Is POLYGAMY in the Philippines LEGAL? | Filipino Culture

 Is POLYGAMY in the Philippines LEGAL? | Filipino Culture

I didn’t know that there is a law in the Philippines about multiple marriages. And polygamy is actually practiced here. 😮

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  • His ladies are nothing more than authorised scammers 🤣Traditions in PH tell you that if you cheat on your wife you will bring forth the wrath of a woman🤬👿👹 He has his own clothing line you say,a popular rapper so cash flow is obviously good, and he has 3 pretty women idolising him, no he has 3 cash tills he keeps topped up, they have incomes through social media, without him they wouldn't, they say they love the lifestyle, seen getting on well with each other – if they didn't they would be out of the 'arrangement' 🤣

  • Malaking problema na nga ang isang asawa. Tatlo pa kaya. 😂

  • 3. So in easy words there is nothin wrong with polygamy / promiscuousity as long there is authenticity, honesty, boundaries, & consent. After all "humans carry the biological imprint of polygamy – so why r we monogamous?"

  • 2. Coming from a fellow netizen named Prince Tajani: "Truly, polygamy vs. monogamy ends up being a CHOICE because you have the power to decide which one you will practice. If you know you are polygamous, you have the choice to not get involved in monogamous relationships & vice versa. That is a lifestyle choice.

    Being polygamous does not make anyone bad, & being monogamous does not make one a saint.

    The system is only for men who are morally sound & can be just among wives as long as he knows the religious conditions that apply to a man when he remarries & he is willing to fulfill them.

    He must also be a good husband to his first wife, treats her well & fulfills all her physical, emotional & financial rights, & he intends to continue doing so even after getting married to you.

    To the sympathetic ladies; do not waste your time trying to form a coalition of relationship police, to convince people who are fulfilled in their relationships that they are suffering because they are in a polygamous marriage or because they are living out an idea of relationship that is inconsistent with yours.

    Some of the champions of one man one wife, are actually secretly in polygamous affairs, but are just enjoying the controversy that generates followers & comments for social media revenue.

    Know the kind of man/woman you are & the relationship that suits you. There is no kind of marriage without challenges & the challenges in a marriage are a reflection of the people in it, not a sign that the marriage itself is bad. Marriage is not a forced thing & no kind of marriage is forced. Make your choice, live by it & live with it. "

  • ❤Wanna share my thoughts as well Mam pasensya na if its so long:
    1. The issue with OUR culture & society is that we are obsessed "Monogamy" alot without even realizing that it dosen't apply to all eversince.

  • Caring is sharing! In traditional Filipino culture, many men had multiple wives. The Spanish wrote about it, but the Catholic Church put an end to it, except for the Muslims. Most cultures around the world had polygamy at one time. Also, men and women roles are different in a relationship. Men are not to be a second mother.

  • What is the rapper's name

  • T'hey best one is poly-amorous. 🤣🤣

  • If he can keep them all happy -I don't see a problem. LOL> And polygamy is illegal in many countries. We have polygamy…but serial type. 🤣🤣

  • 😂 it would suck if like 2-3 weeks in a row he was sick on your “scheduled day” lol 😬🤯🤬😂

  • All I need is one good girl and I'm a happy man

  • I wonder when can polyandry be legal for women in philippines because I'm polyamorous


  • My man is living the dream… 🙂

  • I believe you are right. This is more abiut business than love. He is forwarding their careers as influencers due to them being associated with him. He gets to have 3 women taking care of him. All of this makes him very desirable to other women in the fact that he doesn't just have one hot girlfriend. He has three. They are fine with it because he is providing them a life they may not be able to have on their own. You do find arrangements like this in the west as well where women will share one man. So it isn't surprising to see this in the Philippines. You can comment on this more than I could. I have seen that of the man has means. I.e. money, authority and influence. Him having a mistress on the side seems to be tolerated. Not accepted. Tolerated. For me though one Filipina is more than enough.

  • It's odd that people are angry at the man because the women look happier than him.

    The other thing is compare their lives to the way some of their peers are living. They don't have to get up and go to a job. They live in a beautiful home. They don't have a man climbing all over them every night. They get to hang out with their friends all day.

