How Filipinos can enter Mexico without getting a Mexican Visa | Filipino life in Mexico 🇵🇭🇲🇽Vlog 19

 How Filipinos can enter Mexico without getting a Mexican Visa | Filipino life in Mexico 🇵🇭🇲🇽Vlog 19

I made a video to those people who were asking if getting a Mexican Visa is difficult. I am also answering questions from people who commented and sending messages to me.

You don’t have to get a Mexican Visa to come or visit in Mexico, even if you are a Filipino Nationals, as long as you have valid issued visas from any accredited countries allowing to stay in Mexico between three (3) to sux (6) months. For example if you have any valid US issued multiple entry visa, Canadian visa, Schengen visa, Japanese visa and many more.

All of my videos I have uploaded and shared from Mexico are with no exaggeration. I am stating all the opinions based on my experiences, what I see and know here in Mexico.

If you have questions in regards of Mexico. Feel free to message me and will be gladly answering the questions.

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The Process of getting visa to Mexico

If you would like to move in Mexico! Watch this video

If you are looking a place to eat Tacos in CDMX Please check the link I posted below. Thank you
Famous Taco places in Mexico City downtown



I would like to introduce local Mexican refreshment that you can find and buy along the streets and inside Mexican Public Markets

Mexico is abundant of Cacti (Cactus) or NOPAL as known in Mexico. This might be odd. In my country, the Philippines, cactus are plants or ornaments but here in Mexico are edible and can be eaten. Please watch the video on how to cook Nopal or Cactus.

I would like to share the interesting rituals of Dia De Muertos in Mexico. How Mexican do preparation for their ofrenda or Altar de Muertos and its meaning.

Join me in my life journey and let’s discover Mexico together👫

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  • Hola Madam, I sent you a private message in Facebook. Hoping to hear from you soon. Gracias 😊

  • As a Mexican my self that has traveled to the Philippines many times and have been granted 30 day visa upon arrival as well as many extensions without any requirement except for my return plane ticket it blows my mind how Mexico has many requirements for Filipinos to visit my homeland of Mexico, I personally think Mexico should also grant the same visas upon arrival as we Mexicans get in the Philippines

  • kung Canadian ano kukunin

  • Hi paano po pag yung host family ko ang kukuha saakin kasi gusto nila kumuha ng Aupair since bihira ang Aupair sa Mexico. Paano po kumuha ng Visa, sana masagot.

  • Panu po if nasa schengen country ako with temporary residency makakapunta po ba ako ng mexico?

  • Hi ma'am sana sagot itong katanungan ko..balak ng asawa ko ipasyal ako diyan ano kayang visa dapat kong applyan.ameeican po siya..

  • mag ingat k dyan sa mga cartel!!??

  • Magkano po pamasahe manila to Mexico salamat po

  • Can you enter using an australian visa? Ph passport holder

  • Hi po.plan Po kase namen Ng bF ko na magmeet sa Cancun Mexico from USA Po xa..ano Po need q pra mkapunta s mexico…pls help me.thanks

  • How much po ang minimum wages sa mexico

  • Paano po pag walang work at negosyo? Ang strong tie ko lang po is may anak ako dto sa pinas

  • Hello ma'am …my itatanong Poh Sana ako kasi Yong bf ko Isa siyang Mexicano tapos nag stay siya ngayon sa California tapos next year I think 1O days siya mag vacation sa mexico Doon sa mga relatives Niya Poh then ang gusto Niya Poh doon kami magkita sa mexico tapos after 10 days uuwi na siya balik sa California anong klasing visa dapat kung kukunin para Maisama Niya ako sa California pabalik.

  • Hey kamusta ka po? Are you in Mexico now???

  • ang ganda namn ng life mo jan

  • hi po kabayan

  • Magkanu Ang magastos pag pumunta Jan?

  • Hi ma'am new subscriber po,
    Pwd makapag work Ang mga Pinoy Jan?

  • Masarap po ba mamuhay jan sa Mexico, plan ko po kase mag travel jan sa Mexico I'm from Sariaya Quezon Province

  • How po if only in asian visa I had?

  • Mag kano po magagastos

  • cool video, great make up.

  • Very helpful info sis. I'm a new subscriber here. Thanks

  • bisya ka mam

  • indian from cebu how to aply visa for maxico pls guide me mam thanks 🙏❤️🙏

  • Hello can you enter mexico with a Japanese residence card?

  • Maa'm tanong ko lang po pauwi na po kami g pilipinas .may layover po kami mexico need po ba ng transit visa?

  • Hello po ano po fb account neo

  • Hi ma’am I am here in kuwait 🇰🇼 i am Filipina. I am planning to go in mexico in January 10.

  • Kabayan, gaano ka delikado sa Cancun, Mexico?

  • Thanks for sharing God Bless waiting for your next vlog meet my fiancé.

  • Mam. cuidad de mexico is a capital city po ba ?
    and bakit maraming cuidad na name place.. like cuidad valley. ??

  • Ano mga requirements sissy papuntang Mexico for travel Lang saan pwede kumuha o bumili ng ticket

  • Hello,my wife is Filipino and she has an advanced parole travel document in the USA. Will she still need a visa? We are looking at going to Mexico city for our anniversary this October.

  • Pwede ba sabihin na mag stay Ka sa bahay Ng boyfriend if ever

  • Need japan single entry visa or multiple entry visa

  • Mexico is like Filipinas. Both have the same Hispanic culture since both countries were part of the Spanish empire.

  • Dito ako sa hongkong sis my bf from US and I want to meet up there in mexico

  • Visa requirement:same culture and tradition

  • Delikado sa Juarez at Jalisco puro guerra doon ng mga narco cartel groups

  • Hello sis, may idea ka ba if malaki ba posibilidad na makapasa ako sa embassy kung may complete req ako pero solo traveler at 1st time international travel ko. Plan ko sana mag bakasyon sa mexico. Thank you!

  • I've been trying to book for appointment online thru Mexitel pro hindi po malinaw ung website nila. can you you walk me through po. Or may guide ka po ba on how to book for appointment online? Thank you so much

  • Why do we need visa when we have Mexico in Pampanga? We have Medillen in Cebu as well if you're planning to go in Colombia. Damn Spain!

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