The Philippines’ Clearest Waterfall | It’s hard to Believe! 🇵🇭

 The Philippines’ Clearest Waterfall | It’s hard to Believe! 🇵🇭

The Philippines’ Clearest waterfall | It’s Hard to Believe! 🇵🇭

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Taytay Falls is a breathtaking waterfall located in Majayjay, Laguna, in the Philippines. Surrounded by lush greenery and towering trees, the falls offer a peaceful and serene escape from the rush of daily life. The waterfall cascades down into a beautiful pool, inviting visitors to take a refreshing dip in its cool and crystal-clear waters.

To reach Taytay Falls, visitors must trek through a scenic forest trail, adding to the allure of the adventure. The trek is relatively easy and takes approximately 20-30 minutes, allowing visitors to take in the scenery along the way. Once they reach the falls, they can relax on the rocks surrounding the pool, swim in the refreshing water, or marvel at the scenic forest views.


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  • Nice vlog of yours. So relaxing watching the beautiful view of the waterfalls and clear water. ♥️

  • Thank you for sharing from Bay Area CA👍


  • The best waterfalls I’ve been to is Tinago falls in Iligan City. Of course every waterfalls has their own charm.

  • Usually cold coz the water comes from atop the mountains sir. After a while your body will adapt to the cold. Go to Tiaong, Quezon there is another clear falls there but lots of boulders

  • DENR or Department of Environment and Natural Resources brother. Babala means warning or beware. I think telling visitors to respect the plants and clean as you go sir

  • How do you manage to get the lens clear?

  • I can’t wait to go home and visit this place. Thank you for sharing. ❤

  • its clearer but it does not have the turquoise color the cebu watewrfalls has , which is unique and why most foreign tourists go since that type of color in a waterfall is not very common anywhere . taytay is a lovely waterfall but in terms of the overall look tumalog falls is way more stunning !!

  • Hi Mergim, location please. Thanks .

  • One of the best waterfalls in Laguna!

  • Its Taytay Falls in Nagcarlan 1 of the 7th falls there…the water is freezing you can enjoy hiking and overnight by tent when i first go there…Laguna Philippines is the land of natural beauty of nature known for it's hotspring resorts and waterfalls❤❤❤

  • Wowwwww

  • i miss this place

  • I think the water of this falls came from a spring & it's on top of the mountain & the water is so cold very few people swim in it so it's very clear & clean

  • You always find places I've never been to. Keep enjoying my country.😊

  • Where this falls located?

  • Wow…I miss going to taytay falls…love watching this vid…subscribed 😊

  • I am new subscribe ❤❤❤

  • Nakarating na ako sobrang lamig ng ng tubing,

  • i have been here last year! never ending supply of water, clear, crystal clear, cold water…

  • In the old days people would bring softdrinks & bottled drinks there.

    The water is so cold that if you leave your bottled drinks in the bottom for 10 minutes – it will come out cold.

    The energy is so dense over there. That eventually you won't feel cold.

    Everyone is on alert though when rainy season comes. Flash rains even for a short while upstream will make it deadly to be downstream.

    If mountaineers say rains upstream – get up the cliff for a while!

  • In bohol has a nice falls too mas malinaw at falls flowing from the nature

  • love ur content man,new sub here

  • Been there. The water there is so cold you can chill your beverage by putting it in the water.

  • Thank you for sharing
    God bless

  • Thank you mergim vlogs…..for video off my husky….❤❤❤

  • Hey……noooo….. that's my husky……she is girl. That's name is hunter. I miss you hunter……❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 😮wow that's beautiful Falls Taytay falls

  • go to mindanao area ,..we had falls there ..

  • what a beautiful place..keep safe sir

  • Hello Idol,that's nice sharing.I wish to visit that place soon..its so lovely… full support Lods ..take care always anywhere you do.

  • Gonna plan to visit there soon too.. waterfall looks great 👍.

  • Hii Mergim! you need to visit our Falls toooo! Bulawan Falls loc. At Dinalungan, Aurora. You'll surely love it too❤

  • Proud to be a pinoy! Watching from Palm Springs cả 🇺🇸

  • Thanks for coming

  • The purest water from the mountain Nature an amazing Creation of God Merrgim found a real one he enjoyed the summer adventure meet new friends

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