Is This Asia’s Most Underrated Food? PHILIPPINES

 Is This Asia’s Most Underrated Food? PHILIPPINES

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Today I went all around Manila with my local friend and foodie expert, Chui. We were in search of the 4 best Filipino Street Foods and I think you will be impressed by what we tried!!! If there’s any takeaway from this video, let it be to put Filipino food on your radar – it’s THAT good! Masarap!

Where are all my Filipino friends at?

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  • Thank you for coming in Philippines. To vlog our country and try our foodstuffs

  • ❤👍🇵🇭🇬🇷

  • 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Sir why dont you try davao city, there are a lot of good foods out there, good fruits also

  • In vietn have you been exoerience the free food?. I dont think so

  • Vietnam is outrageous ehen it comes to the price of thiet foods, they even have a thousanf dollars food, a 3rdworld country having a 1worlds food price, in that eay they makr. Thier country more poorer

  • In the Philippines, you don't eat the food, you munch into the food.

  • Thanks for visiting the Philippines man, God Bless! 🙏

  • Your video made me miss Philippines!

  • ang sarap

  • You gotta come here in our hometown if you love beef soups we have our own style and unique of need soup which is called "Kaleskes" in Dagupan City and also deep fried beef called "Pigar Pigar" it's only authentic in our City.

  • Not as popular as the cuisines of their asian neighbors? Blame it on the people themselves. This thing called " crab mentality" of pulling down their fellow filipinos. They think and feel that others' success is their failure.

  • drew had same reaction as me on masuki. I personally dont like the smell and taste of it.

  • Japanese here I'd love to visit Philippines someday☺️ Great food, fresh fruits, nice people
    Thanks to your videos I learn a lot more about locals (and real spoken English I'm leaning hard these days >∆<) That's all amazing


  • Not just Asia's most under rated. Most under rated in the world.

  • Good job showing the best Manila has to offer. May Filipino cuisine become Asia's next revelation!

  • At least it's better than fruit loops and conflicts

  • this chui is full of himself. can't stand his channel. and I'm filipino lmao. masyadong bida bida hahahaha

  • It's a shame because many Filipinos are backing for the bloggers, the real Filipinos dish is sinigang not what we get in those. Restaurants

  • its mami not mommy

  • Ma suki and Ma mun luk at first they taste like socks but damn once you eat them you will crave them for some reason

  • Love the food I'm craving

  • We say,when in the Philippines "kain pa more!"

  • Asia is beautiful in each country like the Philippines

  • Boss dito kayo sa rizal fumudtrip

  • Proud Filipino❤❤❤

  • Him philippines culture is so fun and historical i think
    also us lost 70% of our real culture before spanish after the spanish colonised our country
    Fun fact a lot of filipinos has a blood of spanish because some spanish rape and some married

  • Amazing foods

  • Should have eaten at New Toho Restaurant.. the oldest restaurant on the Philippines.. your friend/guide knows about it..

  • 50

  • When eating PALABOK, first thing you should know that you're not really hungry or starving. Whenever you eat it on empty stomach, you may have some digestive problems. 2nd Better to request balabok that has meat mixed on it and not pinch of fish. For me, it' has better taste between the two mixture. 3rd mixed the sauce evenly and thoroughly, covering all the noodles, to make it tastes better. if you missed to mix it well, it has bit bitter taste and tastes differently. Best paired with halo-halo.

  • Glad you loved the Filipino street food Drew!!! 🇵🇭 You are already a Filipino! Haha cheers🎉

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