Filipino Street Food in Bacolod!! CHICKEN INASAL + Ultimate BBQ Tour in Philippines!

 Filipino Street Food in Bacolod!! CHICKEN INASAL + Ultimate BBQ Tour in Philippines!

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BACOLOD, PHILIPPINES – Welcome to Bacolod, one of the food capitals of the Philippines! They are known for a few speciality foods, but probably the most famous, and a food youโ€™ll find all over the Philippines is chicken inasal – a unique style of barbecue chicken! Today weโ€™re going on an ultimate bbq tour in Bacolod, and weโ€™re going to uncover the secret as to why itโ€™s so good!

The Bacolod Food Hunters ( – Huge thank you to Martin and the team from The Bacolod Food Hunters for taking me around in Bacolod and for showing me some of the best places to eat bbq!

Here are the locations and the places we ate in this video:

Aida’s Chicken ( – Weโ€™re starting at Manokan Country, probably the most famous place in Bacolod for chicken inasal, and itโ€™s really so incredibly iconic. There are a few dozen places to choose from, but Martin recommended Aidaโ€™s as one of the local favorites. We were lucky to get into the kitchen to see the grilling action, and itโ€™s some of the most exciting grill action youโ€™ll see! One of the secrets of chicken inasal, along with all the marinade, is the continual basting of chicken oil and anatto as its being grilled. This keeps the chicken juicy and moist, and when you eat it, you eat more chicken oil in the rice.
Total price – 687 PHP ($12.53) for everything.

Chai Rose Barbecue ( – To continue this Filipino food tour we went to another legendary bbq spot on Bacolod known as Chai Rose Barbecue. They have insasal as well, but their speciality is pork bbq skewers. The taste is sweet and salty and it goes great along with chicken oil rice as well.

Silay City BBQ – We continued on to a small Filipino barbecue stall under a tree in Silay City. The family was so friendly and welcoming, and they have the full bbq spread of about 20 different skewers to choose from. The bbq was hot and delicious and especially good with Auntyโ€™s homemade chili vinegar.
Total price – 170 PHP ($3.10)

Man Plaza – Finally to complete this Filipino street food tour of barbecue and inasal in Bacolod we went to one more legendary place – a place thatโ€™s frequented by local students in the area – Man Plaza. Itโ€™s an entire bbq plaza all under one roof with about a dozen stalls to choose from. We chose a place called Royamโ€™s. Expect plenty of smoke and friendly people!

And that completes this ultimate Philippines barbecue inasal tour in Bacolod, one of the worldโ€™s greatest grilled chicken recipes!





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