Does a man have to support his filipinas family? Loyalty to her family, and Utang Na Loog (which is the tradition of Filipinos supporting their parents), are issues that can create a feeling of ‘husband vs family’. A Filipina giving money to her family is extremely common, but is it something you’re willing to accept? Is giving money to the family right for you?

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The Filipina Pea

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  • 👉My videos and the effort I put into them are 100% free for everyone to enjoy, and all I ask is that you leave a thumbs-up on any videos that you like and subscribe to my channel – I have never, and will never, ask you for anything else. For those of you that still wish to support my channel further, however, I’ve posted my links below. Thanks!
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  • Pea! Thank you for your bravery! I cannot imagine how it may have felt at first to post this knowing you would get some backlash. I appreciate this information. No one deserves to be under all that pressure! Maraming Salamat po!

  • Your testimony is golden and should be watched by every Filipina who's with a foreigner.

  • I am SA and married 5 years to Filipina. We only assist financially for medical emergencies. When family asks for money my wife tells them she does not work and the money is her husband money. End of the story😮

  • Pea, does the Philippines have a social security system for the elderly retirees? That may be a way to remove them from the equation of expectation that the children take care of them.

  • The more I give, the less they appreciate it. Sila pa yung nagagalit if I don’t give them more. Nakakainis na, pero naaawa ako sa kanila.

  • Do not be a prostitute and her phil family the pimp!

  • Dear Miss Pia,

    As you described it, I haven't seen this yet because of the family provision. I am preparing for a journey in her

    Country ago because I was very lonely to find a woman.

    Because the European woman is too complicated and absolutely arrogant.

    Unlike you beautiful women from the Philippines, you still have values in your heart.

    Since I practice martial arts for a living from the Philippines and have to take a break for professional reasons at the moment. I am aware of the family provision, but I didn't think that this would have such a big impact, but for my future wife and hers Unfortunately, I only have a certain budget planned for my family, since I come from a poor background and am still in the process of building a company for the security, I have become very careful with the money. So I have to be very tough on her if she spends more than she has. I know the stories like o'clock grandma died, need money for the funeral, or aunt is in the hospital while she's in the casino and moving house and yard. So my future wife will have to make a decision. Either She is very strong to end this deception or She comes from Me out of obedience to the greedy Fqamily. However, for the honest family of the bride, I will do what I can to take care of them, at least the parents, but if necessary I will also support my bride and to save her face and to clarify the evil wise man game for the family. as long as she is honest with me and the children.

    Until the 2000s, the custom of bride money (dowry) was still standard here in rural Germany and it was legal in court.

    Or what do you think?

  • I had a filipina gf in the Middle East. Her cousin was in the same country, along with her husband and 2 kids. Both were working. Despute the double income, they were always seeking "loans" from my childless and parentless gf, and of fourse those loans were NEVER paid back. I kept my mouth shut about it all, but when they "borrowed" from her to pay their kids' tuition fees at private school, an entirely predictable and known expense with a known cost, I couldn't keep quiet any longer to my gf. She didnt realise that her own cousin was just treating her as an ATM, and wouldn't or couldn't see it.
    The absolute zenith was not long after that when the cousin had a third child. The fact they couldn't even properly support the 2 kids they had didnt seem to enter into their heads. Shes still "loaning" money to them even now.

  • Parents support children, not the other way around.

  • I was a " Juicy Girl" when I met my husband in S. Korea. Went to school & received my Masters Degree. My husband & I make 6 figures. We helped my family; in one condition: They have to finish college".
    We helped them because we have more than enough. Be KIND and Generous when you can.

  • Good Video

  • I am happy you brought this topic up, analyzed and discussed it, and to know there is an actual a word for it. This seems to be common in southeast Asia, even with Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Maybe I got lucky but my girlfriend of 19 months has only asked me for a total of 150 us dollars. For plane tickets and a hotel in an emergency. That being said, I have sent her probably 1300 dollars. I pay for the Video Calls, phone data not free and we spend a lot of time together. But often she refuses my help, determined to stand on her own.

    Also she is one of 13 children and has a child of her own so its not like she has nobody that could use the money.

  • Pea, a small correction on Western attitudes towards parents. It is often the case that children take care of their parents towards the end of their lives. It usually has less to do with financial support and more often to do with taking care of them as they become less able to to take care of themselves. One parent might pass away, and the other then comes to live with one of their children and their family. Western children are not told they have to. They learn from example and tradition. It is often simply what families do. For example, my grandfather took in my great grandmother when my great grandfather passed away. She was unable to live on her own. My father took in my grandmother when my grandfather passed away. She was also unable to live on her own. I just spent the last few years taking care of my father until he passed away. He had reached a point where he couldn’t live on his own. The difference seems, as you said, that western parents support their children for as long as they need support. The children go on to live their lives free of obligation. The only time they take care of their parents is if the parents are unable to care for themselves at the end of their lives. I should also note this is a generational notion. Baby boomers are more likely to feel obligated to care for parents at the end, than millennials, gen z or zoomers. Sadly this has happened in large part due to the slow erosion of the nuclear family in the west.

