What Filipinos think about Foreigners | Filipino culture

 What Filipinos think about Foreigners | Filipino culture

I did another street interview asking random people about what they think about the Foreigners here in the Philippines. Some also share their experiences in dating a foreigner. I hope you enjoy this video! ❤️

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  • Visitors to Phillipines often express disgust at the rubbish everywhere. Now I know why there’s rubbish. It’s the foreigners

  • "I want a girl who showers everyday but I'm going to make sure she has to smell my body odor. "
    Good God

  • If a man is asking for money to send you a package.
    That's a scam

  • OK..my take on this – and i know it's a random bunch of people interviewed.
    I guess it's possible some foreigners throw rubbish anywhere but i suggest it depends on where those foreigners come from.
    From memory, not a lot of rubbish bins or collection in the parts of the Philippines ive been and not a lot of rubbish disposal consideration from filipinas in the Philippines.
    In the countries ive visited, middle east, India, China..the locals dont care what they do with their garbage, they just throw it anywhere. Countries that use a lot of plastic, such as in bottled water, tend to have no care or concern about recycling or proper garbage disposal – the most polluted places i have seen are in the middle east, China and the Philippines – im yet to see a clean body of water in the Philippines but i have seen rivers that are simply used as trash heaps…And god i hate how rubbish is simply bured on the road side there, regardless of what it is made of.
    That said, i dont blame filipinas, its obviously a government issue, no policy or money for proper rubbish collection, recycling etc. there are worse things than dropping rubish on the street..well not worse but just as bad and that is spitting on the street everywhere..again not as common in the Pines as it is in CHina..ugh.
    I suggest that people who come from clean countries with strict rules about rubbish disposal tend to instill those traits in their citizens..
    Scams –
    Well,,as many have said..those scams are not coming from westerners..and those scams are also not just targeting filipinas – We get plenty of them in Australia from mainly Indian call centers..but also Indian call centers and of course..Indian call centers.
    Online scams tend to emanate from Africa, India, Ukraine, Russia and India.
    Online dating scams also tend to come from the Philipines..im sure im not the only one who has chatted to a girl who suddenly ends up in hospital and needs help of a financial nature.
    regardless of where you live..just be aware of scams..
    Well..i didnt promise to visit but ive not been able to for the past three years due to this little bug called covid – and i wouldnt promise or make a time due to the issues still relating to covid, ie; flight costs etc.
    I did promise to send a parcel but covid also destroyed that idea due to the shipping delays and the shipping costs sky rocketing.
    this is strange-ish – My extensive time in the middle east ( Egypt isnt in the middle east ) showed me tat arabs were inherently very self conscious and clean..although they also have a tendency to wear far too much cologne.
    Westerners, im fairly confident in generalising are also pretty clean but we tend to shower in the morning, not at night.
    I do understand the difference though..westerners dont have the heat & humidity that filipinas experience.

  • An alpha won't care what a woman thinks. He's busy making millions that he doesn't want to lose in divorce court. 99.9999% of these women aren't worth your time. Now come the beta simps who will send money to a fugly girl just for tiny bit of her time. Filapinas are known as the low hanging fruit of Asia for a reason.

  • Throwing trash? That's hilarious 😂! Almost unbelievable 🤣.

  • I cannot agree with the trash statement. I actually get really mad when anyone throws their trash on the ground and I have seen several Filipino's/Filipina's do this.
    I like my hot showers but I do find it funny when my wife wants me to shower when we go to bed and then also when we get up 🙂

    I get the frustration with scammers. I ran into a lot of face people when dating online. Catfishing and out right scams but all the same I met my wife online and I would say for anyone dating a foreigner keep in mind that they might not fully understand the cost and paperwork involved in simply visiting PH. Its not a simple process especially if you don't have your passport already and during covid was just a massive pain in the butt with paperwork.

    For anyone looking to date someone from PH be prepared to spend 5k USD for a 2 week trip. I have been 3 times this year and it has cost me around 17 to 20k USD total this includes car rentals (from a local not a name brand rental), hotels, food cost as well as gifts and of coarse cost of flights.

    I know some things are lost in translation and Filipina may take what you say as very upsetting when no harm was meant. So take care of the words you say.

  • Oh yeah, it's crazy when people send you nudes, and try to get into your pants on social media. I miss manners and romance.

  • The face diapers are a big turn off

  • I have not set no dates or when but when the budget software allows a plane ticket. Ladies are warming up to me since I don't ask for pervyness 😇✝️

  • 99% of scammers are Africans, Indians, Pakistani, and poorer people in Arab states (including many of the ethnicities above). Like Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Dijobouti, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Libya, Russia, and Egypt. The expect the Filipinas to think they are "rich" because they are in a rich oil producing country. They are always impoverished plumbers, laborers, and the like…but the just want you to notice "Saudi Arabia", and the picture of them standing next to their boss's nice car.
    They aren't fooling anybody. People who are well off in the West do not ask a dating partner from a 3rd world country to send them "5000 pesos". The fact that he even asked for pesos instead of dollars, euros, or pounds is a dead give away he himself is in the Philippines or South American Spanish Speaking nation.

  • i guess i am weird.. i put up constant recent photos,, and say " this is me today, or 2 weeks ago " nothing more than a few months old..
    some women .. send a new photo, and dont realize whats on their profile,, and i go " holy SH***"..nothing makes me more wary, than
    A) showing very OLD profile photos
    B)Sending a "Sexy" photo that is Clearly NOT you.. i rather have a good photo of a woman just a selfie in the mirror when going out with friends, than a Fake "Nude or semi nude photo" that is pretty obviously NOT the person sending it..

  • filipino's "garbage" habits have also some very questionable actions. not just foreigners.. trash your own country, others just follow suit. not all, but, its a true " monkey see monkey do" mentality.

  • If a foreign man asks for nude pictures it means he is not a gentleman. Tell him no thank you, and close the door.

  • RuBeauti who are you attracted to?
    Just asking.

  • Of course Filipinos will not say anything really ‘offensive’ or what’s really in their mind in those interviews. The truth is though, many of us Filipinos find it embarrassing to see those ugly old foreigners with equally ugly Filipinas walking in the mall. There’s so many of them. Beta to beta. We look and judge and laugh secretly, at least me and my barkada do.

  • I see… Filipinas discovered the water and soap but the rest of the world didn't. But wait, from which country(region of the planet) did those girls say their foreign friends were from? Regardless, I'm sure they found two guys who don't like water because it's wet

  • Drama? Drama? The drama of American feminism is what brought me here

  • I apologize to the people of the Philippines for the bad Americans that come to your country to take advantage of you. Please help the foolish and beat the evil!

  • You know its strange for me as a foreigner that Western Europeans don't take a shower every day meanwhile we on the East sometimes shower 2-3 times a day especially during the summer. Also western Europeans might wear shoes while being inside the house another thing we don't do in Eastern Europe.
    I think most of the girls that are getting scammed are actually getting scammed by other people from the PH or Indian folks. It's so strange when I go on filipinocupid many girls have stuff in their bio like "I don't know who's real anymore" etc.

  • Funny, everyone relates to what they've experienced. In parts of the US we wave to people we don't know, not true everywhere. Littering, younger people who claim to care about the environment are the ones who do that. Showers/bath? Every Day! same for clothes. Nude pics? LOL, not the person you want to date sure they're not scammers? Being direct? It could be due to the situation long distance relationships are all or nothing there would be little time.

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