Dating in the Philippines | Hook up Culture | Age Gap | How I was shocked…

 Dating in the Philippines | Hook up Culture | Age Gap | How I was shocked…

Hookup culture is a phenomenon that is prevalent in many countries around the world, including the Philippines. However, the extent and prevalence of hookup culture can vary depending on various factors such as cultural norms, societal expectations, and personal beliefs.

In the Philippines, premarital sex is still largely stigmatized and frowned upon, particularly among the older generation who hold more conservative views. However, there is a growing acceptance of casual sex and hookup culture among the younger generation, particularly those living in urban areas and who have been exposed to Western influences.

Dating apps and social media have also contributed to the rise of hookup culture in the Philippines, making it easier for people to connect with others and engage in casual sexual encounters. However, it’s important to note that hookup culture is not universally accepted or practiced by everyone in the Philippines and can vary greatly depending on the individual’s values and beliefs.

As far as age gap, In the Philippines, age gap relationships are generally accepted, but the acceptance level may vary depending on the individuals involved and the circumstances surrounding the relationship.

In Filipino culture, it is not uncommon for couples to have an age difference of 10 years or more. Older men dating younger women is also more widely accepted than older women dating younger men. However, societal expectations are changing, and more people are becoming open to the idea of age gap relationships.


Carefree Chris

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  • Chris, I think it's good that you repeated several times the Philippines is not a hookup culture.. guy's really need to understand that. But if you want beautiful traditional women with strong family values and a beautiful country to explore the Philippines is the best place. Great video Brother..

  • Chris, I wonder if there is a video where you share your background and why you stay there 4 months out of the year. You did say in your video something about staying for 4 months. I would like to know how you chose the place you live. Is that a condo complex or Airbnb? I would just like to know more if you could point out one of your videos or just make one. Thank you

  • Straight from Google Chris… The Philippines proudly boasts to be the only Christian nation in Asia. More than 86 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, 6 percent belong to various nationalized Christian cults, and another 2 percent belong to well over 100 Protestant denominations.

  • this makes a lot of sense. Countries that have "open" pay for play ie bar girls, honest woman, will produce more "good girls".

    How can that be?

    Think about it,, if a woman has the right to be a prostitute up front and men can go pay for sex at their leasure, it takes away from the forbiden" fruti effect. it also makes it understood that men will do men stuff like see multiple women at ang age. Therefore for the women who choose not to be bar girls, they are offering real companionship. The good girls appeal is loyality and companionship ..

    That is the problem we have in America. We have too many women "behaving and doing" like bar girls prostitutes but deceiving men into beliving they are good girls.. There is no sltut phase, hoe phase, i was just being wild in my youuth",,, no you are hoe and hoes get treated like hoes not good girls.. overseas..

    Thanks I am considering moving , I am struggling with staying here or leaving.. it getting pretty bad over here in the uS. we currently have the "push women to be ughly phase" and it getting bad.. I may bounce in 5 months.. thanks..

  • Are you planning to get married and have kids in the Philippines with a filipina woman??? Will you move your filipina wife and kid to the US then ? What are your plans since you are saying that it is not a hook up culture there and divorce is not legally allowed in the Philippines.

  • Good stuff. New subscriber here

  • What is the name of your building? Looks nice.

  • Hookup culture is massive in the Philippines. The ladies manipulate foreigners by pretending that they are only about ‘serious relationships only’ so they can secure you fast. Then ‘love bombing’ them.

    If you are firm and say that you don’t want a commitment relationship you will find that they will still sleep with you and will be pushy about it. They just hide it all unlike the openness of the west. Any Filipina behind closed doors is a very sexual person. They are much better women than western women in many aspects though for sure. But they definitely are more comfortable with telling very destructive lies.

  • Just subscribed. Caught your interview with Mike's of PI.

  • Good content 👍

  • Cebu as is most of Philippines……earthquake and volcano central and you making me nervous up on that rooftop. ha ha. Great content !

  • I disagree there is a huge casual dating scene in the philippines. Just go into any bar, tinder, you will be off to the races pretty fast, etc….

  • Hi Chris, a Filipina here. I truly appreciate how you depict us as a culture of people with values. I love how you have presented our country and somehow you have also changed my perspective about US guys, I meant that as a compliment. Good luck with your stay here in our beautiful country, it's not perfect but it's home for most of us Filipinos.

  • If you want possible hookups my buddies done some research because he's planning to move to Philippines if you're looking for hookups go to Tender they have women there that don't mind

  • There's an extreme amount of pressure on teenage girls to not be virgins in my opinion in America..

    I felt extreme pressure and even ridicule as a young teenage virgin.

  • "I feel its wrong to date a 20 years old girl". Hmmhm something doesnt add up here: you went to the PH for what then, to study history?

  • Thank you! Chris for elaborating my country is not a hook up culture, because a lot of Western Guys describe it, i live in Canada (a multicultural country but most of them they think we are always a Nanny) Please shout out to all that think this way.

  • Im not into casual sex, even when I was young. I am a one woman at a time man and I kind of need a woman to stay in the best health because I dont eat and exercise well, drink too much etc when I am alone. I was married to a good filapina from Cebu for 24 years who is a RN. We just grew apart and wanted different things but still good friends and help each out. I have been single now 4 years, dated a little but nothing serious. Currently chatting a 33 yr old (im 56) and she is very mature for her age. I have never dated a younger woman, mainly because they all want a baby and Im past that. She is a OFW in Saudi Arabi and we video chat 2 times per day. We will meet in Cebu in August and then on to Butuan City where she is from. She was the one to tell me upfront that she does not want a baby, which is totally different then the man saying it first. She said she had a daughter when she was young at age 17 and it made her life hard. Being around the filapino culture for 30 years and knowing hundreds of married couples and thousands of filapina that I work with as a RN I feel I have a leg up compared to most men going to philippines.

  • Man, you look so relaxed. Thanks for the info.
    What do you do for a living ?

  • I am so impressed on how dignified person you are for thinking that dating a very very much younger girl than you’re is not right thing to do. Sometimes, I wanna poke seeing these very old men having intimate relationships with young Filipino girls who as young as their daughters and even grandchildren. Its very disgusting and embarrassing….so disappointed!

  • I'll definitely take it slow with a fillipina. Like you said, picking the right partner is so crucial for a happy relationship.

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