When visiting Bohol, Philippines many tourists want to see the Chocolate hills, tarsiers, and the manmade forest, but many tourists in Bohol, Philippines make this mistake. In this video, I show you where I stayed in Loboc, Philippines to see the chocolate hills and the tarsiers. Bohol, Philippines has many other Filipino attractions as well!

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I film everything with my Gopro, iPhone 13 Pro, and DJI drone.

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  • I already go on bohol

  • HI Jonathan!! AWESOME VIDEO! MY FIlippina wife and I are visiting Bohol from 14 to 18 AUGUST… I CANT WAIT!If you are still in Bohil it would be great to meet up .HAVE A GREAT DAY . GREETINGS FROM CHINA.

  • “The journey is the adventure” I love that statement.I’ve been trying to plan my short vacation in the Philippines for the next couple of months from now but I can’t come up with a good plan at all coz I know how the trips can be unpredictable! I’ll just take the time to do my adventure when I get there and surprise myself instead😅

  • They are adorable! Can you have one as a pet?

  • I visited Bohol several times. Beautiful place.

  • Cute

  • I would like go to Bohol for one day trip and return back to Cebu. Any suggestion for initienarary ?

  • We’re traveling to Bohol in a couple of weeks. Any recommendation where to go with a 3 year old?

  • Hey man, amazing videos. One question: I‘ll be in the Philippines in two weeks. first we plan to stay around 8-10 days in Cebu region and then head to Palawan. Would you recommend Bohol as the homebase instead of traveling around? From your videos it seems to be a great location to stay for trips. Thanks for your reply.

  • Missing home! Thank you so much for showing BOHOL to the world😍
    It's underrated really.

  • Great videos from the PHI! Just discovered your channel.
    Since you’re a lot using the scooter , may I ask how difficult is it to ride in PHI?
    I have a driving license and think I could easily do it. Could you ask in the shop to give you a little intro or would people look weird at you? 😂

  • Oh wow, they are so cutieeees! its a shame am a Filipino but haven't seen a tarsier.

  • If you're still here in Bohol, I'm inviting you to go to a fiesta just near Tagbilaran City this 8th of December. Glad you stayed this long in Bohol enjoying.

  • Could you do a kind of travel guide, breaking down avg cost per day on low n high budget etc, would love that

  • Man, you earned my Subscription to your channel. Your content is awesome.

  • Listening to Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners while riding. Nice


  • I contacted the department of tourism . I told them the numbers of squatters down below ⬇️ chocolate 🍫 hills is keep increasing my response was from Bohol tourism they said they already reported to DANR but no response and no action.

  • I love you Bohol, God Bless..go to Sikatuna world Anda Beach, Lomanoy Simple Beach there are many beaches in Bohol..

  • U should have to collab with @bretmaverick or @becomingfilipino. I love watching your vlogs 🥰

  • Iovr the nature of the Philippines

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