FILIPINO CULTURE IS FUNNY! What’s Different About The Philippines?

 FILIPINO CULTURE IS FUNNY!  What’s Different About The Philippines?

Filipino Culture is funny – that’s a fact! But what’s different about the Philippines? Well everyone knows it’s more fun in the Philippines, so join me on this exploration of the wacky things about filipino culture, as we look at some random things you’re bound to notice if you retire in the Philippines, or even just visit short term. The customs, the people, and all the funny Filipino ways – you can’t help but love us!

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The Filipina Pea

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  • 👉My videos and the effort I put into them are 100% free for everyone to enjoy, and all I ask is that you leave a thumbs-up on any videos that you like and subscribe to my channel – I have never, and will never, ask you for anything else. For those of you that still wish to support my channel further, however, I’ve posted my links below. Thanks!
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  • I really love your channel. It's preparing me for when I come to the Philippines to see my special Filipina that my aunt introduced me to. My Filipina aunt married my uncle. But anyway good job.

  • Iam excited to come visit the Philippines, perhaps even get married, before retirement in Philippines or USA

  • Planning to move also there

  • They ship the toys to major distribution hubs, then out to lesser distribution hubs, then to their final retail (or warehousing) destination. So that toy will pass PI, only to have to be shipped right back to PI, often using a more expensive shipping company than the Chinese use. Same thing happens (to a certain extent) with fuel in Hawaii.🤦‍♂

    Cultural differences make life more fun! Thanks for sharing some of yours, Miss Pea!

  • @2:25 It's because economy of scale in shipping. There is 1-2 shipping container leaving from China to US every few days. So to ship something pre-covid, 1 shipping container cost was around 4k. However to ship something from China to Philippines. There aren't that many cargo ships going from China to Philippines.

    Then even if you can secure a cheep shipping from China to Philippines, you most likely don't have enough demand to fill an entire shipping container. So instead of the factory shipping 1 shipping container of the exact same thing, you now have the factory shipping their stuff to a depot/terminal. That depot/terminal grabs a bunch of things that need to go Philippines into one shipping container. Which adds cost to the final product.

    Since there are many cargo ships going from China to USA and Philippines to USA. I know it's sad but many times, it's just cheaper to export to USA then export to Philippines due to pricing in shipping cost.

  • The difference in prices is probably due to economy of scale – I'm sure China delivers MILLIONS of products to the US on a single boat, whereas the Philippines is only maybe 100,000 or a million .. those are not real numbers I'm sure , but you get my drift .. there may also be trade agreements or import taxes ..

  • Some mauling is better than others! 😜

  • import tax is the reason for prices. The product and origin and amount is what goes into inventing that tax I think.

    I think the biggest culture shock I had was the casual mixing of moving vehicles and pedestrians xD
    Our driver in baguio would like follow people up hill practically kissing their butts. And I don't see a single soul even the slightest bit concerned hahaha.
    The road in general is so wildly different.

    Why doesn't my gf have this radar? I was the one hyper aware of all the things all over lol. Awh I answered my question…

  • I myself. Am a good grandfather Being from the west and not having grandchildren from there, I spoil my grandchildren from my wife. Last Christmas is the first time i really celebrated Christmas in a long time. Since it was my first Christmas in the Philippine's I went and got both my grandkids from her son a new 12 speed mountain bike, because of the way the roads are. And for my granddaughter from my wife daughter, I got her a toy she wanted. Next year I will have them make out a list that Santa Claus can choose from. O I was dressed like Santa Claus. And I still have the suit, so i can dress like that every Christmas.

  • I love your videos. You are very funny too pea

  • Pea, every video you create is so good, funny, informative. I wish one day I could meet you in person and spend a quality afternoon!

  • @Pea let’s see that sixth grade ID please 🙏🏼

    Because, you still don’t look old enough to buy alcohol. lol

  • You’re too funny. Ready to start my day now

  • You are hilarious!

  • " But when I have a kid…..I'm gonna teach him to play outside ". This is why I listen/look at YOUR Channel, Ms. Pea
    Tks. much.

  • Alcoholism is draconian disaster in the PH. to cheap , unbelievable, funny and strange german beer is cheaper then local San Miguel

  • Will I be able to buy toys from the states or through a catalog?
    And how about laundromats in the Philly's?

  • 🤣🤣 Yes Mam it will be a culture shock for many especially when they will Lego their Labut so it's not Bahoo Napood 🤣🤣🤣 my kids love to tease me about my first time 😜 😏 😉

  • I've always wanted to visit the Philippines. The Filipino people I know here in America are always such awesome people

  • I love the culture, it helps the outside world to see just how simple life and the things in life are. Granted prices are much higher for luxuries than in the US, the point is you can eat, enjoy the outdoors, get what you need at the store in a very simple way. Behaviors are more conservative in that they aren’t flashy and wealthy types, they are there for each other in a heartbeat, neighbors will feed you, it’s the definition of a true community who doesn’t have a rich economy but rich in love and hospitality and great fullness

  • Hi Pea. I am from the US, but I have worked security before. If it's anything like the US, the simple truth is that there is simply not enough female officers to go around. That's it.

  • The first one makes sense. Men have small pockets. Women have large purses. Makes sense to segregate. Then when the woman is done being inspected her man is sitting there waiting for her.

  • Thank you Pea!

  • 1…The reason woman are searched more is because of past terrorist acts where women were the bomb carriers….at least that is what I have read. 2 The reason the toys cost more is because they sell less….economy of scale….the more toys that are sold the less they cost.

  • As long as you have enough money ?you’ll be ok As long as you travel about and check out the culchure and the food ,most people are really nice,you still have a bad apple ,now and then

  • Did you make a video for the maid housekeeper? I think that I'm almost halfway through your videos, but I haven't seen it yet and some of your interviews have been watched backwards and twice. Does all Philippines have a Driver's license? Something like that would be important to me for getting the bills paid and groceries home.

  • I would buy a dryer only. That way clothes can get dry quickly. Could charge for friends or neighbors if they use it.

  • Cut off my jib?
    But i like the cut of my jib.

  • So not so touchy feely?
    I had a filipina friend(female)at work i used to joke and play around with.
    One day when we were walking down the hall she just reaches over and starts holding my hand.
    I was talking to another filipina friend and asked her what was up with that because she had rebuffed my offers for a date after this went on for a few days.
    She told me thats a common thing in the Philippines. Boy/boy, girl/boy, girl/girl…it was not necessarily romantic.

  • Toys LOL.. I found that Amazon and Etsy to be much cheaper..I got all this years xmas /gifts from either media.. (true story)

  • I noticed that common sense is often lacking.

  • Got it!

  • Hi there! I enjoy your videos ; I watch them from time to time. Even though I am not planning to live there . I enjoy the info. I had purchased a Home in Antigua Guatemala , people are nice and humble like Filipinos.

  • What's funny about Pinas culture and make fun of it and by the way are you a fiiiplno then have some sense and appreciate everything pinoys not mock your pinas

  • love the skits at the end, especially the pirate. Your funnier than most modern American comics for certain.

  • Sime of the price difference is explained by VAT taxes. Non-essentails, luxury and highly manufactured items carry far more tax.

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