DIFFERENCE between Filipino women and Western women | Filipino Culture

 DIFFERENCE between Filipino women and Western women | Filipino Culture

Yes, we can choose the people we want to date but being rude to people just because we don’t want to date them is a trashy attitude! I hope Filipinos will never develop this kind of attitude.

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  • 😬 [lol I should have watched this video before posting the comment on the previous video] [insert giggle] 🫰

  • If filipino women are so tradicional, so what they think, in your opinion, of people who don't believe in any god? Even UFO 😉

  • I'm 52 and was talking to a 23-year old guy yesterday about women mistreating men. In both of our generations, women seem to enjoy being brutal to men they're not interested in. Nothing has changed. I told him to look up "Passport Bros."

  • There's a difference between being straight forward and being rude. If you don't like someone it's perfectly normal, having to put someone down to boost your own ego isn't. This has become pretty common in the west. It's really not about equality here, they want dominance. They can have that attitude if they wish, but from what I've seen it only works when they are still young. When they get 35 to 40 their attitude may change, but by that time the guys they want are already taken or will find himself a younger prettier woman. A normal man will spend his early years building himself, a woman will chase the fun. Most men don't want a woman that partied and has a high body count, at least when it comes to marriage. They have been sold this idea on TV, movies and social media, but at some point the looks fade and they no longer become visible to a quality man

  • I've never been asked out by an American woman and I don't know any friends that have either but I wouldn't mind

  • I think a better word to compare western vs Filipina women is worldly instead of maturity

  • Tampo happens here.
    In fact about 20 years ago I think I dated the tampo queen. it went way past door slamming. if she was mad, she would call police and make up a fake story, she herself got arrested for making false police report. she would also pick up rocks in the parking lot of my office and dent and smash my car. my co-workers would say hey she is at it again. I would have to go out and calm her down.
    I tried many times to break up, but she was so tampo that I was afraid of what she might do. I finally had to move away, lol. was very embarrassing.20 years later she found me on Facebook and said she was very sorry. I didn't want to talk to her, so I view her profile and saw how unhappy her husband's face looked in the profile. then just delete my fb for now. I'm not a coward but she is not fragile like a flower, she was fragile like a bomb,🤪very dangerous.

  • Please do not become like western women like to ones you watch in movies. They are definitely not good role models. Just keep being feminine. One day western women won't be able to find a Man

  • Don't be afraid to say something offensive to western women. It's called freedom of speech. They also say whatever they want about you

  • In the Philippines, there is no big daddy government bailing the girls out for their bad decisions like there is in the USA.

  • Don't tale "reality show" to account. There are usually actors there in western countries. Yes, people here sometimes do things like you described, but not all. That is not a part of a culture. Our "reality shows" usually take some tipical situations and increase them to the top, showing really more than it really is. It's the show. But I agree that western women usually have more material oriented values. And that is not good. I met a lot of girls who wanted to be with me when I had a lot of money and very few who stayed when I was broke.

  • you were spot on about western woman ,,, I stopped dating 5 years ago and just started talking to a filipino lady ,,, and I mean a real lady …….. its so refreshing

  • When westerners marry each other it is still often two individuals, let's say two Kobe Bryant's on the same team. When a westerner marrys a Filipina it's more Like Jordan and Pippen, working together for a common goal. I believe this is reflected in the divorce statistics

  • You got a lot of things right but others wrong. You cannot judge women from seeing the pure western propaganda in TV or Netflix. Also, American women are far worse than the other western women, who are in between you and them. Just avoid the cities in the west like you avoid them in Philippines. Remember, western propaganda wants to dominate everyone including your country and try to expand their corruption. One way to corrupt you is f3minism, so TVs never stop to show the "I don't need no man" "strong, independent women" and they really pick the worst and more hideous they can find to play the role.

