Best Filipino Food!! DINO BONE CANSI – Prized Dish of Bacolod, Philippines!

 Best Filipino Food!! DINO BONE CANSI – Prized Dish of Bacolod, Philippines!

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BACOLOD, PHILIPPINES – We are continuing with our food tour in Bacolod, Philippines, with another stunning dish that you have to eat when you’re there – cansi. We’re going to see the full process and then go to eat one of the best meals I’ve ever had in the Philippines!

The Bacolod Food Hunters ( – First of all a huge thank you to Martin and the team from The Bacolod Food Hunters for taking me around in Bacolod.

Eron’s Cansi House (

Cansi is a dish that includes huge beef bones simmered for hours until all the flavor is released and combined with ginger and onions, green chilies, and a especially a local fruit called batwan fruit (garcinia binucao), which gives the soup its sour taste. It’s really an amazing broth and so addictive as well. When they serve you cansi you can taste all the herbs and acidity which breaks down the richness of the meat. The flavor was incredible.

In addition to cansi, at Eron’s you’ll find a full spread of local Filipino food which you can choose from. We enjoyed a variety of different dishes including local Bacolod seaweed, smashed eggplant, and some grilled pork belly.

It was a fantastic meal and something you can’t miss when you visit Bacolod! Highly recommend Eron’s Cansi House.





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