    If you take the emotion out of it, their lives are better than 99% of the population so what's there to complain about?

  • That is what I heard. They can have more than one, but you have to be able to take care of them. I know The Muslims do it. Well the rapper is more respectful than Hugh Hefner was,he just slept with them. If I get over there I will be Catholic and I UNDERSTAND when I marry it will be permanent. I want get married 😂 right away.

  • what is there channels? Polygamy is not a bad idea if he can be equal sharing. have to be willing to work together as a team with a mission and vision.

  • polygamy is not good nor is it bad. it is a choice. government and religion need to stay out of family life. let people take personal responsibility for there actions.

  • All of the girls want to date a foreigner because he’s rich. Look at the house they are in. It’s either be with him or live in the Province

  • Of course he is not happy. The man needs to repent, accept Jesus, and live a new life. Only through Jesus do we have Liberty. No amount of money or partners will fill that hole 🕳

  • Yeah that's what most men want u want to be like a king have more than one woman I want to be like that

  • 100% of all polygamous relationships destroy women psychologically imo

  • Daddy issues

  • I don’t see anything wrong with being married or in relationship with multiple women at the same time. Seems so natural

  • I totally agree with you, this is just like a business arrangements. Their just using each other for the contents of their vlogs No morals values and it degrades woman’s values.

  • Never ends well. It might make for a good vlog but in real life it always ends bad for the woman and there is often violence.

  • Yeah some money and enjoy her

  • Nothing positive to say. So I will just be silent.

  • Three wives? Does that mean three mother in laws too? No thanks !

  • My dear lady I believe one man should be devoted to one woman and vice versa. Marriage is about love for one another and no one else.

  • This is polyamory not polygamy. Many people practice this whether they are aware or not. Some studies have shown that people would accept polyamory and some degrees of polygamy if it was legal.

    Similar to other restrictions against drugs, if more literature and understanding of the topic was openly discussed it could lower stigma. If the government legalized it and within a generation be seen as acceptable (e.g. gay marriage)

  • There no way that can happen in the Philippines 🇵🇭 because many Filipina girls are to jealous hehe

  • It don't work, and is not a good path to take.

  • Definitely something for the rich and famous. Most men cannot afford one woman.

  • To me it looks like a publicity for their channels to get views and the guy is trying hard to be a husband to 3 women. One woman is enough for most men and 3 is very difficult. Let us see what happens in 10 years?

  • I could not do that 😮

  • Responsibility is key here. As long as the man can support the ladies and provides them a better life, specially in the Philippines, then I don't see any issues with it. Its the so called passport bros who goes there to take advantage of the impoverished young girls, impregnates them, then leave them for the next one. That is problematic to a country who already have many single mothers raising kids on their own.

  • Seems more like a business arrangement.

  • In the case of the 'rapper'.. He's just inflating his ego and mimicking the western influence.. Personally, I think it's a pathway to destruction of morals and values. There is no 'true' love, only love for self inflation and ego..

  • I am in a polyamorous or polyandry marriage to a Filipina. My Filipina wife is married to me and she has 2 boyfriends.

  • Looks like they are trying to popularize American gangster rap culture in the Philippines especially with young impressionable people. This is disgusting and will lead to more crime.

  • Dude is a manipulator. I wonder if they even realize that daddy is the common terms a hoe used for her pimp.

  • There’s a white American his channel is over stay, he practice polygamy in the Philippines

  • hard to say much .’unless we kmow every specific.
    100% for the girls is BETTER THEN BEINg bar girls

    and Of course its not ideal for true love

    but good business set up as you said and fun perhaps for all
    and without the man seems the girls wont have “ much going for them “

  • I think he's a fraud. They have nothing in that home that shows they live there. I think it is a rented apt that they use to film in and none of them live there or sleep there. I bet you can not find a single person that can or will verify this is real ,. They even have a cover over the table when they eat to not damage the rented place. It's fake this man is paying them to pretend. They are not dating or sleeping together it's all fake!

  • Are you married?

  • I rather men do this if they can afford it. Then men have women outside and not taking care of them.

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