Why I Came Back to This Philippine island! 🇵🇭

 Why I Came Back to This Philippine island! 🇵🇭

Why I Came Back to This Philippines island! 🇵🇭

The Philippines has thousands of islands to explore, and this is one Filipino island that has the perfect location to reach other nearby islands in the Philippines. Both Filipinos and foreigners alike often visit this region of the Philippines. Thank you for watching!
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  • Welcmebck to phil.❤❤❤

  • welcome back…bro

  • If you going to Luzon Leg. You can visit SAGADA as well! And ILOCOS region is a historic sites Visit the well preserved spanish colonial city of VIGAN.

  • if mergim vlogs the chairman of bgc, jasper's the chairman of boracay, you're the chairman of bohol

  • Bohol is good place for vacation and safe place to stay

  • Please make more content.

    You’ve spoiled us with your humor, music, POV, quality (video and sound), and locations (I’m
    Flip too), that every time we watch another vlog, we say Jonathan’s is better!

    I also DMd you on IG.

  • While you are in Luzon, you might want to tour around Laguna province as well. It is just besides Metro Manila and usually overlooked by tourists but there are a lot of places to see in Laguna. Mergim went around Laguna Lake and he was surprised to learn that there are a lot of things to see in Laguna. So he has to go back to Laguna someday to see more of what Laguna has to offer.

  • ☝☝☝

  • Welcome back 🎉🎉sir Jonathan.

  • Hi Jonathan I was wondering what kind of camera do you recommend to film like the way you do? I'm thinking about going for 22 days to the philippines several places which one do you recommend

  • Hope I bump into you in one of my travels, Jonathan!! I'm glad I was able to find your vlog before you hit 500k or even 1M subscribers. Thank you for loving the Philippines the same way 9r even more than we locals do.

  • Thanks for loving the Philippines. Good luck and Road to 100k subs for you…

  • Well, if you like scenery, how about a trip to here in Beautiful Bicolandia – Mayon Volcano and some nice beaches.

  • Welcome back jonathan..enjoy your travel,enjoy your stay and enjoy the food man .we love you man….take care…

  • Thank you for coming back to Bohol! Welcome home, Jonathan!

  • Wellcome back here In the Philippines ❤❤❤

  • Hey bro..can you tell us how much in us $ does it cost you monthly..to travel like you are.?

  • I don’t understand why Ami mistake drunk unwise ignorant like riceater like Asians the true is nobody realy like a fake smiling Asian nobody

  • Jonathan, visit the mountains in Alicia/Mabini/Candijay area. The place has beautiful scenery.

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Welcome back!

  • Come to the cordillera region visit the provinces up in the mountains. Here we like to chew betel nut and make the ground red with our spit😅.

    Igorot: "Umali kayo ta mangan taku"

  • Welcome back to Bohol sir. Hope you enjoy at the country 😇 Glad to see you soon on Cebu especially for me as your fan. I'm currently having OJT in The Center Suites (Cebu City). ❤❤️

  • Do you ever read your comments?

  • Nice hotel ..

  • Ayo ayo

  • Welcome back to Bohol bro! I hope you can make my island your permanent home. I hope we can meet in the future and show you more of Bohol. Cheers!

  • Welcome back to our island Jonathan !

  • On the road to 100k ! Pls consider going to Camiguin Island. And pls fly to Batanes Island during the summer months before the typhoon season.

  • hello Jonathan im your new subcriber watching from Pangasinan Luzun area I hope you can visit also our province i watch your some videos thats why you catch me men, thank for futuring my country Philippines.

  • Go here in Baguio and I'll offer you a ride,we have a transient house here but it's always occupied.

  • Yeah, you will need at least a month to travel the whole of Luzon. The best way is to go on a road trip with your motorbike. There are beautiful roads that connect the provinces – Tagudin-Cervantes road, Halsema highway (highest point of the Philippines highway system), Daang Kalikasan road. There are many more, you can search for it. The views are astonishing. That is if you're tired of the sand and the ocean view. Cheers!

  • Welcome back!

  • Hi Jonathan, how about Batangas? Have you visited Batangas City yet? There is a pier where you can take a Ferris or a boat to Puerto Galera or Mindoro Island.

  • Holy week in the Philippines is interesting. Better go to Pampanga and see how some of the people are being crucified on the cross.

  • I missed the Philippines. I want to come back soon. Let me know if I can tour around and a great place to build a school.

  • I have to admit I'm jealous but happy to see you back. My wife has many family members in Bohol and I love that place. I want to suggest you check out a special island you are very near called Limasawa. Interestingly it not only is where Magellan held the first Christian mass in the Philippines in 1521, you also showed a picture of an elementary school class with my niece in it from the school my wife went to in your video that was supporting locals through ad revenue.. It is not only historical but also a beautiful place with much to see. I would be happy to share more details if you like. From an American that also fell in love with the Philippines. They say it is dangerous and they are right it will steal your heart😂

  • Welcome back, Jonathan.

  • Welcome back 🇵🇭❤

  • Hi Jonathan, great to see you back in Bohol. That driver from the airport was so nice in that he waited with you to make sure you were able to get a bike. Can definitely see the attraction to towns like Bohol and how different they are then the bigger cities. The weather looked gorgeous, always nice to enjoy the sunshine.

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