SENDING MONEY (Sensitive Issue of The Filipino Culture) | TheFrostFamily

 SENDING MONEY (Sensitive Issue of The Filipino Culture) | TheFrostFamily

Hi! We are the Frost Family! This channel originally started out by Mike Frost, while he was waiting to get out of the military. He thought it would be fun to film our daily lives and upload it here on YouTube. Now, it’s me, Stephanie Frost who have kept up with the uploads since Mike got a new job.

We like to inspire people, give advise and show the world that having good family values with so much love is a wonderful way to live life.

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  • It’s so sad I been alone in AU over 10 years my childhood been taken by abusing parents mum verbally and dad physically I thought it was a culture and they have only 2 kids eldest one is mums favourite always compared me with him since kid I walked away from home at 18 to AU with mum financing but I paid back but they always think I have money because I’m living here I I feel like in hell because of trauma can’t have relationships with any girl idk how to handle relationships always fails my heart is broken and they don’t understand and still compare me here and there in sneaky way. It’s so lucky if you have brown healthy but most brown parents are just abusive.

  • Zero amount to send

  • Toxic tradition in Philippines

  • I find it interesting that so many who rail against welfare programs in their own country will take on such a presumed 'obligation' when marrying overseas. When it becomes the greatest single expense for living in Philippines, it's just plain sad. You should question why you need to marry at all, if such is the case or, before you marry, think hard if it is worth the price. A relationship is fraught with enough conflict to add another level, which essentially supports another culture's brainwashing. You might wonder: why are we the only ones 'donating,' while other able bodies adults in the family aren't even working? Please wake up, if it is a required term of endearment, consider that the relationship is all wrong for you.

  • Ask to see the invoice!

  • My mom is a feeding ducks are useless take advantage for nice people they don’t take effort and able it later on once she’s retired no saving and this relative will help no because a lot of excuses they have their own family same as my shoe be warn of logic toxic filipino mindset if they can’t feed kids don’t make a lot of kids and don’t let anyone to be a burden on their needs. Sick

  • Its indoctrinated since childhood that you are the family's early retirement plan. Call it love all you want, its not…its grooming and turns to emotional blackmail should you resist. Don't believe me? try saying no to the parent who thinks your their chance to sit around and piss off all day…the waterworks and manipulation tactics of guilting will come pouring out. Most Philippine families look to one person to put in effort while the rest sit around….typically the eldest female or the one married to a foreigner.

  • I recommend that if you're girl friend, or wife wants you to support her family, aunt's, cousins, nephews, and sisters child, don't do it, why don't they support my family.

    You can't support my family, and I will not support your family.

    Scammers, lies, extortion, etc. You don't have to support her family at all.

    Then they have lazy brothers, sisters, cousins, etc that don't want to work, lazy bums that want you to support them for the rest of there life.

  • I dated a girl from Cebu in Philippines. I heard all the lies, hospital, surgery, rent, etc.
    We lived in NYC, and every other week there was an emergency, I average sending $2000 USD to them a month. I decided to go to the Philippines, and see what was going on.

    I asked the nephew is he ok, he said yes, I asked him if his heart, and kidneys were ok.

    He said I have never been in the hospital, no one has.

    I was so upset, then I find my wife's three sisters are prostitutes since the age of 15, and the my wife was a prostitute for 7 years before I met her.

    They had to give all the prostitution my to the Father.

    And all the little kids they said we the mothers kids were from my wife, and her sisters.

    What kind of family bond is that, and one million lies from the first time I meet them.

    I divorced my wife in the USA within 40 days. I was awarded my two children in the divorce.

  • True. We cannot stand looking at them in hardships. We do not have government benefits which shoulder their needs. It's so shame so rich in natural resources and yet Filipinos itself don't get the benefits but others. Economics should start at home.

  • Sad thing is, when you refuse to send money, those same loved ones talk bad about you to the whole community there. And I think we feel that guilt and shame and give in.

    My dad goes back and forth from the states and his home country. And he flashes his money, rents a car for a month and ppl talk. Asking him how he can afford to rent a car for a month. Or someone coming up to him asking for $200. I told him, he set that precedent. Only person he should look out for while he in Barbados is his father.

    Tell you what, wont happen to me. I feel no shame in rejecting ppl’s request for money.

  • My parents have been divorced for over 10yrs, never talked or saw each other since then. My dad is retired, renting a room from a friend for nearly 4yrs now and he hates it. He has been hemming and hawing indecisive about getting his own place.

    Well, my mom recently pass away leaving me the house which I plan to sell, and my dad keeps nosing around.
    I said repeatedly I am not letting anyone in the house.

    He gives me a ride because I had to quickly pick up somestuff, and after i ran in he on the porch asking me to let him in… why? Stay in the car, what you need to be in here for? I love my dad and I know he has also be sneaky and does lie.

    A lot of loved ones are truly vultures and I know my Caribbean folks, when ppl have nothing they try to wiggle themselves into someone’s situation.

    I bet… my dad is going to ask me to live there until he finds a place. Caribbean ppl especially Barbadians like my family, they talk talk talk. No doubt he talking to his friends and they encourage him to insert himself. 🙄🙄🙄 Won’t be happening mmmkay

  • I feel
    You girl

  • Your husband did not pass the vibe check 😂 he looked so grumpy

  • with all do respect I except that it is total bullshit! I’m in constant turmoil with my fiancé over this. I’m not a walking ATM for her whole community. It’s so off putting how it is expected, normalized and the sense of entitlement.

  • I'm planning a trip to cebu to look for my future wife. Please advise me with you experience and knowledge. Thank you Eddie

  • breed winner system is fuck up

  • Here’s why you should stop sending money:
    1. It makes them lazy.
    2. It encourages them to keep asking for more.
    3. Their problems will never be solved.
    4. They never invest it to make more.
    5. They can never help you when you need any help.
    6. Most of them are ungrateful, once they get the money they disappear until they need more money again.
    7. Just save your money and enjoy life. Stop spending life in your 20’s and 30’s trying to solve other peoples problems.

  • whats ofw

  • Awesome content 👍🏽👍🏽 Massive thumbs up from a new subscriber. I thought this only happened within African families

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