Latest Travel Guide to the Philippines
✨ For Filipinos (Filipino): https://youtu.be/_6Yz94txccI
✨ For Balikbayans (Former Filipinos and their Families): https://youtu.be/_oNIVJGgCQw
✨ For Foreign Nationals: https://youtu.be/InQ4Nl3U9QA

🔴 All passengers bound for the Philippines must register to E-TRAVEL: https://etravel.gov.ph/
Tutorial Guide for E-TRAVEL (ENGLISH): https://youtu.be/B2KVcXNjuz8
Tutorial Guide for E-TRAVEL (FILIPINO): https://youtu.be/u97LaFncm4g

Source of Info: https://iatf.doh.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/IATF-Resolution-No.-2-Oct.-4-2022.pdf

Philippine Exit Requirements for Foreign Tourists, Balikbayans, Duals, and Filipino Residents Abroad: https://youtu.be/Qb9bm73yQDY

👉🏽Filipino Tourists departing the Philippines may be required by Philippine Immigration to secure travel medical insurance. For this, you may check out Safetywing: https://www.safetywing.com/a/24818256

👉🏽Foreign Tourists, except those covered by Balikbayan Privilege, may be required by airlines and immigration to show an exit ticket. You may rent a ticket here to satisfy this requirement for just $14: https://onwardticket.com/jennifer

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Want to stay longer than 30 days? It’s easy!: https://youtu.be/FONR9zBwYUI First extension Quick Process: https://youtu.be/aIZSgCGxmBs

💰SENDING MONEY TO THE PHILIPPINES? This is what I personally use for quick transfers: https://www.worldremit.com/en/r/JENNIFERTERRIH1 The first transfer is FREE plus you get a $10 voucher!

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Jennifer Terri

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  • This is the platform https://etravel.gov.ph/ currently it only covers arrivals. However, once it includes departures, we'll explore it together.
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  • Just departed Philippines may 11 no etravel needed

  • Thanks for the video Jennifer. I've travelled to many countries across the globe. Philippines I always felt had too much red tape! Every country should be vigilant on those arriving but, departing for foreign nationals?

    I am British, before I would turn up at the airport, ignore all those fees you guys have to queue for and pay, get my passport checked and wait for my plane. Now I feel I got to justify my leaving, very peculiar. But then, some officials have always been like this.

    2016, there with my husband, well, fiancé then heading off to HK for a few days. Official at the airport demanded to know where was I going after Hong Kong? I told her I was returning to the Philippines and she wanted to know why?! I said, to spend more time with family so she wanted to know who's family! Eventually she accepted my explanation and then wanted to know when I intended to leave the Philippines? I'll be honest, I did make a comment to her like she wasn't making me feel like I was welcome there, giving her country a bad name. I showed her my return ticket and she was satisfied. I honestly don't think I look like a person trying to mess up the system.

    When my fiancé came to the UK in 2017 for our wedding (because you guys are still in the dark ages on same sex relationships), he'd asked all the questions and thought he had all the paperwork but no, they offboarded him and made him go speak to someone about human trafficking! He was a respected teacher over there and they treated him like he was an idiot! Cost a lot of money to pay for a new flight too.

    Now, he's a British citizen too and we have to justify why we are coming home I guess! It's crazy. At least he doesn't have to pay exit fees any more!

  • Do I have to make new QR codes again for each departure/ arrival from and to the Philippines?
    The personal info and vaccination details are just the same.
    Or do I have to make new QR codes again for each departure/ arrival to and from the Philippines?
    BTW, ours is probably the only country that requires arrival forms for its own citizens.

  • Those ridiculous forms you had to fill in to LEAVE and that no one ever looked at. What’s the purpose?!. I think that PH is one of few countries that has things to fill in without knowing why

  • Thanks for your effort to update all of these stuff!

  • Another mumbo jumbo requirement for travelers exiting the Philippines.😂

  • under development and third world countries are like this

  • Very important and informative info you provided. Thanks.

  • That is too much brouhaha and too legalistic in many ways

  • Need pa ba ng travel insurance going to Philippines?

  • I'm going to be travelling to Philippines soon an I was told I'd need a visa to travel to the Philippines an also will I need to have e travel pass as well to go the Philippines don't know what to do can you help me thanks Rick

  • Thanks Jennifer!

  • jennifer is there any changes in the arrival requirements?

  • Does an American vaccine card work for proof at the terminal?

  • Why man nga mag fill out paman ka ug manual paper E arrival nga nia naman nang E travel QR code😁doble2 man ni oi

  • I am a foreigner before i did not feel out any papers if i leave the philippines just only show passport

  • Only in the Ph🤮

  • Sakit naman sa bhangz nyan..😢😢pag punta ng pinas at pag alis na pinas kakainis ah..nakaka stress ah kung ano ano na lng maisip😆😆tapos sa mga unvaxxed kailangan pa ng covid test ang mahal pa naman ng bayad dito sa ibang bansa imbes na pang bili na lng ng pasalubong sa pamilya napunta pa sa test😏😏😏

  • Hi Jennifer ! Do children ages 8 & 9 years old have to apply for this E-travel Card ? My son and his 2 children will be travelling with me before the end of the month.

  • What about dual citizens with both a Philippine and a foreign passport? The website only have 2 options to register with: 1. philippine passport and 2. foreign passport

  • They can always put red flag to her name in that country by checking them after doing limited stay. Rather than not wasting hard earned money saved by Filipino travels who want to see the world on a limited budget. So what if they don’t have that much? What more important is that the IO has proven enough that the traveler isn’t going to human trafficking business.

  • Good. Day. SI. Francisco. Antonio. Ramirez. Garcia. Pag. Aaralan. Kong. Mabuti. Yung. Online. Departure. Na. Kapalit. Ng. Dating. Departure. Card. Na. Iniisyu. Ng. Bureau. Of. Immigration. Para. Wala. Akong. Problema. Sa. Departure. Ko. Kapag. Oras. Ng. Flight. Ko. Maraming. Salamat

  • Have a safe , nice Easter , thank you 😊

  • Is this only for Philippine Citizen with Philippine passport not with Foreign passport?

  • Sa April 13 po flight nmin back to Us need n po ba mag register ng departure card since sa April 15 p implementation?Thanks po sa sasagot in advance?

  • I can't believe the Philippines is going to require foreign international passengers to go online and fill out another e travel form for departure. I travel to the Philippines every 3 or 4 months but I won't be coming anymore. Wake up guys, you are destroying the tourist industry !

  • Only in the phillipines too problem in another country only passports and tickets but in the phillipines too much crocodile in the airport mostly in BI

  • hi Jennifer. ask ko lang. every time ba na magba bakasyon ng pinas need mag etravel?

  • Pucha magtsgalog ka

  • Noong ticket at passport ok na wala yan dto ang gulo talaga.

  • Bakit papahirapan ninyo ang mga pilipino na mag uwi sa sariling bansa.wala na ba kayong magagawa.sana bigyan ninyo ng pansin ang kahirapan sa pinas.ang gulo ninyo mahilig maggawa ng problema. Alam ba ninyo na ito ang makapigil sa amin pag uwi dyan sa.bansa .

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