Visiting My Fiance’s Hometown in Rural Philippines

 Visiting My Fiance’s Hometown in Rural Philippines

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The reason why I’m in the Philippines right now is to get married to Deanna on a private island called Balesin! So in the weeks leading up to our big day, we decided to visit her hometown called Polangui in the Bicol Province of Eastern Philippines – and it’s AMAZING HERE. In this video, I document our 4 days in Bicol – visiting her family, seeing her college friends, and exploring her charming province. This is really a beautiful story filled with love and happiness, and I’m just so blessed that I get to marry Deanna in a few weeks! Stay tuned for the video from our wedding on my main YouTube channel 🙂

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  • This story is extra special for me to make, and thank for watching! Stay tuned for our WEDDING VIDEO dropping very soon on my main channel 🙂

  • Great video Drew! it brought some tears to my eyes. you both are lucky to have each other, Congrats. God bless you both ❤


  • OMG my boy Drew is from az…now i know why i like him…

  • Thank you.(salamaton)
    For visiting bicol.. Drew .🫰👍💯

  • Then a holduper on a bike shoots u in the face. That's a wrap

  • i admire your appreciation to embrace our Filipino culture & traditions. keep it up Drew 👍

  • Instead of giving tips you even ask Ed discount when Deanna went in market.

  • How lucky you are to have a bicolana wife😎😎

  • Dude,im from The Philippines and Also From Bicol. Im From Daraga….Dude You are a really Lucky Guy Cause Albayano's are all loving people and i Think She Really Loves You So Much….We Bicolanos are all A Warm Welcoming people in the Philippines..Congratulations to both of you and more adventures and Subscribers to your Channel…

    and dude F.Y.I 14:48 she said.."How is it really made? Is It from A Coconut Meat??

  • Men! Those coconuts here in usa cost $4 to $5 per one small which arent even sweet

  • Love it….Drew rocked it!

  • She's a smart girl! You're lucky to have her. Best wishes to the both of you!

  • Shalom i enjoy watching your video you and your wife are meant to be and her family are beautiful warm and happy people, thanks again cheers and hulahulaluia

  • I couldn’t help but laugh at the “you know the quail egg, this is the mother” 😂😂😂

  • Amazing…sending Buckets of blessing to you and your wife. Bless you Drew.

  • Amazed man😊 welcome to Pinas❤

  • I cried… she come a loong way to happiness 💜

  • Philippine woman are the best, I'm sure you found the right one

  • its nice to see you married to a filipina rather than the so called independent us woman😂

  • You are lucky to find a sweet and good fiancé .Wishing you both love and happiness forever

  • Congratulations and best wishes! So proud to be Filipino! So happy for embracing the Filipino culture!

  • I like her attitude.. congrats Drew

  • That looks fun! Good for you, experiencing that Philippine cultures (at least one of the many).

  • Phillipino women have a reputation #greencard 🫣🤫🫤

  • Congratulations to new weddings. And I'm so proud of you here in the Philippines. But this I think that Im subscribed now. Welcomey homeland.. 😊👍

  • I am happy you found your happiness in the Philippines.. hope to see you when i go back to my Country❤️

  • hey im half america and filipino, i got family subic bay philippines

  • Wow nice I am also living here in Phoenix AZ but I am from Bicol too

  • Very interesting to watch

  • This is so fun to see. Will travel more bec of u drew

  • Congratulations. May yourl have all the happiness in the world

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