How do we unlearn Anti-Blackness in Filipino Culture?

 How do we unlearn Anti-Blackness in Filipino Culture?

🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you’ve been asked to wash your skin with papaya soap. Or pinch your nose so it wouldn’t get flat 👃🏻. These are just some anti-black learned behaviors that exist in our family traditions and culture. How do we unlearn these?

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  • Don’t be playing the race card in the Philippines! They got a real bad-ass President who ain’t having any of that!

  • Didn’t expect to click this video and see Dante Basco! 😳

  • Regardles of skin color, we should not let it be the complete definition of what makes someone Filipino. There are Filipinoes who are lighter skin than the Filipinoes who live in other countries, but culture wise they are more Filipino since they keep their culture in tact. Appearance is not everything, sometimes the darker skinned Filipinos know nothing about the Philippines due to being born outside of the Philippines.

  • Why is it that everywhere we are black and other poc have to deal with anti blackness.

  • What's ironic is the Indigineous Natives of the Phillipines were Black,the Aeta Negritos.

  • Just to fit with the woke agenda? Lol. Why do filipinos need to be on it? We are not black! And as if asians gets better treatment on the west 🥱 we need to talk about the acceptance of asians not black.

  • This is western influence from movies because we see white actors and it is carved in our culture that light skin is looked up upon. It has nothing to do with racism

  • stop gaslighting us filipinos in the homeland. stop your western virtue signalling.

    pag sinabi naming gusto namin ng maputi HINDI ibig sabihin nun ay gusto namin maging kulay caucasian. gusto ln namin na maging "fairer" o mas "lighter" skin kasi ibig sabihin nun maalaga kami sa aming kutis. ibig sabihin nun, natatanggal namin ang libag, taliptip, dead skin at iba pang dumi sa katawan. sa totoo ln karamihan ng mga pinoy ay ayaw ng kulay caucasians dahil hindi bagay sa amin at parang pagyurak un sa lahing pilipino.

    pag sinabi namin na "ayaw namin ng maitim na kutis" HINDI ibig sabihin nun ay anti-black american/anti-african kami. ang ayaw namin ay maitim na balat dahil nga sa libag, dead skin at iba pang dumi sa katawan dahil maalikabok at mainit dito sa pinas.

    wag nyo rin sabihin na ang pagpapaputi ay isang social status. wag kayo matapobre. nagpapaputi kami ng balat dahil nangangahulugan un ng magandang kalusugan ng balat. uullitin ko, pag sinabi namin na gusto naming magpaputi ng balat ang ibig sabihin nun ay fairer skin hindi caucasian skin.

    hindi isyu dito ang racism at colorism sa homeland dahil hindi kami nandidiscriminate ng mga dayuhan basta taong dumating.

    wag nyo kaming gamitin para maging relevant kayo sa blm.

  • This just shows how far reaching the European empire went to make black people hated and they themselves worshipped around the world while nothing about them phonically is dominant and made to survive in nature. Hey let's all hate our skin that keeps us safe from the sun and skin cancer because these people who are known to rpe, steal and murder say so.

  • These days darker skin is more beautiful. To tell the truth, I've started following dark skinned actors coz people are lightening skin to become beautiful

  • Thank you for this video!!
    I am of Italian descent and living in the Midwest has not been easy but, of course, nothing like the black experience; however, Italians were lynched in American history In the 1800s in Louisiana. So called “Christians” & Catholics are mostly to blame now.

  • When you stop promoting whitening products. Bigots, Racist.

  • I am blown away beautiful video

  • my mother is for sure Anti-Black

  • That’s fucked up bro we get hate everywhere that’s ok black people and people with dark skin is going to have the last laugh over racist people that’s fucked up 💯🤬🤬👍🏾👍🏾

  • We are everywhere

  • Love it. Anti-blackness is real around the world but, black people, dark people are just supposed to be okay with it because that's just the way things are. Anti-blackness is not okay. Thanks for this video bro….

  • God's chosen people are not something to be ashamed of. 🙏

  • i was told to use bleaching soaps

  • The comment sections omg ….. it’s goddam mess in here lol

  • Nation of phonies

  • You don't have to worry about changing anything . I'm a foreigner, and was stationed there in the US Navy at Subic Bay. ALL OF THE PINAYS GETTING MARRIED TO US ARE DARK NOT WHITE. Good luck finding a husband looking like a ghost.

  • Respect to pvt david fagen..
    How many know him?

  • All lives matter. That's what I can say.

  • Love my Filipinos my brothers and sisters

  • I also grow up in the Philippines and my whole family is a colorist, it’s so sad 🙁 hope it ends . Now I’m living in Europe and saw a more diverse world who doesn’t care about skin color. I’m happy here and I even changed my nationality because I don’t want to be a part of the Philippine ignorant world anymore

  • No thanks, but I will not be funding organizations like BLM and FilipinX movements. BLM has a history of violence and corruption while FilipinX has an ideology that a majority of FILIPINOS do not support.

  • In my heart I new we could marry you it felt godly the black man in America is coming for you my brother an sister

  • Filipinos are not Anti-Africans…gtfo

  • Why this seems to be a global thing?

  • I think there are paranoid people here who worry too much about their skin color.

  • Anti-blackness? Who says that to you? Some of you content creators doesn't know what you're talking about. This is why hate crime towards my kababayan getting attacked day and night everyday. You can shut the hell up for a moment and don't disrepect our culture, you are clearly not a filipino citizen like jo koy who makes fun of our culture, stop spreading nonsensical false beliefs. We filipinos accept all colors even if you're a pitch black or a brown as a mud, filipinos are natural in morena and moreno color which can be brown as mud and light brown colored. So if you're black, we don't care, you are part of our society no matter what, you can get insults and can be join to our tables as long as you don't make a scene that would embarrass your whole family. We don't gatekeep colors, americans do that you silly bastard.

  • I am half white & half filipino and i have noticed so many times how whitewashed most filipinos are, it all comes from the spanish & american colonization there was for centuries a culture where lighter skinned people were more favored than their darker brothers & sisters. .. It's very sad because this brainwashed whitewash mentality still exists to this day. I live in Europe where the majority is white, and almost everyone recognizes my long dark hair, my tan skin & full lips. i was always called an indian "Native-American" or simply the indigenous of the thoroughbred or fullblooded europeans here. But the nice thing about it is that here in Europe this is seen as beautiful & interesting, in contrast to the Philippines or Latin American countries, that's how i experience it myself in life. I still often have this tedious problem when I see Filipino relatives, but especially my own mother, who always says I shouldn't be outside in the sun for so long in the summer, because she thought that my skin would be too dark, and then that people here in europe will be racist to me, and then she always says that the more successful people are always the light skinned ones… Really sad how this brainwashing destroys our true pride & identity… I am proud of my filipino indigenous roots, and to all indigenous ethnic groups & tribes of the philippines' Igorot / Aeta / Negrito / Lumad / etc. and also to our cousins ​​overseas the Native americans from north to south & the pacific islanders. But of course I am also very proud of my Celtic & Germanic roots hell yeah. Don't let it get you down, be 💯% proud of what you are.


  • How can she say that Phillipinos don't share in the exact same struggle as black americans.. The indigenous people of the Philippines are black and so their light skinned mixed race descendents may have a type of light skinned privilege but certainly not white privelege.

  • So u just boutta leave out the Chicano movement in the 60’s regarding the field workers of America

  • The people with those spears you portraying are my ancestors in Kalinga They are warriors they called the head hunters
    We use those spears to defend ourself from the other tribal enemies,that's that's is our culture

  • Prince zuko?

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