  • I would say that this isn’t the only, but one of the reasons why the Filipina I was speaking to, her and Istopped dating. Our relationship was through chatting online. But once I found out about this, her and I were fighting constantly. It’s true Americans believe we have to work for what we want. I’m not taking care of your whole family that sitting around doing absolutely nothing and barking orders, the nerve. I have wealth because I worked for it, not because somebody gave it to me. The only thing I was given, was an opportunity. I was given stuff as a child, most of my life. I didn’t appreciate what was given, but what I worked for. You couldn’t tell me anything, I was the man. The feeling of having made money from the sweat of my brow and my own labor. That in itself was spectacular. Just like it’s put into Filipinos/Filipinas head as kids to take care of their family. It’s put into American kids heads, you need to work for what you want in life. I’ve watched your street interviews along with other Filipinos/filipinos asking questions about foreigners. What are the questions that come up when asked, do you think foreigners are rich. The only reason why people think we’re rich is because we work for what we want (self discipline). I’m 44 years old and my kids are grown. My youngest is 18 years old. My oldest is 21. And I don’t beg them for nothing. If they want to contribute to the bills, fine. But it’s not a requirement as of right now. They are still trying to figure out what they’re going to do to take care of themselves for the rest of their lives. If they have steady jobs, I make them pay for their personal phone bill that I pay for, Other than that, I pay everything else. Most of the time they buy their own food. I think the Philippines could learn from the way Americans operate. Because of this current problem in the Philippines. I’m not sure if I will marry one simply because I refuse to adopt leeches.

  • It’s too late for some of us unless we want to get a divorce and destroy another family with a super toxic mentality.

  • I’ve said it before…I simply love your rational mind. You not only addressed the varied facets of the micro issues, but you addressed the macro view and presented a solution because you had properly conceptualized the underlying problem. This is an example of why I think of you as the “Empress of the East”. You are highly intelligent because you know how to think. You have wisdom because you observe carefully and properly dissect, simplify, and codify information, and you are then able to generalize to other scenarios and find efficient ways of applying that knowledge. That is true intelligence. It is so refreshing to hear this from someone, as too many think that the mere quantity of information they can remember and spout is somehow smart (memorization and regurgitation). This is the downfall of any civilization, as it then becomes a matter of being told what to think rather than how to think…and of course, the result is the widespread belief in propaganda. Your ability to critically reason sets you apart from the norm…and for your viewers…that is a good thing. I love your videos, not just for the valuable information delivered in a highly digestible format (humor infused coupled with youthful enthusiasm and energy), but for the provided solid rationales. You provide a beacon of hope for the western male, as you are so reasonable. You reflect well on your country and your sister Filipinas. I am sure many a western man has seen your videos and had been given reason to search the Philippines for a loving mate. I know you are way above the mean on the bell curve of intelligence just through the concision and precision of your talking points, even though I know that a lot of it is due to your thorough preparation and hard work. Still, even that takes foresight. I don’t wish to come off as, what is commonly referred to as, “a simp”. I just wish to encourage you to continue your work here on YouTube, and to let you know how appreciated you are. I am so glad your subscription levels have increased so much. I am sure you will continue with your success because you offer quality content which is so highly entertaining.

    I hope you thoroughly enjoy the rest of your stay in the US. Even though we have extreme division here, they are the outliers of the bell curve. The bulk of us simply wish to enjoy time with family and friends, and to continue preparing for life, or simply living our lives, unimpeded by a shortsighted government in bed with the mainstream media, both of whom pander to the unreasonable, loud, extreme, and obnoxious few.

  • Very good video. Ha ha. Utoong na laoob. I am woman from the philippines but raised in the US. I refuse to function as a human atm for relatives. I have worked hard for my retirement nest egg… i expect relatives to work hard for theirs

  • Sounds like the parents are BRAIN-WASHING their children! Tho I do not feel it is right for children to not be there for their mother and father when they are able to do so!

  • I Love you and all your videos! Smartest girl ever <3

  • Imagine escaping a Western woman, just to be pressured into becoming a cash cow for an entire Philippine family that will never be satisfied. No, thank you. I'll stay single and just hire maids to ensure my household runs smoothly for me.

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