I just started noticing this everywhere.

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  • Thank you and happy living in the Philippines.

  • Many of us do the Mano or bless and opo,ate ,Kuya but not all because they imitate the American culture .

  • Old men in the United States of America don’t earn respect compared to the old men in the Philippines! It is because old men in the Philippines do not act like kids than the American old men!

    Observe this American old men they act like retarded and young men are more understanding!

  • We filipinos are vry redpectfiul it doesnt matter if they are old or young in there age …bc we believe what you sow you will reap it ..mabuhay!

  • u really appreciate our culture so much,,bro,,i do subscribe..👍🏻🙏😍

  • Do you 10 year olds are in adult prisons for stealing food?
    So respectful.

  • That TRADITIONAL VALUES we want to stick that western and modern culture hard to replicates by times

  • I was kind appalled while watching an American in which a scene a grand daugther addressed her grandma simply by her first name. To us absolutely thete is no respect. Addressing her grandma is way more respectful.

  • We Filipinos say ‘ate’ or ‘kuya’ to anyone older than us, for our elderly such as grandparents we do mano to them. Thank you so much for sharing our culture!

  • God bless you always,

  • literally, my parents get mad when i dont say "po" and "opo" to the people who are older than me, especially to the elderlies. but i got use to saying it anyway so its fine lol

  • Except…. Just like in America… You would take your hat off before the Mano Po.
    Removing your hat is the first respectful gesture.

  • Your video is totally on point it’s very nice to know that things like this noticed but in detailed especially from someone born from different countries. That’s Filipino culture at it best !!!! Great host thank you for sharing

  • God blesß you for promoting our culture ! Mabuhaykayo !

  • The traditions in our culture is based upon our grandfather's before I was born. Our grandparents adopted this culture & traditions in a decade. Po means is act of respect & love to the older & to the oldest. Not Mr and Mrs.. Anyway thank you for this blog Tom. You brightened us our culture & tradition. Good luck & God bless

  • Bless you brother

  • Hi po

  • I am 🇵🇭

  • That is our culture, hoping it willnot fade as the years goes by.. thanks Tom..

  • In Mexico this is also a gesture. To greet our grandparents, and is practice in the state of Guerrero and Colima. In these state there also Mexicans who are of partial Filipino decent too. ☺️😊🇲🇽♥️🇵🇭👍🏽👍🏽

  • I’m currently dating a half Filipino half Mexican guy atm and yes… I agree with the whole caring a lot. Like so much it’s truly a blessing to come across somone like him. He took me to a Filipino restaurant the other week and I saw a family across the table and I see that they were doing that kiss on the hand and putting their hand in the forehead . I never seen that before in my life and now I understand that it’s a sign of respect for the elderly 🙂 so much to learn with him I can’t wait to learn so much about his culture and him 🙂

  • Thank you so much for accept our tradition in the philippines,your welcome!!

  • i am blesed to meet and know so many good people who are Filipino. The culture that is rich in morality and respect can be shared in the USA and every other country. be blessed in the name of Jesus.

  • i am deeply touch by your video… caring and respecting elders are filipino culture that can be proud of… only in the philippines..

  • Hello!I'm a from Cebu Philippines!

  • Nope. All you see is the exterior side of things. They eat each other here like snakes, crab mentality is rampant. The compenent are working abroad, better somewhere than rotting here.

  • the word "PO" is a word of respect to anyone regardless to gender.

  • I saw your video and shared this to my bf.. ❤

  • Awesome , true…

  • Ate ako bunso baby pa I'm older sister I have younger sister

  • Alam ko

  • I like the American culture when it comes of the absence of po & opo. If po & opo is used as a protocol in customer service or professional setting, it's ok but most of the time, it is an indicator that they talk to someone older. Not all people wants to be reminded of their age all the time. Po & opo, ate, kuya, mano po, etc. are sometimes off-putting & uncool. How did you know that I'm older than you if we're strangers? Even if I'm obviously older I don't want this type of respect that puts distance between us. I want equality & I prefer kindness over respect.

  • mano po culture is translated to english " bless me". mano fr. spanish word means hand. hand which is used to grant blessings to someone or something. It isnt just a sign of respect, it is also asking for blessing.

  • Po and opo isnt just a sign of respect, it is also a sign of asking of blessings from them.

  • One culture I see so fascinating is why many Philippines peoples loves to smell shit, They do even argue and debate which person’s poop smell the most. Infact if one’s poop did not smell bad, some neighbor do feel disappointed. But when they passive good food they still echo same Baho and one can sense the symptoms of jealousy and anger from the Baho when they passive the fragrance of food. Some people even starts to echo the Baho in joyfully once they listen and hear the toilet door being opened. Cos normally toilet door sounds differently from all other doors in the house. This act is 24 hours and non stop in the Philippines. Have never read nor seen useless act like this in the history of mankind. Even since Adam and Eve. Even their dogs already knows and understand when they say Baho. This act is a culture in the Philippines. They do even discuss poop in pubic. It’s a shame and I guess that’s why majority of them are so poor. They waste time on trying to smell poop, pee, fart, food and gossip.. it’s hard to see two people discuss business ideas. The most useless can be found at almost every neighborhood in the Philippines.

  • We call our mother-in-law Mom and our father -in-law Dad and not by their names coz its an insult…

  • A lot of cultures around the world are like the Filipinos in this regard. It's just that respect for the elderly has largely disappeared from most European origin cultures except for the Afrikaners of South Africa and certain religious groups.

  • Correction, "PO" doesn't have an exact translation in English. It is a particle that makes every word or phrase sound formal. It works with Taglish too, for example, Good morning po! Thank you po.

  • Respect is necessary, it depends to those who have believe the power of respect. Because as a Filipino We have to look back who help us and who treated us good. Be respectful

  • That’s right 5000 years of culture Oo🇨🇿

  • My mom named richelle😂

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