Insane street food in Quezon City Philippines. Ever tried eating pig head?! Today we explored the insane street food in Quezon City, from crispy ulo pig head to crispy pata on this Filipino street food tour in Manila.

👀 WATCH Crazy Filipino Street Food in Tondo Manila:

We found some of the best street food in Quezon City, and started our Filipino street food tour trying crispy pata, deep fried pork hock. This crispy pata was huge! We went to the best restaurant for crirspy pata in Manila and wait until you hear this crunch!

A popular Filipino food from the Tuguegarao region of the Philippines is pansit batil patung. We went to a very local place to try this insane dish full of flavour and unique tastes, definitely a food to eat in Quezon City. We continued exploring the Filipino food in Manila and went to Lola Nena’s for some baked baos and donuts! These fluffy pastries were delish.

We ended off our insane street food tour of Quezon City Philippines trying out the insane crispy ulo pig head. This dish of ulo pig head is a boiled and deep-fried half of a pig face. Crispy Ulo pig head is an insane dish that is best shared, and comes out crispy and tender, everything you want in an insanely massive piece of pork.

We hope you enjoy the insane street food in Quezon City Philippines, tasting crispy pata and crsipy ulo pig head. Stay tuned for more Filipino food in Manila!

Places we visited:

Name: Livestock
Address: 41 Sgt. Esguerra Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
what3words location: ///

Name: Bruno’s Pansit Batil Patung
Address: 17 Sct. Ybardolaza St, Corner Sct. De Guia St, Quezon City, Metro Manila
what3words location: ///spill.fled.sparkle

Name: Lola Nena’s
Address: Sgt. Esguerra Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
what3words location: ///impulses.lonely.unique

Name: Pepeton’s Grill
Address: 109 Mother, corner 1103, Mo. Ignacia Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila
what3words location: ///sweeping.stable.daily

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  • Hey everyone!
    What's the crispiest thing you've ever eaten?
    Thanks for watching! 😊🧡

  • Pepeton Grill is the best and the original!!! All the meals are heirloom recipes keeping the traditional fFilipino food at its best!!

  • Audio is really loud with background noise u need a microphone with a windsock

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • i thought davao city is the largest city in the phils?

  • Kapal mukhs!

    Made me laugh. The origin of that is kapal mukha. Translated as thick face. It is actually an insult. We do label politicians as pigs for their thick face. So they named their pig face as kapal mukhs.

    Just make sure you use that as a food description. We would not like you to get into a fight just because you do not know the meaning of the words you say.

  • Woow…amazing ! That's so good foods stuff, m also hungry now, after saw your video. Thanks Chris & Steph for sharing with us. 😋😊👍

  • I love watching Saitama eat street foods😂

  • Club Balai Isabel's Crispy Pata.. Try it and Compare

  • Praise the Lard! 😂

  • Yum 🤪🤪 Very nice !!! I’m from Quezon City, ❤ thanks for Sharing nice video. Watching from Sydney Australia 🇦🇺

  • Hows your blood pressure? 😂Filipino food Mostly oily and unhealthy and simple taste.

  • Watching you eating krispy pata im drooling right now!😋🤗

  • Batil patong for me is one of the best tasting pancit in The Philippines

  • Welcome! Now, keep your things more secure by putting your backpack in front(in your chest). Yeah, oxymoronic but its safer.

  • Watching you guys here in USA, love you guys ,,, you making me hungry with the lovely fish,,,

  • How is it a street food when you're eating inside a restaurant? Street food literally means you're buying food from the side if the streets while Jeepneys and cars are passing by you? I'm a Filipino and I work near the Timog circle where you started your video. It's the statues of the boy scouts that were killed in a plane crash, that's why most of the streets surrounding that area are named after them. And that area Tomas Morato is known for restaurants and businesses lining up that whole stretch of that street. In fact it's so busy during the night with all the restaurants and the 2 tv networks nearby.

    If you want street food, look for the roving carts that sells fishballs, bananaque, fried chicken/skin, BBQ, siomai, and others.

    That's not street food if you're walking inside an establishments.

  • Wrong info.. With due respect.. Quezon City is not the largest city in the Philippines.. It is davao City is the largest not just in the Philippines but in the world..

  • My Philippines Street food horror Story….In 1985 I was in the Philippines.. people were talking about Balut so I had to try it. I understood what Date to pick meaning 18 days I buy the egg off a sweet old lady on the street…the egg had 18 Day written on the shell I poke a hole in the egg and I thought the Duck was going to fly away had Wings ..haha…this egg was more like 28 days .. haha…the Old lady gave me the " Old Switch Aroo " …I didn't ask for a refund…I just released the duck and wished it good luck….haha…

  • street food? nooo.. its in a restaurant, not just around area, not n streets

  • Never mind the cholesterol and it’s only once in a while masarap naman

  • Those Pitchi-pitchi…🤤


  • Enjoy !!!
    So much fun in Quezon City Philippines…
    Foods are all yummy.


  • Eating those kind of food, will not make a person go old coz they'll die early.

  • Oh i just would like to join you. So that you have somebody to talk to and having fun with you crispy pata.
    Enjoy your food to the fullest.

  • What’s the name of this resto in QC?

  • Not the best diet for your heart.

  • I work for the clinical lab. We do and test every clinical laboratory order from doctors and hospitals. You'd be surprised what the color of blood comes out from the majority of Asian patients. Milky. High in fat and creatinine, from the kidney is abnormal. High fat and high sodium. Be careful.

  • New Subs To Your Channel.. Happy Tummy***

  • I love pig head

  • Wow so yummy 😋 enjoying to watching your vlog from the Philippines and try also pilipino food it's so yummy 😋

  • Andrew zimmern featured the crispy pata of livestock before 😍

  • ❤Crispy Pata yummy❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I’ve just finished watching one of their video and I enjoyed it so much. I’ve just subscribed!

  • WOW! This is quality pork! The reason why its mildly salted is so you can dip it in the sauces which are very salty and packed with umami. Also, crispy pata is basically pork shank & knuckles. Underneath the skin of the pata contains large amounts of collagen which turns into gelatin when cooked. That's why its a bit sticky.

  • dont forget to bring your lipitor when you visit the PH. 😛

  • Mouthwatering! 😃

  • Hello hello my awesome Canadian foodie.

  • Geting so hungry here

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