Try Guys Ultimate Filipino Food Taste Test

 Try Guys Ultimate Filipino Food Taste Test

#Ad The Try Guys food tour is back and this time we’re taking our taste buds on a journey through some of LA’s favorite Filipino food spots! Special thanks to Fanta for sponsoring this video!

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  • As a Filipino, it's okay to try Filipino-American dishes, but there's one more thing I would complain about this video: Where is pork sisig? Where is sinigang? Where are other saucy dishes other than adobo? Come on man try more of them pleaseπŸ˜…

    And also try dinuguan. It's a pork blood stew but it's so good I promise. 😊

  • the jus is too light

  • muslim influence? Hell nah. The south yeah but not up north.

  • Thai food next

  • Bring back this series please!!! ❀❀❀ so fun zach and maggie could come too

  • 18:46 cracks me open ahhahaahahahaha Matt couldn't hold it in. He has to take a bite ahaahahahahahahahahahaha Go Matt!!!!

  • Adobo soup? With that bland whitish soup? Ok thats your adobo. πŸ€™

  • Becky peak hotness right here

  • Colonized by Spaniards for "quite a while"? 3 and 1/3 centuries is "quite a while"???

  • Talib kawali 😏😏😏 only Bisaya can relate

  • This is not authentic Filipino food. Most of the food are "Americanized" with other twists.

  • The way Fanta makes them advertise it makes me actively avoid Fanta. I find it so damn annoying. Not the Try Team’s fault, at all. It makes my entire body cringe every time they say β€˜Fanta five,’ though.

  • Hello kamusta..😊😊

  • Now I want fanta

  • Yes, Becky, you will eat hundred of thise lumpiang shanghai, it's common to eat itbthat way

  • I love this video

  • "Talib Kawali" πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ name

  • it'd be so cool if they did a Vietnamese food test

  • Keith choking on the hot sauce 😭

  • Damn, this made me crave my parents’ cooking πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ˜

  • I'm getting hungry watching this

  • they grilled the kwek-kwek 😭🀣

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