HeyBerna’s Hot Takes on Toxic Filipino Finance Habits

 HeyBerna’s Hot Takes on Toxic Filipino Finance Habits

Berna Anat AKA HeyBerna is known as a financial hype woman, which is her way of saying she creates financial education media! Since getting herself out of $50,000 of debt, she has been sharing all of her learnings on the internet. Berna has also been traveling the world while speaking at venues such as the Girlboss Rally, Google and The Wing. Recently, ABS-CBN named her one of their Global Pinoy Idols, and was recognized as part of the 10 most influential Filipinx people in the United States. Forbes, The New York Times, and Buzzfeed have even highlighted her work on their platforms.

In this video, Berna Anat gives her hot takes about the intersection of Filipino finance, culture, and spending habits. To stay up to date with her, be sure to follow her on social media, and stay tuned for her upcoming money book in 2023!

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0:00 – Berna Anat’s tabo takes on Filipinos and money advice
0:22 – Do our Filipino parents know how to budget for retirement?
1:38 – The Frugal-Flex Theory in Filipino culture
2:33 – Filipinos and their “bad” spending habits
5:25 – Pressure of Asian stereotypes on high-income jobs
6:37 – Teaching Filipinos financial literacy
7:41 – Why Filipinos choose white financial advisors

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  • Dang, I was actually hoping this would be educational, but it's just white man hating spiel. Which rich white man was Ferdinand Marcos, who embezzled all the foreign aid and crippled filipino economic growth? Which rich white men are running the class system in the philippines and continuing to embezzle money from their brothers and sisters? Did you just write those "hot takes" so you could rage at them? That last one is a literal hook into plugging your own content, and btw you do absolutely no credit to yourself casting aspersion on other financial advisors so you can prop yours up.

    a Filipino.

  • I envy my cousins on my dad's side. They have reliable and supportive parents. Parents who are emotionally, mentally, and financially prepared before getting married. Their kids didn't have to borrow money to support their studies. While my parents left that responsibility to me and my siblings.

  • Utang Na Loob is abusive. Parents hide behind it with their greed and bad behavior. It needs to end.

  • All those things read out are true, and I'm filpino

  • Why are my filipino kababayans so prone to stealing money from one another?

  • 5:25 Yes and they wanted me to financially support their broke ass. NOPE. NOT ME!

  • Yes, because the majority of you would rather have the latest iPhone than buy bread or condoms.

  • Why Filipinos are so hypocrite?

  • Filipino mentality and educational system is geared towards producing good workers and staff. Little emphasis is put on entrepreneurship, finance and investment. It's centered about how do you be the excellent employee. It's a combination of circumstance, environment and upbringing. And yes, it's hard to think about savings which is really disposable income when you're surviving and living paycheck to paycheck. It would also help if we practiced family planning and birth control and not pop out babies like a vending machine that trap us into that cycle. It's part of living within one's means. There's also the prevailing come what may, cest la vie, bahala na and God will provide attitude. If you look at the median income for Asians in the US, Filipinos are at the bottom half below Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Thai and Indonesians. Those households have more disposable income and less children. Re the bag incident… There is a bit of truth to that. If you want to find the largest collection of Louis Vuitton or designer this and that just go to a Filipino party, fiesta, filam gathering or even go to the Philippines. If it's not a designer bag it's some car or souped up this. 8 people to a house and several jacked cars. There's a preoccupation with keeping up with the Joneses. I even see this every Sunday at church.

  • Financial Hype Women? What does that even mean? I didn’t learn a damn thing except how to play a victim

  • FilipinX in the description? 😂 what a joke

  • Filipinos save money to build their own house's that's why they don't have morgage, so I really don't agree with you . We're 10 children in our family and 8 have Bachelors degree thanks for our parents saving money so we can have education .l know the reason why they are not that worried about their retirement plans because it's not really in our culture to send our parents to those very expensive retirement homes when they get old.We Love 💕 them so much that we want to to be with them till their golden years .

  • And not all Filipinos don't know how to save money ,on the von

  • I tell you what Berna , you know why a lot of Filipinos are educated because our parents always saving money for our education .Our parents are also not worried about their retirement because they know that we love 💕 them and won't kick them out to go to nursing homes just because they are old
    .We take care of our parents.That is one thing about our culture we are very grateful for all their sacrifices

  • As a filipino kid, thank you for letting me know what to do when i grow up.

  • I can totally understand why every take makes you livid. They hurt so much and what's worse is that, if not for the statements being so generalized, they aren't entirely wrong either in my opinion. As I grew older, I've also developed a strong dislike for privileged people, especially when they are white. They got lucky mostly because their ancestors were bullies who took over nations that were not supposed to be theirs. There is always that air of superiority and entitlement from them, sometimes they don't even realize it. Eek!

  • Ur pretty..r u mixed w black?

  • some filipinos don't have the time to learn financial literacy when they live pay check to pay check (10-11usd per day) and get freakin stuck in traffic for 2-3 hrs and just pass out at home and do it again and again.

    i do hate the system. it can be better.

  • I don’t accept that all Filipino parents are not thinking about their retirement. And do know how to save money.

  • Take all of Warren Buffet's money away and drop him into the province in a nipa hut and a family of five and see how well he manages the money he makes by working the fields on a farm he doesn't own. Not so easy now is it Mr trust fund…

    On the story about the maid spending her Christmas bonus…I'm guessing she sends EVERY dime she makes back home and NEVER buys herself something nice as a reward of 16 hour days being on call 24/7. She gets a surprising bonus and sends a balikbayan box home full of chocolate, toys, shoes and instant coffee, then rewards herself for the first time in a long time with a nice purse she can show off to her friends that she MAY see during her one day off a week.

    P.S. All of us white guys aren't bad 😀

  • The only Filipinos I know are my family, extended family, and all the in laws so this ‘bad with money’ stuff is strange to me.

  • Filipinos have money? lol. nice video.

  • Hit close to home I can relate since I'm being forced to go abroad and I know why. More content like this please

  • Love the message Berna! Well done!

  • This is the content we need!!
    I'm generous towards my family but I don't tell anyone in my family (except my spouse) how much I make. I never advertise any promotions or bonuses I get. While my titas flex with their new LVs, all of my "fancy stuff" is secondhand or were gifts. Frugality over flexing. I love saving and investing my money. Pay yourself first and don't let other people drag you into bad financial situations out of guilt.

  • Most Older Filipino has that mentality, they take care of their kids so their kids can take care of them in the future. They think of their kids as an investment or retirement — sad but true. Most Filipino Culture from the old ways are really toxic and messed up culture. I train my kids away from these bad things.

  • What dislike most is being the family that “came up” but also financially stuck cause the parent that “made it” has no boundaries and keep sending money back to their parents (ie. The grandparents) who are technically financially set at this point. It breeds resentment on the grand children. My mother seemed to care more about her parents adult children that she did for her own.🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Poor know how to budget 540 pesos and eat 3 times a day

  • My father, who's a retiree, would scold me whenever I failed job interviews. So, when I finally got a job, ONCE A WEEK, he would ask me to lend him $100 for "groceries." (aka alcohol and cigarettes). Then, when the government would pay him, he pays me back, but instead of 5 $20s, which is what I always gave him, he would give me $100 in $5s and $10s. It got to a point where enough was enough, so I stopped lending money. I lost more money on him than myself.

  • LOL! How can Filipinos save money when they're underpaid? That's like choosing between to starve now or invest, and more likely, starve later.

  • Killed it Ate Berna!!!

  • I enjoyed this very much!❤️



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