#MABUFREAKINGHAY Everyone! In today’s video we will try to understand Why Americans LOVE the Filipino Culture.. Filipinos are just amazing, kind and generous people. We experience all of that when we lived in the Philippines for 6 months!

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We hope you all enjoyed this video! MABUHAY!

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Fernando and Vanessa

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  • Gd pm po idol

  • Hi new subscriber here from philippines i really love all of your videos

  • We Pilipinos respect all humanity what ever color of the skin as long a good person, we don't believe human came from apes, human are really human created in likeness of God and need respect

  • Start your proram by saying Mabuhay. You two are good.

  • I really love this couple 😊❤hope u had a great day

  • Love you po

  • thanks very much to both of you to shares about our culture ..love it..

  • We Filipinos also loves Americans and America, because America gave us Freedom and independence, they gave us also free Education, the Americans Sent our great grandfathers to the American Universities in the 1900, and they became teachers, lawyers, Engineers, and so on. We are so grateful to the United States of America..
    God Bless America,
    and the Philippines, Mabuhay.

  • Thats what you should worry in america.. .. imagine living in a place where you dont know your neighbor? Are you safe? When you go say hi to them they will just drove you away!

  • Thy say phil.are poor country but pilipinos are the best people in the world 1Godly,loving generous humble respectful most of all understanding and happy no matter how hard life are and we love to welcome wherever country you come from thats are nature family oriented🤩

  • If you have Jesus in your heart you keep on smiling 🤗

  • We love you……..

  • Thank you guys for loving us Filipinos ❤❤❤

  • As long as we are in good health, even without money we are happy. We nevermind about the things that can make us sad. We nevermind money matters as long as we have something to eat. We make friends in many ways…

  • I really love you boith . Be a filipino . Stay phil…

  • When filipinos open their mouths when they cant hear you talk, theyre trying to say ha? Which means what.

  • We Filipinos always wants to make jokes and laughs because we feel good when we smile and laugh even if we a lot of problems we still choose to be happy no matter what

  • This is so heart warming for a Filipino like me. Thank you for appreciating our culture and people. Mabuhay kayo. Love your videos ❤🧡💛💚💜

  • Hope you also know the history of the budajo massacre. Americans love FIlipino culture but sad to say how american military did in history…oppression of the Moro land..If you happened to pass by a house and the family is eating thy call you to join their meals and you must not say no join them…

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