THE RISE OF FILIPINO ADOBO #filipinofood #adobo

 THE RISE OF FILIPINO ADOBO #filipinofood #adobo

#mukbang #asmr #philippines #filipino
Kamusta mga kaProud. Todays video episode ay tatalakayin natin muli ang sikat na sikat na filipino food sa buong mundo. ang ADOBO


ONE Filipino TV

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  • In the southern part of the Philippines, we call sweetened adobo humba because it is already diverting from its original salty flavor.

  • Excellent adobo and rice stick pansit try Bundava sabrozoo

  • Oh no! No oyster sauce, no coconut cream and no pineapple 🍍 and definitely no onion at all ! ! !

  • Adobo nya may cornstarch, anong lasa nun

  • adobong puti (asin) masarap din po.. it's made w/out soy sauce

  • I cook some chicken adobo to my Albanian wife’s family here in USA and after thT my wife teach her to cook , they loved very much 💕🇵🇭🇦🇱🇺🇸

  • Pork lechon pwde rin adobohin


  • Silver Swan or any Philippine made soy sauce is great for adobo. I hate to say this, but other soy sauces made in the neighboring countries don't give justice to our adobo.

  • ❤❤❤

  • They are all adobos as long as the original inredients are present (vinegar, soy sauce, peppercorn, onion, garlic bayleaf and of course msg ) but the simpliest is always the best

  • Original adobo is mixing garlic,pepper corns or ground,salt,soy sauce vinegar and brown sugar put in a pot with any kind of meat , it may be pork, beef,chicken,goat and fish. add water if needed, and medium to low fire cooking. adobo dry or saucy adobo. this is how i cooked adobo i’ve learned from my Ilocana grandmother.

  • Adobo with fine apple juice ang swabe

  • I have seen many trying to cook this Filipino adobo and honestly they are doing it obviously not the traditional way. Andy cooks; does it better the traditional way. Soy sauce, vinegar, pepper corn and bay leaves only. No onions please

  • adobo with nestle cream mas yum yum.. 💪

  • adobo sa gata..niluluto Namin dito Yan.

  • Masarap un silver swan soy sauce para adobo

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