Why I LIVE in the Philippines 🇵🇭

 Why I LIVE in the Philippines 🇵🇭

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The Philippines are known for friendly Filipinos and beautiful islands. In this video filmed in Bohol and El Nido, Palawan Philippines, I talk with local Filipinos and discuss why I chose the Philippines as my home. Thank you for watching!

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Chapters Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
1:40 Rosetta Stone Sponsor
4:39 Meeting Filipinos
8:42 More on Philippines


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  • I would like to learn French. Will try the Rosetta Stone sometime.

  • Friendly but some are scammers so be careful… 😅😅😅

  • Hello, I’m Sergey, from Russia). I’m planning to move to Philippines by the end of this he year6. I’m 42, 3 kids, 2 ex wives😊. Nearly a year ago I started getting more information about moving in Philippines, to settle down there and new relationships to start.. now I’m trying to work hard, save money and looking for distant job.. it’s not actually easy.. thank you man for your videos 👍😊. I’m one of your subscribers of course 😊

  • Lechon again!😂 kaon napod bro! 😂❤🎉😊

  • Kaon napod! Hahahaa! Eating time again! 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  • Beautiful nature + Beautiful people = The Philippines….It is what it is….

  • ❤❤❤

  • It's very true I been traveling at list 100 countries philippines It's my favorite and I am going to retire in there…..always miss philippines when I am in states

  • You forgot the other secrets of the Filipinos…. we are religious and God-fearing people. We treat other people with dignity and respect. Sundays mostly churches are full. Mostly in the province you'll never run out of strangers to talk to. You'll never run out of topics to talk about.
    You know why the world prefer Filipino nurses and caregivers. Patients especially elder want to have a conversation a lot. From showbiz to politics to just plain gossips. Stay safe always.

  • SALAMAT ❤️

  • Squid in bisaya is still English and its free because it's NO COST. HAHAHA

  • Impressive blog!! U can also interact with fish, you can pet a fish, aside from people & other animals, TRY IT!!! ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES

  • Thank you your such a real man

  • My goodness, Philippines is so beautiful!

  • Of course you've seen the ugly side of the philippines. But you chose to dwell on the nicer side of the country. It is the right approach, wherever you may be in the world, whatever situation you are in. We need more people like you in the Philippines.

  • Just speak bisaya than tagalog. Tagalog sounds icky. Just bisaya, bro. Bisaya

  • Awesome job making this video. Great info !!

  • More fun and happy filipinos,..Yes u cant find in other countries,..The hospitality we had ..Thnx u decide Phil as 1 of your home to live. good decession.Gb❤

  • Cuz you are like a white God among the Pinays and they shamelessly throw themselves at you? Yeah, I can see the appeal.

  • You looks like Jason Statham😅

  • Its not difficult to learned or even to read tagalog becausea wordmostly…one consonant then next is vowel mostly like that …the others only is difficult for them this word…..NG…NGA.. MGA THATS ALL

  • Great video!!! Enjoy life in the Philippines!😃

  • Cause the women like the big white D and you will be in full control ..no???

  • Travel escapes blogger also love the Philippines

  • Woah i never knew johnny sins went to the Philippines😂😂😂😂

  • Why? Because Filipinos are highly sociable! PH has been the 'text' or SMS capital of the world because of that.

  • HOSPITABLE/HOSPITALITY!!!! Thats the number one Character of the Filipino. PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO

  • Welcome to our Country💕 i hope you enjoy your stay here🥰

  • In Philippines there is less segregation (class, political or anything) in everyway and everyone walks, mingles and live life like equals.
    You give/receive respect, courtesy, attention and the no segregation of life. No loneliness or lack of interaction.
    In other countries you can be rich, biggest house, biggest land, most cars and feel totally isolated and unhappy. The reverse is in the Philippines with the least amount of assets and yet happy because the people is what makes life and living.

  • Glad to see you found the PI as a good home for you. I will try Rosetta one day.
    I'll give you local tip I could be wrong as a Cali born Flip, if you want to call a friend…American= we say " hey what's up?"…. Filipino=, make sound "SSSST, hooey!"

  • The culture of Philippines is about happiness, sharing, love. I wish to visit Philippines also I have too much love for Philippines too

  • 5:54 what are you eating

    Nosebleed; food!

  • Dude your videos are awesome ❗️
    Making it a lot easier for me to book my trip I’ve been waiting to do
    So laid back and enjoyable

  • Now that your here with us, get to know how to speak Tagalog and Bisaya which will take you a long ways in conversing with the locals. GL.

  • WOW! for a great videos!! i sow another's videos from Philippines, but yours's and yours (news)friends is really AMAZING! and this place "DE VERDAD AMIGO, QUE LUGAR Y GENTE MARAVILLOSA!! OK MY FRIEND IN….English, SPANISH OR NORWEGIAN–🤭.. SIR! LITTLE ABAOUT ME.. my name is Walter casas I'm from SANTIAGO DE CHILE!! but live in Oslo-Norway anything's

  • I'm from the Philippines and to be honest, i'm the type of person who asks other people for directions since i'm not very good with it. So by the time that i wen to a different country, Australia to be specific, i forgot that people's culture are very very different from one another so when i asked a local from Sydney about directions like where this place is, the local answered me with "you have Google Maps, right?" then proceeded to turn the different way. I was so caught off guard since i'm used to Filipinos just helping me to the best that they can to point me in the right direction. Though i get it that we have different cultures. lol but yea, born and raised in the PH and will forever be proud of how approachable and kind people are here. 🙂 <3

  • damn you have a very pretty eyes.

  • I was born in Philippines but after I got married I moved to Canada. but, unfortunately I became a introvert. 😭 I miss in Philippines I want to see my old self.

  • Nice to know that you enjoy our country!

  • I'm Filipina and I'm laughing watching these Filipina ladies. I was worried for you when they offered you the salty fish paste called bagoong you.

  • Tus ojos son hermosos y pará mi han Sido un portal de conocimientos 🤘🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐

  • Try to visit northern Cebu like bantayan island malapascua Island virgin Island camotis Island… And many more

  • ahahah gagi kayo pinakain nyo ng bagoong ahahahaha

  • New subscriber watching from baseco Philippines,I'm visaya h! Sir shout out to my YouTube channel chennie Kate vlog

  • Dude, you’re feeling that because the Filipinos like foreigners like you…having accents and shit. Just take advantage of it

  • Abla spaniol😅😅😅😅 sisisi nose bleed actuall we learned spanish trough Maggellan 😅😅😅😅

  • Life here in the Philippines is so simple. Just be friendly and you could eat at almost everyone house specially during fiestas… But still be cautious since someone might take advantage of you ..

  • You see the difference between East / West in one simple interaction

  • Me gusta tu cabeza brillante, sí hablo español "hope some Filipino will understand my Spanish" because if they don't Iré directamente a su coño..

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