Jo Koy Celebrates Filipino Culture In New Broadway Musical | The View

 Jo Koy Celebrates Filipino Culture In New Broadway Musical | The View

The comedian discusses becoming a producer of “Here Lies Love,” which features the first all-Filipino cast of a Broadway show.

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  • And now, a Marco's is ruling the country again. 😢

  • Your dad knows better than you do he is in the military- aquinos are the shark, alligator kurakot in the Philippines

  • Lies jokoy

  • And now his son is in power, how soon Filipinos forget!!!

  • No Jo Koy!!! What's really even crazier and more sinister is that Marcos Junior is now the President of the Philippines!😳😳😳 Isn't that stupid???

  • I am watching this for the first time. We still do not have internet and cable in my area of Guam since the typhoon on May 24. Jo Koy is so funny and so humble. He came to Guam and did a show for 4 nights. I am a teacher and watched the 3rd show. It was a great way to end my summer. We are so grateful for that.✌🏽🤟🏽🙏🏽🇬🇺

  • Jo Koy is so humble, he is the BEST!🍩

  • Good on you Jo Koy. For everything.

  • I don't think this show that Jokoy is talking about will last because it is an anti Marcos show and the Marcoses are very much IN now in the Philippines. Proof is the 31M votes President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. got and the one next to him did not even get half of his votes.

  • The irony of telling the story of the rise and fall of dictatorship through a people power movement, and back here in the Philippines the dictator's family has risen back to power along with their new corrupt cronies as they currently run the country.

    Oh, and Imelda Marcos isn't really a misunderstood woman. She is just extravagant and narcissistic at the expense of taxpayer's money. The current president of the Philippines is very much like him.

  • You guys don’t know what you’re talking about. . President Marcos was the best thing that happened in the Philippines.

  • I love Jo Koy and I want him to research more on history of the Philippines .

  • Its true even Fiipinos forgot their own history😂

  • These women need to keep their mouth shut, and let him speak!

  • It wasn't $20M Jo. The Philippines was bought for $20,000.🙃

  • I saw 'Here Lies Love' the other week and it was AMAZING! I am psyched to learn that Jo Koy is now a producer of the show!! GO Jo Koy❣

  • And now Marcos' son is the country's president. Go figure.

  • It pays to know both sides of the coin.

  • Filipino loves wooppie from the purple color which She won an award up to the bluckbuster movie ghost to ko’y was at home in the interview and woppie was very supportive of him.

  • Jokoy is awesome! “Here Lies Love” is an awesome broadway show. Thank you Whoopi for supporting the show.👍🏼❤️

  • I think jo koy forgot to mention that filipinos put that same corrupt family back to power. So remember america there is no moving forward without justice – look at us – the Philippines.

  • Thank you Whoopi for telling the other host for Jokoy to explain first.

  • The US didn’t just “buy” the Philippines. They invaded and committed genocide during a brutal 3-year war, killing women and babies indiscriminately. The Filipinos fought valiantly and their country was stolen from them. PLEASE stop sanitizing this history. @jokoy

  • Living expenses were quite low when Marcos was in power. He wasn't a dictator; instead, he was seeking to protect the nation from a bunch of communists and to bring down Marcos so that Ninoy Aquino, who colluded with the communists, would be elected president. When Marcos was in power, our agriculture was so successful that Thailand and other nearby Southeast Asian nations took notes from us. However, once the United States assisted Cory Aquino in ousting President Marcos, poverty increased in the Philippines, the cost of living increased, and, truthfully, Cory Aquino accomplished nothing to advance the nation.

  • jo koy is a good guy.

  • A: Joy Koy: Filipinos! All the time They love to laugh. They dance. They Sing. Even during work. Beautiful People.
    B: Commentor: Oh. Don't forget They group and love to gossip. They spread false rumours. They love to destroy the good name of a work mate who at present is not with them because he or she is at work or asleep off-duty.

  • I love Jo Koy and love hearing about other cultures. Congratulations on the show!

  • I love him 💗

  • The wife is a Filipina so I guess I will have to take her to see this.

  • Loveee Whoopi ❤

  • its a tragedy,that the Pilipinos of this generation forget…..and they are paying for ….they never learn…

  • What a gem, love Mr Koy's 😁

  • Whoopie channeling Nora Dunn’s Pat Stevens “It’s not about the shoes.”

