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The Roots of the Filipino Nation: Volume 2 by University of the Philippines Press:

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  • Cory is the dictator

  • Where did you get your history some are correct but mostly are wrong.

  • Noticed Marcos….hands down the most greediest leader of them all 🤦‍♂️

  • Thanks for this video.sir

  • Cool video. Why are his pronunciations off?! 😂

  • @Wassup bro

  • i love this! if you didnt know i live in maguindanao and im a maguindanaon muslim and i love my history i love araling panlipunan its like it has so much stories even maguindanao existed before it was discovered! i love my hero sultan kudarat (muhammad dipatuan kudarat)

  • hello, as a fellow filipino in 10:32 the red should be on the right while the blue as the left (remember RR, red on the right)

  • Very clear articulation

  • Highly informative video!

  • Super useful for the learners of history.

  • Really, really awesome video

  • Freaking Mexicans were not Mexican of Asian we are Filipinos are Asian screw them mexicans who ever bring it up made it up from the usa Filipinos are Mexicans are mess up. Screw all the false narrative. It called idiomatic mindset facts.

  • President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Sr is not a dictator . You are wrong and not knowing the truth .

  • Wow !!! I never know about the full HISTORY OF THE PHILIPPINES, what I knew was our heritage comes from MADRID SPAIN – FAMILIAR IS OUR LAST NAME COMES FROM SPANISH.

  • In the northern part of the philippines, particularly in the mountanous cordillera region, people there looks like chinese, japanese and indian. Even the culture (original tribes culture)the similarity is very strong. I remember a chinese man in our village said that by looking the face of the ifugao people, skin, culture, language intonation, he feels like…he's been living in the chinese community.

  • Good to know. Thank you very informative

  • na colonize tayo ng american pero ok lng.wag lng sa intsik

  • People from other countries know more of our own history than us Filipinos … students dont learn all of this from school, half of it is hidden or forbidden some are revised from textbooks a and the rest is history or just a story. But Im glad that most it is accurately detailed

  • And yes some ask why filipinos can fight if needed. Look at its history. Experienced from ancestors battles and sacrifice made philippines today. But 1 thing for sure philippines will always be friendly to its neighbor asian nations and it does not take more likely we group together. It only protects wland do must be done. I mean look at us. Philippines, indonesia, malaysia , guam, vietnam, etc. Search it in google 😂. You will be suprise we look pretty much the same and some are enhance version because of mixes. Its funny but fact. The looks are randomize similar and present in the philippines.

  • My roommate paul a white man kill this man from the Philippines name Conrad he was a mayor before in the Philippines in Henderson nv Conrad Brazil

  • My roommate paul a white man kill this man from the Philippines name Conrad he was a mayor before in the Philippines in Henderson nv Conrad Brazil

  • My roommate paul a white man kill this man from the Philippines name Conrad he was a mayor before in the Philippines in Henderson nv Conrad Brazil

  • I was listening when i suddenly heard "maagindenew"
    Wondered what it was until i saw the text on the screen saying "maguindanao" lmao
    No hate, just found it funny

  • luzon, visayas, at mindanao. pinangalan lang nang philippines. hindi talaga na-kolonised ang mga tao dyan. yun mga salita and dialect tutuo at native. this is real origin and strength. tignan nyo yun mga talagang "na-kolonised" nawawala yun language, tradition, at culture. dati pa, ang mga tao ay nagpupunta at nakikisama na dyan. pero yung iba nag take advantage.

  • Watching this made me realize how intense our history is. Our country has an ancient history of trading with Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan, has been under Indian, Malay, Spanish, American, and Japanese rule, practiced Animism then Buddhism then Hinduism then Islam until finally we became majority Christian under Spanish and American colonization. It's no wonder why our real culture is actually so rich and diverse.

  • Former president Marcos Sr. was not a dictator. The real dictator that era was the Aquinos, the communist and the US government that wants to control the Philippines. They are all pest in many filipinos eyes up until this day. Not all written in our history are true.

  • Oh nice content

  • I didn't know that Islam was present in the Philippines before the colonial era..😮❤

  • Mongcao gamama 1️⃣9️⃣2️⃣💎💷💵🗝️🤴Ⓜ️🇵🇭☯️🌏🏔️⛹️💰🪙🔷🥇🏦🏧

  • bansang paurong, pilipinas


  • So basically War is part of our lives. And so china vs Usa will happen.

  • Kaya kayong mga pare magsilayas na kayo dito sa among bansa malapit na bagsak dollar mga Europe tang Ina niyo

  • Tang Ina niyo mga spanyol niloloko niyo kamong mga maharlika hinakot niyo kayamanan namin dito sa among bansa in the the of christianismo mga matay Sana ksyo

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I have not watch the full vid but my mom was b9rn in Philippines

  • The greatEST president of the filpino people Ferdinand R. MARCOS FOR EVER.

  • Im a philipine so i know all of this

  • i should be doing my hw, why am i watching this 😢

  • 12minutes ah

  • anuman ang masasamang naidulot ng pag-okupa ng mga Espanyol sa ating bansa, may isang napakabuting bagay ang naibigay at naituro sa atin, ang pananampalatayang Katoliko!

  • Awesome knowledge

  • Yes, we Portuguese are evil colonisers who raped, murdered and enslaves blacks and Filipinos. It was the Spanish who gave the Filipinos culture, language, religion, schools and treated them good! Sadly, the Americans invaded Filipines and gave you debt and dictators and since then your country is poor and in the toilet!

  • the first philippine president ?roxas?

  • Thanks for posting this 👍 been there twice but never knew in depth it's history like this fine documentary.

  • thank u for this informative video filipino here❤

  • My kids are MexiPino’s

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