Huge Mistake in Bohol Philippines 😩 Never doing THIS Again. Exploring Panglao + Alona Beach 🏝

 Huge Mistake in Bohol Philippines 😩 Never doing THIS Again. Exploring Panglao + Alona Beach 🏝

We’ve made our way to Panglao which is part of the island of Bohol in the Philippines. Panglao is famous for its many beautiful beaches and it certainly didn’t disappoint. In this video we’re at one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve seen in the Philippines called Dumaluan Beach. We’re spending the day at South Palms Beach Panglao where we have lunch.

We also take you back to our apartment rental for a tour of where we’re staying and later to Alona Beach for an incredible sunset.

Throughout the video we talk about the fact that we made a mistake here in the Philippines!

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0:00 Welcome to Bohol
1:01 Travel Struggles
3:44 This Beach is Incredible
5:24 Burn Out
6:57 Beach Lunch
10:28 Our Panglao Apartment
14:06 Alona Town
15:11 Alona Beach
17:10 Epic Sunset
18:09 Wrap Up


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  • Thank you gor visit my homeland

  • Where is that beach?

  • All beaches are public. Although many Resorts restrict people from accessing them, it is illegal to do so. You may not be able to reach certain beaches from the public roads except by crossing through these resorts, but walking along the shore is a way to access these beaches without paying and entering Resort property..
    "According to Article 51 of the Water Code of the Philippines,Β shores of seas within a zone of three meters in urban areas, 20 meters in agricultural areas and 40 meters in forest areas are subject to public use.Dec 13, 2021. No persons, companies or corporations can
    claim ownership.

  • Good morning!
    Great video.

    Is the local tap water safe to drink, cook and brush our teeth with ?

    Have a great day and thank you!

  • Guys having done a number of multi-month long trips I can empathize. I have learned that for me I need to take a vacation within the body of larger trip when I start feeling overly tired or burned out. When that happens I find a place I like and just stay there for a number of days until I feel like travelling some more. Also I believe that the quality of experience is a lot more important than the overall number of thing you try to do. I tend to travel a given region of the world on a given trip. Within that region I put together a list of several thing I want to do or experience and then surround those items with plenty of unstructured days. Also if I don’t do all the thing on my list it’s total fine. I tell my self that they may be things I can do on future trip. If I never do that is fine as well. For me I realize I am so very fortunate to be able to travel whenever and almost anywhere I want. Consider travelling slower and plan for rest days within your travel schedule.

  • Beautiful sunset , I leave in San Isidro DAUIS 20 minutes away from the international airport❀

  • If you find yourself needing to visit immigration while in Panglao, it's next to the St. Augustine church but there are no signs so have somebody show you the first time. Enjoy !

  • I was there last summer South Palms Resort was quite relaxing nice staff😊

  • That sunset is amazing!!!

  • Feel jealous you guys, I miss my home country 😒😒 watching you all the way from Sweden… here is still cold…. anyway enjoy welcome to the Philippines..heve fun.

  • I was just there. I left April 1st and headed to Boracay. If you haven't done it go see the whale sharks in Taug.

  • Wow I never come this place thank you Delightfull travellers for your videos keep exploring the Philippines with nice beaches around our country take care

  • Beautiful white beach. I’m from the Philippines but I never been to any beaches in the Philippines but I live in US now planning to travel back to the Island soon.

  • Wow it’s really beautiful there! Enjoy and keep your awesome videos coming πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ©΅

  • I hope you try to visit camiguin tablas bantayan gigantes romblon siargao sipalay

  • Wow… I miss my hometown when I saw your vlogg. Thanks for visiting Bohol especially Panglao island with pristine beach. Rooting you guys with your upcoming journeys!

  • ❀❀

  • Ahh Panglao. Used to go there for 2 consecutive summers some 30+ years ago when Alona Beach beach was practically empty. Stayed at my family friend’s house at the tip of Doljo very near of what is now Bellevue. No electricity back then and all we do all day was swim or do island hopping! At night, the men in the village would visit with their guitars and serenade my aunt. Those were the days!

  • More yankee jabba and ebegging.

  • Great vlog…. South Palms Resort is favorite πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Places to a must visit in Panglao:
    1. Moadto strip mall
    2. Hinagdanan cave
    3. Alona beach
    4. Nova shell museum
    5. Dumaluan beach
    6. St. Agustin church ( panglao watch tower)
    7. Virgin island island hopping
    8. Balicasag island diving
    9. South farm tour.
    10. Dumaluan cart ride

  • Wow Panglao 😍

  • Fabulous – thanks. I take it that you are there now – April ? I think I will go in April as the weather looks good.

  • That's a good plan, stay longer to a single place..
    You will enjoy more…
    You don't need to rush into multiple places…
    Those places are not going anywhere.
    It stays where they are and wait for you…
    In your time…πŸ˜„

  • It’s pronounced BAN-TA-YAN (Ban-tie-yahn).πŸ˜…

  • Dumaluan beach..
    Am from born in Bohol

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