SOLO TRAVEL TO THE PHILIPPINES | First Impressions of Manila

 SOLO TRAVEL TO THE PHILIPPINES | First Impressions of Manila

Manila is a city of 15 million people and considered by some as the most dangerous large city in South East Asia. As a solo female traveler I knew it would be important to take the necessary precautions when traveling here, but I was overall quite surprised with what I experienced. Join me as I tour some of the cities most popular districts like Makati, BCG and Intramuros and give you my first impressions. And of course I had to try Jollibee because that is definitely a Filipino culture staple! Hope you guys enjoy the video and come check out Manila for yourself! xx

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  • Haha we celebrate Christmas starting from September. Once it is already "-ber" month, it is Christmas already. And we don't end in December, we end Christmas in January HAHAHAHA😂

  • Welcome to the Philippines! Hope u can comeback again!

  • We Filipinos are also careful to go to places that are really dangerous for tourists and all kinds of people actually. So I just hope the best for all tourists. Thank you for being very careful but at the same time helpful to other tourists. Travel Vloggers help promote the places and countries… Take care always.

  • I love how you are very respectful of every country, people and culture. You are one of the best travel vlogger for me. Always looking at and fearching for the positive side instead of just being critical and I like your being honest and helpful to your viewers giving them needed information about the places you go and content that you make. God bless you.

  • Very nice vlog of Manila….lots of love ❤

  • Great Video! The good thing about the Philippines is that almost everyone knows English. Plus a lot of Filipinos come to Canada and have relatives back home who know a lot about Canada! The BGC is a pretty cool place. Also Jollibee is in Canada as well but the menu is a little different. We usually go to the one in Regina. It’s nice to have something other KFC. The taxi’s are ok if you have someone from there that speaks Filipino. But you are correct sometimes those drivers pretend not to know English or some times take a longer route to try to take advantage.

  • Thanks you for visiting in the phillippines👍🌹

  • An excellent summary and introduction to Manila. My wife is from Quezon City and we have visited many times. The people are extremely friendly and helpful. If / when you get back, I would add the Coconut Palace, Mall of Asia and WWII cemetery (near Makati) to your must-see list.

  • Always welcome here Philippines all kinds of RACES. thank you for visiting our country.

  • another city girl, onto the next video, more on traditional women and province vlog , cool vlog an over vlogged place

  • I was in The Philippines 🇵🇭 in December 2022 and years ago as a boy 👦 Compared to my 1st time, Metro Manila has improved its many areas and spread. 😃

    Many Filipinos know about Calgary, AB, Canada 🇨🇦: singer Darren Espanto, born to Filipino parents, is from there and spends half of his time in The Philippines. Many Filipinos in Canada are in the major cities. Because I, a San Francisco native 🌁, frequent Western Canada, I see many Pinoys in Vancouver and Victoria.

  • I've been in Manila mid December till mid January. I was staying at the Quezon City, just near the SM North EDS, quite a nice neigbourhood and I recommend it for staying. I've been to almost every single part of Manila. I've been to the public places, normal street, small allyes and stuff. I must say in my 3 week of staying not a single bad thing happened to me, NOT A SINGLE BAD thing happened to me. I also remember walking at nights like from 10pm till midnight and after midnight and walking around Manila everywhere and I was a bit scared, but nothing happened, none didn't even tried to rob me, to attack me or something. My vacation in Manila was superb and I can't wait to comeback 🙂

  • I hope you visit tagaytay and baguio

  • 🫳

  • I am Mohammed Ahsen from Pakistan💝

  • My wish ……….with you 💞

  • Alina💐💞

  • Linda demais 🥰🇧🇷

  • Gorgeous

  • Alina, if you back in Philippines pls. go back you with taya,,, her to experience strolling our beloved capital, I am proud you visit my country, though i am dreaming to live canada.. i have many relatives and friends living canada…wish you enjoy our place…

  • Been planning to visit Manila. And found your channel. Looking forward to come here soon.

  • Smart Filipinos know Calgary is the place to be in Canada.

  • I'll be out there in a few months. How do you hire a tour guide

  • The Philippines is one of the top ten happiest people in the world out of 200 countries, thank you for your good impression of my country

  • Welcome Philippines 🇵🇭 mabuhay and enjoy

  • Alina in Manila

  • Im going in December this year! This really helped

  • So cute video 😍

  • I've never heard this venice mall 😁, my last visit I knew only Mall of Asia and on the way from airport to MoA I did not see much high rise buildings.

  • You must try pag pag😂 from philipines

  • #1 its cheap budget reqmt, etc etc … keep safe

  • Waww jolebi so sweet enjoy your trip dear friend

  • I love your accent, stay safe
    hope to see u here in our province soon

  • Why did you say that you are not safe in those area where's the poor people stay, try go in there even if you are a female they will respect you in there don't think negative about us the Filipinos, we have good hospitalization even if we have nothing we give what we can. Try asking food in those poor area's, still they will give you food.

  • There are many slums in the city of garbage and the disparity between rich and poor is too great.

  • Did you visit. Cebu?

  • You can visit bgc and eastwood also mall of asia.

  • Welcome to our country ❣️

  • Spagetthi is so delicious and its sweetness

  • That bee mascot awesome ❤️

  • Sarsi same as root beer

  • New subscriber here! More power🎉

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