The Philippines vs. Indonesia | Cultural Differences

 The Philippines vs. Indonesia | Cultural Differences

The Philippines and Indonesia are two of my favorite countries in the world and I’ve spent a combined 9 months in the Philippines and Indonesia over the last half-decade. They are both amazing countries that I adore so much, and I will always be coming back in the future.

While the Philippines and Indonesia have plenty of similarities, I wanted to focus on showing you the differences because it seems that a lot of people get them mixed together.

Of course both the Philippines and Indonesia has stunning beaches, delicious foods and smiling faces — but when you look deeper at their culture, they are actually opposites!

Which country do you enjoy more? The Philippines or Indonesia? Did I leave out any key differences? Please share your comments below!

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  • Indonesia and Philippines are best lovers in the world and some of them are positive related thing:Beauty Pageants and Idol Girl Groups of 48

  • As a Batangueño, your "Ano ga po are?" is on point 😂

  • Indonesians are more similar to Filipinos rather than to Malaysia

  • Wrong, Indonesia has ±700 language not 300!

  • Same2 but different

  • Both are Archipelago Countries

  • Indogs vs pignoys

  • Funfact : Both Indonesia and the Philippines love each other eventho their majority religion are different, but Indonesia and Malaysia always fighting in online eventho their majority religion is same 😅

  • I Love both from Thailand 🇹🇭 ❤️ 🇮🇩🇵🇭

  • me philippines my friend roblox indonesia

  • Indonesia is my besties country and Philippines is my country

  • meeting an Indonesian feels like meeting a relatives from another country

  • West is Still defanding colonisation, colonisation brings disaster to these 2 countries they have suffered much like india, slavery looting genocides forcefully converting natives to Christianity extortion of wealth . All disabled these nations and suffered much more still present day.

  • God protects

  • God provides

  • God is good

  • Jesus is lord

  • Jesus is king

  • Jesus saves

  • What’s up Broski 🦋.

  • Hell no

  • I'm from the Philippines, in history books some Indonesians come to our country thru land bridges centuries ago

  • Filipino food = shit. Indonesian food = HEAVEN

  • I love phillipines

  • Filipinos and Mexicans this two is very very same! same culture/blood/religion/language/traditions. 🇵🇭🇲🇽❤️

  • Philippines was colonized by Spanish the same of Mexico food/religion/culture/blood/etc Mexicans and Filipino's are lost cousins.

  • Ok, deal, agree, what ever people say, but when i watch yaaa we similliar, ok terima kasih, mabuhay (jimmy s)

  • Hello Indonesian ! Im From Philippines One Day I Want To Visit Indonesia Mabuhay Both Countries

  • Finally..we are satisfied u do content comparison philipines and indonesia..if not,we always fight with indonesia because indonesia media dan youtubers alwys do comparison content between indonesia and malaysia

  • Lol 1:40😂😂

  • The number of islands of Indonesia is staggering because Indonesia has 17,000 islands while the Philippines has 7,000 islands. Both are paradise

  • Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papaua New Guinea have the most diverse marine life in the world called the coral triangle beside the Great Barrier Reef of Australia . One reef in the Philippines is a UNESCO World heritage site. Filipinos are now taking care of their reefs

  • 🇵🇭 🤝 🇮🇩

  • Nobody has celebrate as festive as filipino celebrate christmas? Ofc most of us doesnt celebrate christmas, were muslim, duh, we celebrate eid al fitr and it was very festive. You can check out korean youtuber uiiland for eid al fitr experience in indonesian village.

  • I'm going to visit Indonesia when I have enough money. Cinta dari Filipina! (Sorry if it's inaccurate I used Google translate)

  • I'm Indonesian and my bestie is Filipino

  • Yes👍

  • the video is to biased and unbalanced, seems you hide some info, but its okay bcs theres many people in the comments refute some of what you say.


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