MY FIRST TIME in Manila Philippines 🇵🇭

 MY FIRST TIME in Manila Philippines  🇵🇭

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  • Watch the full video here:

  • The fare of the raxi is just right bro. Some airport taxi overprice their fare. Good that you met an honest drive and he deserved the tip.

  • Uh i live in manila i think ive seen you when you are at the taxi

  • I hope you enjoyed my home country !

  • We miss you Mac ! 🇵🇭😁❤️

  • The funny thing about their international airport is that they close the smoking rooms at midnight, so I had to pay for the cleaner guy there to open the door of the smoking room for me before my 11 hours flight LOL. He locks the door and gives you 15-20 minutes inside.. lol, i found like 6 ppl inside when I got in …

  • Your so kind to locals sir…

  • 🤔…..I get “hey Joe!” all the time in the Philippines. It is not disrespectful at all – very friendly as you probably already know. But please my friend….find a Filipino who will spend some time with you to help your Tagalog pronunciation…..from just the small amount I heard you speak in this short vid….😳… need help!

    Most Filipinos are super friendly, polite, and often shy — they will not likely tell you that your accent is pretty bad. They will, in fact, appreciate that you are trying to speak their language 👍. However, as one American to another, I’m telling you that need to put in just a little time & effort to correct your pronunciation.

    You’re probably a great guy, and so have fun (as it is, indeed, ‘more fun in the Philippines!)….but honestly, your Tagalog sounds absolutely terrible.

  • Salamat po…❤

  • disgusting 3rd world country

  • Its cheaper to buy things and used the services there than anywhere else. Your dollars have higher exchange rate.

  • welcum here in the philippines enjoy u stay here ENJOY AND GODBLESS


  • 😂please beware of pickpockets 😂

  • If you ever heard that “hey joe” just bare with it 😅😅


  • Been there around 6 times now. My favourite country to visit. Its more fun in the Philippines !!!

  • i think that taxi driver scamd you

  • Watch out for girls there they have cooties

  • Because you're white. No offense. I married one

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