Philippines Travel Guide πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ – WATCH BEFORE YOU COME!

 Philippines Travel Guide πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ – WATCH BEFORE YOU COME!

This is my top ten list after months of travelling throughout the Philippines. Your next 2023 dreamΒ gateway/holidayΒ should be here!
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1. Manila, Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
πŸ”— Fort Santiago:
πŸ”— Manila Cathedral:
πŸ”— Rizal Park:
πŸ”— Manila Legazpi Sunday Market:
πŸ”— Venice Grand Canal Mall:

πŸ”— Coron Gateway Hotel and Suites:
πŸ”— Maquinit Hot Spring:
πŸ”— Cabo Beach:

3. Island Hopping the Palawan
Twin Travel & Tours:
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πŸ”— Pass Island:

4. El Nido
πŸ”— El Nido Via Ferrata Canopy Walk: ( didn’t do but recommend)
πŸ”— Marimegmeg Beach: ( Cost about 200 pasos from el Nido town)
πŸ”— Shopping Street, this isn’t the real link just a landmark close to it. (
πŸ”— Seafood – Bundatan Restaurant, this isn’t the real link just a landmark close to it.

5. Where too next?

6. Puerto Princesa

7. Cebu City:

πŸ”— Church and Convent of Santo NiΓ±o:
πŸ”— Magellan’s Cross:
πŸ”—Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral:
πŸ”— Fort San Pedro: (Remains of a triangular stone Spanish fortress, dating to 1738, today housing a garden & museum)
πŸ”— Yap-San Diego Ancestral House: (Historic residence constructed in the 17th-century featuring hand-carved furniture, art & a garden.)
πŸ”— Cebu Taoist Temple: ( Amazing building, with a nice close-up view of the city)
Speaking of views
πŸ”— Tops:
πŸ”— Little Amsterdam of Cebu:
πŸ”— Budlaan Falls: ( So quiet, not like Kawasan Falls where it’s amazingly petty but you will be with a lot more people Budlaan Falls is a more local experience though a village)

8: Bohol
πŸ”— Hotel Sebastian Panglao:
πŸ”— Chocolate Hills: (Hiking & photography at a unique geological formation comprising 1,200+ round, grass-covered hills.) It gets its name from the summertime the hills turn brown and therefore it looks like rolling chocolate.
πŸ”— Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary: ( they could die, so be quiet)
πŸ”— Hinagdanan Cave

9. Oslob is located at the southern tip of Cebu. It’s a small coastal town but it has become world famous because of the whale sharks or the largest fish on the planet that roam its seas, locally known as butanding or tuki.

10. Davo City


Jack Torr

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