Why are there SO MANY SINGLE MOMS in the Philippines? | Filipino Culture

 Why are there SO MANY SINGLE MOMS in the Philippines? | Filipino Culture

The Philippines is a religious country yet the number of single moms is rising exponentially. 😳 Yes, it is a religious country and most people blame religion for the rising number of single moms. Is religion really the reason why? What do you think about it? 🤔

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  • Why support someone else's child or children??

  • Lust.

  • These girls got pregnant and waiting for others to bail them out of their situation.
    Sorry but to all guys from Philippines and those westerners who's now in philippines,you are the main cause of these girls that got pregnant.

  • The people are only religious for show in my view. Many are hypocrites and they disgust me most. The Catholic church itself has internal issues w/ pedophilia and homosexuality. But…we each have to square w/ God at some point in our lives.

    People want to play w/ fire, let them. If you fool around just be prepared to take responsibility.

  • The bible does not comment on birth control. However, the bible is clear that you should be married before getting pregnant and starting a family. If you have a child while being single, that is not the will of God and is not God's plan for your life. There are men out there who will take advantage of you. It is more difficult to get married when you have young children. Foreigners will not marry you if you are pregnant with their child. I admire strength of single moms raising a young family. stay healthy, eat healthy, and you will have time in your life, even if later in life, to get married.

  • the Philippines is a perfect example of how the church and the kolonist ruined a society and then left , the church did more harm than good in that country
    the Philippines shoud bring the Vatican and Spain at the international court for that

  • One problem also with lack of education and access to contraceptives is the fact that almost ALL parents assume their children were surely not having sex at the age of 13 or 14 but they actually do (I had talked with some) due to teenage hormones and insecurity.. they feel sex is empowering making themselves feel “wanted” or attractive and “mature” or due to peer pressure.

    My bf now for 10 years were both virgins when we got together, I am 23 and he's 20. We gave each others virginity. But we might be exceptions because we are both in the spectrum of asexuality.

    I had exes back then that made my life miserable because of my lack of interest for sex, and refusing to do it. And yes, Ph is a conservative country is a sense that sins are denied and put ubder the rug. People do it, but do not talk about it.

  • Here's the general situation I'm gathering from the video:
    Your country is a somewhat non secular government with most people practicing a primary religion that is against birth control, or even having sex during a woman's cycle when she can't conceive.
    Here's what I need to know at this point:
    How do other predominantly Catholic countries with non-secular governments deal with population explosion, poverty, single parents? Compare and contrast countries along those lines please. Please add or subtract to any of those criteria as you see fit while explaining your process.
    Is this fair to ask? So often, with politics, my foot is in my mouth. I feel as though I would enjoy a better understanding. Now, feeling like I do when going to market: asking everyone where something is, while looking right at it.
    Please help. Thank you. Your videos are courageous and having these perhaps tough conversations can seem to cause suffering, but, at least from how it goes in my country; we've been ignorant in many ways and not had , other tough conversations for far too long which causes exponentially more suffering.

  • do you know whats the rate of abandoned kids? are orphanages supported by the government in the Philippines? there's so many people in the world that would love to give everything they have to a child who has been abandoned.
    Thanks for the video though, this is amazing.

  • It's a choice, , ,to be single

  • Why filipno girls becames single moms before marriage?

  • Inspired of this Philippines girl not get ready to be wife of Indian man they most care

  • People have turned away from the Bible, religion doesn't save, only the Word brings people there. I too feel sorry for all who have fallen into that reality but at the same time, after 7 years of on and off online dating, predominantly looking for a Filipina wife, I now accept the sad fact that I have not spoken with one Bible loving girl there, when asked they they have never read the Bible – from first to last page. Maybe religion is not the answer and a higher Wisdom is. I suspect I've been looking in the wrong places? But I also suspect it is a cultural problem at this point, with exceptions to every rule here and there. May YHVH bless.

  • simple answer is that their women cant keep their legs closed

  • I have no judgement for single mums but some anger toward the men who leave them. You can't blame religion either. It is a parents responsibility to teach their boys to be men.

  • I have a question about sex there. If religious, dont women wait to get married so there not raising a kid alone?
    I heard wearing a condom so considered disrespect. Like saying your dirty if you do it.
    Not sure if this is true. That's why I'm asking.

