Philippines Best Lechon!! ULTIMATE ROASTED PIG TOUR – Cebu’s Insane Street Food!!

 Philippines Best Lechon!! ULTIMATE ROASTED PIG TOUR – Cebu’s Insane Street Food!!

🇵🇭 Ultimate Filipino street food tour in Cebu:
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CEBU, PHILIPPINES – Welcome to Cebu, the capital where you’ll find the best Filipino roast pig, better known as lechon. Today we’re going on an ultimate pig tour to eat the best lechon in the Philippines – maybe the entire world! It’s going to be a day of crispy skin, juicy pork, and the action is going to be insane!

@StanlyonMedia – First of all thank you to my friend Stanly from Stanly On Media – he’s the king of lechon and he’s been to so many lechon spots in and around Cebu so there’s no better person to go on a lechon tour with. Go follow Stanly for many more lechon recommendations in the Philippines:

Here are all the places we went in this Philippines street food tour:

Gogoes Lechon ( – First up is Gogoes lechon located north of Cebu. We arrived at 5 am to see the process of them roasting their lechon. They fill up the belly of the pig with sea salt and a combination of spices that includes ginger and especially green onions. The pigs roast for 3 – 4 hours, carefully being turned as they roast so the skin cooks and crispfies perfectly. It was sensational and a perfect way to start this ultimate Filipino lechon tour. (Price – they wouldn’t charge us)

Ruthy’s Lechon ( – Next up we headed to Talisay, known as the birthplace of lechon, and where the original lechoneros come from. Stanly first took me to Ruthy’s one of the standards of lechon – packed and they fly through the pigs. We chopped up a 3 kilo belly section of the pig. The skin was insanely crispy, salty, and full of juicy green onions. Price – 2,940 pesos

Lolo Soy’s Lechon House – Finally, one of the greatest lechon’s in all of the Philippines, Lolo Soy’s Lechon House. They fly through pigs and they had already sold over 20 pigs by the time we arrived. The action is out of control! We ordered a kilo and they also gave us some of the feet, plus some of the blood stew. Price – 750 per kg, we had 1 kg

Paraz Native Lechon ( – For our last stop on this ultimate Filipino lechon tour we drove down to Carcar, another famous lechon city. We went to Paraz Native Lechon where they sell over 50 pigs a day, and they use native natural pigs. The pigs are still roasted over coals using traditional bamboo skewers. They chop it up, it’s so insanely juicy and then they drizzle on the drippings with all the onions. Additionally, they are known for their chili vinegar, which is some of the best you’ll have anywhere.

This was one of the greatest days of eating pig in my lechon, Cebu lechon really is the king of roast pig!

Thank you again to @StanlyonMedia for taking me on this ultimate tour of the lechon in the Philippines!





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Mark Wiens

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