  • Filipina woman it’s the most beautiful and the most humble and the most smiling laughing in this world I give number one to the beautiful 7641 islands in Philippine. And most majority of the Filipino people they are very very nice and respectable compared to the other culture or country’s

  • Fifty fifty

  • Distance is the biggest obstacle in either direction .

  • I like your comments on loyalty.

  • Do not be worried about getting negative feedback from western women! That is the reaction they have to anything that contradicts their ego! They now consider you to be the reason for their unwillingness to keep men. Laugh at the mistake of the foolish. They don't want your men either. I wonder what type of man they deserve?

  • I just wish my generation was normal

  • It,s the athiest seculars who shack up together as fornicators…
    The true Catholics and even protestants do not do this.
    For a real Catholic marriage is one of the 7 sacraments.
    There is not other union outside of that we recognise..

  • Western wemon, Bail on any advance they see , They hit the wall and wine alone , Many have had good men , Now they are cat ladies, No one will have them , Monkey branched there selves in to a government hud home petting there cats , They have many good men!!!!

  • I am a older American, with LOTS of experience with western women, I was in 5 different relationships in USA, with 2 children from one of them. Anyway, they lasted less the 5 years at the max. They were liberated western goals type women, most very educated with some retrieving now with over a million dollars. So lets say I have experience with western women for over 40 years. I now have been married to a Filipino women for over 14 years, and we are as happy as we were the day we met! In all my life in USA, I met women who loved me, but never have I ever been loved as much as I am now, even after 14 years of marriage. We have lived in USA and the Philippines, now living on the Camotes islands. My wife was 29 when we met. The best thing I ever did was get on a airplane and fly to Cebu to be with my Filipino to be wife!

  • Women oversea are not more submissive it's that women in the west are just so much more masculine.

  • There's a big difference there is no need for words it speaks for itself

  • Tampo is childish and shouldn't be tolerated in any adult relationship.
    Husband comes home from work, the wife doesn't talk to him. He just did a 10 hour day and he comes home to find no dinner for him. Even though the wife cooked food that HE payed for and she had dinner, but there was nothing left for him.
    All because he accepted a FB friend request from his best friend's wife.
    That's a woman that needs to learn her place in his house or go get her own house.

  • You nailed it, why I don't want to date and why many men in the US like Filipino women, its devotion.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • You have beautiful brown skin.

  • I'm very fortunate to be a Filipino American woman. I have the best of both worlds/traits. I realize you're grossly generalizing. There are humble American women out there, you are not from here so I wouldn't expect you to understand 🤷‍♀️

  • The problem in the USA, is the reality tv shows. IMO they have influenced a very rude and unrealistic attitude.
    Many women believe they are prettier and more desirable than they are. On the scale of 1 to 10. Many 5s and 6s believe they’re a ten. And they believe they deserve a man who is actually a ten. A man who is basically a 8 or a 9 asked one of these women who are maximum a 6 on a date . Many would reject him because she thinks she deserves a 10. And these women usually end up alone.
    When I was younger in school I usually dated the prettiest girls in school. But later in life when I would ask women on the dance floor if they would like ti dance 9/10 would say no. It got to the point, because I enjoy dancing. I would just dance by myself or with other male friends. I wouldn’t ask any girls to dance. And occasionally they would come dance with me. Lol

    I’ve had female friends we’d go dancing. A guy would ask her to dance. After I’d ask her, and? What happened? Her response, oh he’s only a plumber he has his own plumbing business. I told her you got to stop looking for doctors. That plumber guy probably makes just as much as a doctor. And he seemed like a good guy.
    Many western women and I guess men have their priorities mixed up. The guys want the most beautiful woman, and the ladies want the most handsome and rich. Which ends up in divorce.
    We’re all if we live long enough. Are going to get old, wrinkled and maybe fat. Lol so you better find the old , wrinkled , chubby person who your going to be happy with till death do you part.

  • TV & movies is not the best way to form opinions about western ppl in general it's the image the producers want to project not the best image in most cases

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