  • Comparatively speaking to the United States the single mother rate is actually not that high in the Philippines. It depends on what you're comparing it to. The United States has birth control, abortions, all of that and yet nearly 50 percent of children come from single mother households. Filipino numbers are paltry by comparison at about 12 percent of women being single mothers (out of a population of 113 million). Of course this is not a good thing but there are western countries that are much worse. Now there has been a trend in single mothers in the Philippines on the rise the past decade or so but I wonder how much of that is actually western influence? 🤔

  • Do you know that in western countries with sex education one of every fourth pregnancies finish aborted? Specially between woman's around 20-24 years old, in UK is legal until 6 months… We don't have problems to raise kids and we are the winners of abortions. Do you understand how dangerous is make legal abortion?

  • The Philippines need only look at the state of moral decay in the west to see the folly of the separation of church and state

  • Hello to my favorite vlogger.
    I'm watching you on my tv but at the same time I felt compelled to comment on my phone.
    You're on pause for now.
    I am baffled by the number of single moms, you said it's around 15 million. That's staggering when the entire population of my country (Australia) is 25 million.
    I don't want to appear prudent but I think the problem needs to be addressed in schools, I also think that the government needs to understand the importance of the situation and make available free education regarding this problem.
    Speaking from my personal experience, I once physically met a Filipina that had 3 children all with different fathers. I don't accept when you or other vloggers are bashing that The Philippines is a conservative and religious country. The only solution is through serious education which includes how hormones work and how to manage the situation of sexual encounters.
    I love your videos 💘
    Please don't be offended.

  • I enjoyed this. All facts. Facts the people need to accept and learn from.

  • You should do a video on Mama's Boys in the Philippines. They and their mothers are a big part of this problem.

  • I never talked to my parents about sex, I had sex ed but that was well after we all knew about sex. I just cant see how people espicily now a days with cell phones and google are not smart enough to figure it out.

  • According to stats I got on the internet, there are 15 million single mothers in the Philippines out of the 34 million ADULT(18+) women (there are a portion of teen moms but it looks statistically insignificant compared to the adults). That makes 45% of all adult women single mothers which is even crazier when you take out the number women who don't even have children in the first place from the total, meaning that 45% is likely much higher.

    Having kids at any adult age is normal anywhere in the world so this can't be blamed on the mothers. Its really the deadbeat dads who are to blame here as much as the stigma around birth control. If they took responsibility then there would just be mothers instead of single mothers. The government is at least trying to push bills to penalize men who won't pay child support.

  • sounds exactly like the western countries. No different

  • every action have oposite reaction…physic 1 on 1…Seems world is full of single moms that cant keep relations or fathers in there life,so they look for subb sucker that can provide…Funny how 5 min of plasure can turn life uppside down…I want children but who can trust single mom, when they allredy proven they cant be trusted

  • End of the day ladies have to take extra precautions.

  • The Catholic Church's position underlying motive is for more parishioners and more money.

  • Irresponsible men? There are two to tango. Also, women are the gatekeepers of the sex and men are the keys for these gates. So, gatekeeper got to choose wisely before letting the key to open the gate.

  • because they don't know how to use contraception, they keep getting pregnant and sell babies to feed the kids they currently have.
    its always the same old story with filipinas millions of you.
    i don't feel any sympathy for filipinas because my mother comes from a poor country than thr Phillipines where the average monthly wage is half that of a filipino and she worked hard moved to australia and gave me a good life.
    if you have a will you will find a way, Philipines highschool education is equivilant to western primary education.
    not all filipinas are the same only 1% are good women who work hard and educated but 99% are bad and not worth it.
    telling sad stories how poor they are and need help.
    and the condom in your wallet will bring you money if you use it and don't get pregnant because you will finish yoyr studies and get a job instesd of being a single mother.
    and i wouldn't want to raise someone else kids because its not my responsability also marrying a filipina is because they are just using you to support them while they support there family.
    don't trust a filipina peroid.

  • So are you saying that they are taught premarital sex is wrong but, they don't know what premarital sex is? So, when they are having premarital sex; they don't know that it's premarital sex and can lead to pregnancy, correct?

