SHOCKING Filipino Foods! Full EXOTIC Filipino Food Tour in Davao, Philippines!

 SHOCKING Filipino Foods! Full EXOTIC Filipino Food Tour in Davao, Philippines!

Quiapo Market in Manila! →

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Location 1:
Luz Kinilaw
Food: Bihud

Location 2:
Laysa’s BBQ
Food: Bagaybay, Sizzling Balut and Goat Brain Soup

Location 3:
Food: Papaitan

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If you see any factual food errors in my video, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments.

I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.


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    Special thanks to Allen and Laysa's BBQ for making this shoot happen:

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  • I'm not eating any poop sonnie sorry dude nooooooo waaaaay

  • F that LoL 😂😆

  • 😂 🌶🍛 & RH🍺👍.🍻😎

  • I was just semi tricked into this in Luzon Philippines a couple months ago. was ok. I try to try everything…mostly…lol

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
    I'm not sure how much better bile is than poop, but I do know I'm done eating anything brown for a while…

  • When he start cutting the sperm i was feeling something in my…..

  • Nasty Asians will eat any crap. Literally shit-eaters!

  • i would be afraid of a toxic digetive experience as a westerner-and a white westerner to boot-with eating all these foods. He looks to be of pure wisconsin or minnesota stock (I'm sure i'm wrong but it sounds funny!). If you have been eating these foods for generations your stomach has grown up with it and it is your food and you are its people but gosh I cant imagine eating this on an untrained stomach. Maybe the white guy hs always been a food adventurer or maybe his stomach is unique like the famous Monsieur Mangetout! I guess he's still alive so he's doing fine. Hope he has great health insurance, lol!!!!!

  • The Philippines was never known for their cuisines. Instead, they are world famous for being one of the poorest countries in Asia, their slums and also their women provide the globe with cheap housekeeping services. Now, I just found out they also eat poop. What a proud nation!

  • Filipino food is quite dirty and not even kept hygenically like Thai food etc. It's the only country I got hep A from street food. Good restaurants only now there. Still cheap anyways.

  • Best advice. Don't eat poop. From anywhere

  • Bakareta and adobo is far better

  • Hahaha, papaitan for me is a dirty food

  • you can try papaitan or poop goat soup without poop use goat liver instead of poop

  • Those sperm fajitas look fire

  • Sorry but no way am I ever eating shit soup! I’m not THAT hungry.

  • If you put sauce on poop it taste good too

  • At 5:19 in the video check out the awesome graffiti, it depicts a scene from the Ralph Bakshi film, "Wizards." Very cool!

  • The goat poop soup is called papaitan

  • Filipinos eat goat shit? Lmfao

  • Dinaguan yes, goat poop soup no.

  • New to me is a new burger at Chili’s not literally eating shit

  • You can come to my house I am known for shit salads delicious

  • Yes more animals that will be extinct in 5 years

  • Fucking dhotii indians disgusting dhoti Indians

  • Filipinos food is the nasty sun the world
    Literally everything is disgusting

  • Which season does he eat stuff found growing in gas station restrooms?

  • Being adventurous doesn't mean you have to take some thing that you struggle to keep down your throat… I mean haggis sounds like shit… But it taste good… It's adventurous. Eating a monkey is adventurous… Eating an iguana is adventurous but it tastes horrible like rotten fish mixed with rotten snake it's hard to chew, it smells horrible… But it's adventurous so it's awesome🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • No, no, no no no no no… It's bitter? But it's good? Nope… I know what it taste like… I've had it before it's way too fucking bitter, it makes me gag, and I almost threw up. I don't understand why you want to eat something with Bile??? Bitter melon??nah.. so-so..😩That's something you want expelled from your body not something you wanna put into your body unless it's intravenously so you don't have to taste it.

  • Yeah that goat is too tough, it shouldn't be like that it needs to be tender either that goat is too old or they didn't cook it long enough… And to get the taste of shit in your mouth it's usually the intestines… Sometimes they might leave a nice Shit bullet in the guts as a happy surprise…💩💩💩💩… The only problem with Filipino food is that it looks a lot worse than it tastes… They really need to make it look a little better. Because it's really easy to turn people off before you even try it.

  • That's right if you eat brains you got smarter, if you eat eyes, you have better vision, and if you eat shit, you'll take a better shit? Or you will eat shit? Or are you just a shithead?… That sounds right

  • Man you are braver than I am, and I was born there but like many Filipinos raised in America… We're just not up for eating shit that taste like shit… And I hate the term delicacy… Just because it taste like shit and looks like shit it's something special? Why? Why not some thing that looks beautiful and tastes like heaven… That should be what a delicacy is… Not the anus of a cat or nose of an Ox or turd pellets of a goat… there shouldn't be any urine taste, poop taste, squishy insect guts taste… Why is that "delicate"… Who created that term for shitty tasting food anyway? You should be slapped in the face 1000 times… Or death by 1000 cuts…😁😁🤪🤪😂

  • Yo i love there, and i neva even heard of any of dat lol

  • What the f*ck!!!

  • These foods should be on the Jollibee menu

  • Im very adventurous food wise but this is too far!

  • Part of what I like about this show is that you always find the sweetest, funniest, positive people to show you, and us, the local food scene.
    I wish the UK had such a vibrant and welcoming food industry like Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Japan etc.
    It seems to act like a social glue, bringing people together.

  • Goat shit soup, why?!

  • who in the world named it goat poop soup if there’s no goat poop in it

  • Dooks mayo is so gross!

  • Papaitan is a native dish from northern part of luzon.this dish comes from ilocos province and consider as one of the popular dish in ilocos region.if you want to try the authentic papaitan go to ilocos province.they serve good papaitan in ilocos.

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