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  • Hey can I have some Indonesian rupiah please? It's so beautiful and I really want to add some into my collection

  • i am eating salty peanuts right now

  • Which has more islands?

  • Indonesia uses many Pampango words.

  • Filipino and Indonesians were both descendants of Malays, before the Spaniards came to the Philippines, Pilipinos were muslims

  • I love Indonesians..

    ❤ from Philippines

  • Ok so, as a filipino i dont know if your goin to die in there because the crime rate and kidnapping rates are increasing soooo yeah, stay safe

  • There are places in the Philippines, where Filipinos love eating spicy foods. I myself, love spicy foods too.


  • Indonesian language compare to filipino:

    My name is Agus
    Nama Saya agus
    Namaku agus

    Ang pangalan ko ay agus
    Ang pangalan ko agus

    The End

  • Your statement re: spicy food is not accurate.

    The Filipinos enjoy a mixture of spicy & non-spicy. While Indonesia predominantly prefers spicy food.

  • Just like Europeans, Canadians, and Americans look similar. Because they are all European desecent

  • I'd dare to say Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia are like triplets but one is the chill twin and the other twos are the ones that pick fights all the time but when there's someone bully any of them the others will throw hands

  • As a Filipino I speak English and love my food I love adobo

  • I like Indonesian people they are friendly one

  • as an Indonesian I don't support the Philippines

  • Thanks for visiting philippines❤

  • Filipino & Indonesians are just like Family untill they knew "Competitive Online game" such as Dota & ML😅

  • Me as Filipino i like spicy and I'm atheist

  • As a Malaysian who often travel to the Philippines and Indonesia, I can confirm that everything he said is true 😁

  • Yep we have crap load of them here in Hawai’i we know who they are😳

  • 90% catholic???? 😂

  • idk about filipinos liking sweet and salty, here in bicol we all love spicy foods

  • filipinos eat spicy foods to sweet and salty are only for kids

  • I’m from indonesia and at school I have a teacher who’s Filipino at first I rlly thought she was from indonesia but then she introduced herself to the class, and even if most ppl in indonesia are muslims there are 5 more religions,it’s Hinduism,Buddhism,catholic,christian,konfusiansime

  • Why people saying Indonesia is a muslim country it is not.. we dont have any sharia or anykind of it but maybe most populous muslims yes

  • i would rather go to the phillipines, singapore, thailand, vietnam than to any islamic country like brunei, malaysia and indonesia. Saw your experience in Brunei, best to avoid these amok people

  • Come to my house and go to my bedroom

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