  • Me from Germany 🇩🇪 I hate single mom from phililppens because is toking in other forgin give me money help me

  • Bravo! 🙂

  • The Philippines is filled with the most hypocritical people that I'm aware of on earth. Most girls go to church every week or sometimes more often but will jump on the otin of anyone who smiles at them. The most annoying excuse? Confession. See, the thing is, confession only works if you're sorry for your sins and will try not to do the same thing again. Otherwise it's a mortal sin since you have knowledge of the sin and do it anyway. You know what happens to people who die with mortal sins on their heart?

  • The phillipines is blessed to be Catholic,,,,try athiesm and see how miserable you will be…
    secular women from the west or any country who had abortion murders are traumitised and hurt for ever,,
    People have free will..you can follow Christs teachings and be rewarded or chose the secular world and be miserable.

  • Please remind these church minded people that Abraham impregnated Sarah's handmaid, David killed a man to have his wife,Christ told the accused adulteress go and sin no more

  • You should say "the catholic church" … not "the church"-!! big difference. & why do they not teach the young guys the "withdrawl method"….. The young unmarried girls should not let the man cum inside…. but yes I know this if dufficult to change…. great channel Rubeauti. Salamat.

  • Wow, prayers to GOD for HIS protection of the Philippines.
    Great videos Rubeauti.

  • First, let's call a spade a spade. The women are naive because they lack STRONG male role models. The presence of a strong man would nip this problem in the bud. I'm not saying they don't have fathers. I'm saying their fathers overprotect them and shield them from the real world. By the time they're adults, those women don't know the difference between love and lust. All the time they spend shielded from boys builds up, and they don't know how to handle themselves when it's time to be intimate for the first time.

    Secondly, they live in Lala Land to escape their misery. They develop a romanticized and skewed perspective due to the constant advertisement of the dream life. They expect to meet a prince and live happily ever after without learning how to achieve such goals. Marriage is the goal for young people that aren't marriage material. They're so desperate for love they give themselves to any man that will pay attention to them.

    Third, the country lacks a sexual education program, even in most private schools. This goes back to the first two points. Dads try so hard to shield them from the sex that they don't teach them about the negative consequences of premarital sexual intercourse or pregnancy. The women don't understand how expensive children can be or how much time it takes a day to raise them. They naively believe they'll get up, find a job, and provide for their children, which is not how the world works.

    Fourth, most of them are children of single mothers or female-lead families. They come from environments that lack structure, families where the men aren't well-respected, or without fathers altogether. A lack of demonstrated boundaries sets poor precedence, which will raise girls that don't know how to say "no" to the men they lust over.

    Lastly, some families encourage extra children because more children = more field hands and more potential income. In essence, some parents pimp their children under the guise of "helping the family." Adult children often get trapped because they never get the opportunity to build their own lives. They're stuck supporting the elderly and youngest children while the next generations cycle in. It seems harsh, but this is an efficient way to battle poverty. Many well-wishing foreigners get ripped off by these young women, OR those young women end up prostitutes.

  • 7:00 yes.. They will blame men constantly, but it's the same women over and over again. There will always be irresponsible women and men.

  • So Filipinos believe in the Church's stance on contraceptives but not on its stance against sex before marriage?
    Catholic/Christian mostly in name only not in practice.

  • some had children just to have children but they were careless they maybe were not ready for it but as we see of recent the young are putting their education first now & trying to secure a job then to work on to have a family. it took long enough but the youth are now putting certain things into place right regards to education to work & then looking at the prospect of having kids & a family of their own but doing it at a more later time. hope that trend continues. the less of teenage out of wedlock pregnancies there the better it is on the country, there is a time & a place for having kids & the putting of education & work ahead of a family to me is the right thing to do.

  • They need to realize that the Catholic Church is wrong

  • Luke 17:2 KJV BIBLE / Jeremiah 17:7-8 KJV !!! Same as every where else … Not many are serious about being evenly yoked with another Christian in marriage and dating !!!

  • Lots of philipino gut just play the field and dump the woman as soon as she is pregnant even having 2 or more girlfriend at same time why? Who knows lack of respect lack of responsibility lack of income to support mom and child / children my now wife's ex partner has had 9 different children by different partners all whom he left and all whom he has offered no support to over the years better education would be a start

  • My girlfriend and I took precautions before we met in person. Neither of us want a new child especially while in a long distance relationship.

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