Refuse to End up being the Need Lyrics – Boyz II Males

Refuse to End up being the Need Lyrics – Boyz II Males

[Chorus:] When possess love (when provides love) Gained a trick (gained a fool) I had nothing to lose (nil to lose) However, everything is real Today I know (now I am aware) I know what i surely got to carry out child oh (I am aware the things i have got to perform) Merely end sleeping to you personally (merely avoid lying, oh oh just avoid lying) Oh oh and you may let you know the outcome Cause’ whenever provides like work for a fool?

[Verse step one – Nate] Very i want to make this proper You label your self saying so long Without reasons why You failed to even attempt to performs it This time, before you walk out the doorway You truly actually want to be sure We’ve been right here before however It’s funny your do not want so it any further

[Shawn] However, From the when over and over again Together with the craziness you add me owing to We shoulda become carried out with your

In the event that love isn’t a reason to remain This may be extremely does not matter anyway Why would I give you my personal the When you happen to be giving up Just and that means you understand Everything is not long been everything you But I was therefore prepared to leave you things (What i’m saying is anything)

[Chorus:] Well okay if love isn’t a description to stay Next it really does not matter anyhow Why should I give it my the, while stopping Merely which means you discover everything you is not always already been everything you But I became however willing to promote some thing I imply certainly not We will not be the reason you are gone. Ooh ooh ooh

[Verse 2 – Wanya] Today I ain’t browsing lie Oh my buddies state I am outta my notice Trigger I spent most of the my some time my personal report After they said your just weren’t well worth a dime. I thought they certainly were incorrect Nevertheless they was in fact correct all of the collectively I’m shocked that they search what you’re creating You will be seeking ruin exactly what i generated very strong

[Pre-Chorus:] But I remember whenever more often than once Using the craziness you place myself compliment of I shoulda been carried out with your

[Chorus:] Really okay if the like is not an explanation to keep (told you they dont matter) It extremely does not matter anyway (let me know why would I) Why should We give it my all the, when you find yourself stopping Only and that means you see (which means you learn) everything you isn’t always been everything you But I was nonetheless prepared to promote something I mean some thing (but I became prepared to offer each of me I am talking about everything) But We decline to end up being the reason. Ooh ooh ooh

Feeling of satisfaction (sense of pride) Shopping for exhaustion (wanting exhaustion) I’ve been lost (yeah) Easily eradicate your loving (yeah) Woman I’ve complete changed No good in switching me personally Give you brand new flat Their like enjoys conserved myself yeaaaah oooh

[Link – Wanya] Let me know as to why, as to the reasons did you remain so long If you, you know that you noticed in that way And in case We know We wouldn’t features squandered my go out you Now you may be free Accomplish what you ought to do

[Chorus:] Really okay in the event the like is not a reason to stay (It does not matter woman) It extremely doesn’t matter anyway (no it usually do not) Why would We provide my the (why should We leave you my that which you) You need to know that which you isn’t long been that which you, zero But I was still willing to promote things, I mean anything but We will not function as need (We refuse to function as the reason why you’re leaving me)

I won’t end up being reasons why you may be gone As to why you might be went gone It is far from my personal blame This time as to the reasons you will be making me Oh oh oh yes, I decline to function as reason you might be gone

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