  • Imelda Marcos was a dictator, and “Here Lies Love” attempts to whitewash history.

  • Why do you racists give so much importance to race?

  • I'm actually from the same school district that he attended and I had the privilege of working right across the street from the same high school he went too. Tacoma Washington

  • Thank you for featuring filipino jokers in ur vlog. ❤🇵🇭 I am proud to be a filipino because of president bbm's love for our country. He promotes our tourism to different racists around the world. Koreans, Americans and other racists love the Philippines because of PBBM. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Always loved Jo Koy. Got to see him at my university and he took pics with us. I still have quite a few selfies with smiles and funny faces. He was super sweet

  • Hab a beep dip

  • My best friend of 39 years is Filipina. I would love to see this and I love Jo Koy!

  • Who in the world is jo koy????? Never heard of a jo koy! Wanna be careful as I dont know what pronoun to use!!!

  • Yes let him talk. No need to tell hosts stories. He’s a guest !!!

  • He's not only funny but also so wholesome

  • WE SUPPORT Jason Aldean

  • He's not very funny. So BAKYA! ANyway, here's a friend's review of the "trashy" musical:
    We'll see what the pros think of the enormous (some might say "bloated" given the previously admirable David Korins' unwieldly set which makes one of Broadway's largest theatres feel more cramped than it is!) revival of David Byrne & Fatboy Slim's HERE LIES LOVE, the Imelda Marcos disco musical, at the Broadway Theatre tonight, but while waiting for their word – or if the Opening is big enough news to merit TV coverage – a few observations based on my viewing the final preview last night and the available recordings of the show.

    Based on the VERY few Playbills left on the floor – regardless of ovations, if an audience LIKES a show they TAKE their programs – mine may be a minority opinion, but the controversy (which I suspect the producers love as a ticket selling device) as to whether the show glorifies Marcos (it does*) or not is basically irrelevant if the show is a turkey (IMHO it is a 50lb. gobbler). Lea Salonga, one of the producers, trick cast in a tiny part, is saying in interviews that "this is the story of how a people took their country back," but that is nowhere that I could see on stage…and whatever IS on stage, Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos' son is now back as the President of the Phillipines(!), rendering Lea's point at least open to some skepticism.

    *note on that "glorification of Imelda": in one of the most egregious examples the show pretends that her (and her husband's) freeing Aquino after 7 years imprisonment was out of the goodness of her heart so he "would be safer" in the U.S. – ignoring that it actually was to get life saving bypass surgery there!

    The sung-through 90+ minute intermission-free show (feeling twice that long) is patterned after, nearly plagiarized from the structure of EVITA, telling in skeletal form and blandly forgettable music the bare events of the rise and fall of Marcos, husband and wife, with no point of view – at least until the last quarter hour when we forget them entirely and focus on the people they betrayed or, according to the characters in the show, who betrayed them (Imelda's anthem isn't "Don't Cry For Me, My Manila" but "Why Don't You Love Me?" – the Opening Night Playbill gives no song list). It might as well have been a musical biography of our own disgraced former President from his point of view if he had actually had Mike Pence or Joe Biden killed! Perhaps John, Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany or Barron should attend and see it as a hopeful sign they too may one day be President!

    The music may be bland (the title song at the top of the show and one or two others are at least melodic and the single memorable, well staged number, "Gate 37," also has good lyrics) but it sure is mostly loud. The show starts with a "D.J." shouting an amplified demand at the audience to "make some noise," dialogue repeated through the evening along with the demand that "we get up and dance" with the cast to the limited choreography either they are capable of or choreographer Annie B Parson was capable of giving them (the second time, a fair number of us declined). The show makes a great deal of it being an all Philippine cast and I hope it doesn't backfire on them, tarring the cast with the inadequacy of their choreographer (whose main previous credit was relatively superior work on Byrne's previous "marching-band-halftime-show" revue, AMERICAN UTOPIA).

  • It sounds like a great show but here is a thing about Broadway – the musician's union is being shorted by plays that want to use recorded music instead of live. Stop putting musicians out of work there are not enough as iit is…

  • this new Broadway musical sounds good. I remember the extravagant Marcos couple. spent millions of aid money, meant for the country, ON THEMSELVES & fashion, mansions, luxury stuff. outrageous 🤨

  • MARCOS exiled to Hawaii. IMELDA reported having 2500 pairs of shoes. They were crooks and their people starved around their millions of stolen money!

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