Its horrible here.
    Cook at home and enjoy.
    Average life span of male filipino is 57.
    Very unhealthy eaters.
    I see what they shove in their mouths every day.
    Gross to say the least.

  • We FILIPINOS are the descendants of ASWANG

    Bopis = Lungs and heart

    Papaitan = Internal organs, bile.

    Dinuguan = blood, small and large intestines

    Goto = small and large intestines, tripe

    Lengua = tongue

    Igado = liver

    Sisig = Pig face, ears and brain

    Gotong batangas = all the internal organs

    Isaw = chicken intestines

    Helmet = chicken head

    betamax = blood

    Adidas = chicken feet

    Chicharon bulaklak = pig small intestines

    Soup no.5 = Ox penis

    Siopao = cat meat

    and our famous BALUT= a fertilized developing duck egg embryo.

    goat, duck, dogs meat = served for very special occasion.

    frog, snake, monitor lizard, ricefield rats, ants, wood worm ect. = exotic menu

    and every family fighting at the dinning table over the Fish eye balls.

  • I agree with most of what you said and thank you for doing this since it is warranted. For me, filipinos should stop offering some dishes as a challenge like eating balut or pigs blood or pork intestines. What bothers me is some of the filipinos doing this dont even eat it themselves and find it repulsing. And even if they did like it why serve a dish that is an acquired taste. Also since Jollibee is starting to get popular….why not instead of serving burger steak, replace it with menudo or kaldereta. Might even become more popular than the chicken…maybe thats why.

  • Sorry to all of my Filipino friends. You're all wonderful but, your food is not spicy and moves closer to the sweet side. I just can't lol. But, the desserts are amazing: puto, ube, I'll eat that all day.

  • I feel like it’s too homemade, and there isn’t a wow dish with distinct flavors

  • The real question is: why does Filipino food have to be popular? It doesn't. Those who crave for Filipino food to be popular are just looking for external validation

  • cause our government is not doing anything

  • Filipinos don’t do salads because typical Filipino fare is like, 90% veggies. What you see in restaurants and when you come over is “special” food. Pako salad is basically tender fern leaves with tomatoes, red onions and maybe a bit of salted egg. You eat that a bunch. For lunch it’s garden stew. Whatever is in your garden you pick up, chop up, and stew in a pot. No spices. No animal anything. Just the veggies and water. Maybe some salt.

    If you’re lucky enough to live near a river or freshwater lake, you could probably score some kind of shellfish stew with a bit of salt and garlic on the regular. Not particularly imaginative or pretty, but very tasty, very fresh, and basically free.


  • Filipino food is never expensive. Most of Filipino-Americans are working class who want cheap, fast, fresh, delicious, and no-nonsense Filipino food. If it is too expensive and fancy, it is not sustainable for the average Filipino-American.

  • I’m filipino and not really a big Fan of Adobo; surprised that when i hear foreigners talk about Filipino food. Adobo 99% of the time is what they mention.

  • Sorry to say, like Filipino grocery stores, Filipino restaurant is not know to by hygienic. I say that as a Filipino. The newer generation ones are typically cleaner but not the older generation ones except for a very few exceptions.

    Korean restaurants had a blow up because K-Pop became popular. K-Pop did wonders for the image of the Korean/Korean American people, including their food. So, I think it's a branding and visibility issue as well.

  • I love my wife’s recipes! She makes the best chicken adobo. It’s my favorite way to eat chicken. Her egg rolls are amazing.

  • Most western tourists who go to the Philippines don't like Filipino food. And most Filipinos do a lousy job of cooking foreign food.

  • Sloppy presentation. Poor cooking techniques. Weird names, with no appetizing English translations. Even heavier on MSG than Chinese food. Like you said, too much fusion, and many times not as good as where the dishes originated from. They should take a cue from Hawaiian plate lunch places. Simplify their approach and adapt to the average American palate. Is Panda Express "Real" Chinese food ? No, but they make a lot of money. and have opened the gateway towards traditional Chinese cuisine becoming more popular as fast food. Jollibee has sort of done that in certain areas.

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