Authentic Filipino Food in Korea is UNDERRATED | Liempo, Sisig, Kangkong, Manok (ft. John Oh)

 Authentic Filipino Food in Korea is UNDERRATED  |  Liempo, Sisig, Kangkong, Manok (ft. John Oh)

Filipino food is the shit! Savoury and flavourful, just plain delicious!
My friend John takes us back to his childhood as we try out a Filipino Restaurant called Jovy’s Grill in Seoul to see if it’s LEGIT and it does not disappoint!

If you’re in the Seoul area and you have a hankering for some Island food, definitely try this place out!

Jovy’s Grill (μ§€λΉ„μŠ€κ·Έλ¦΄):

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  • Omg I can't believe you finished all of it πŸ˜… kang kong and sissig is also my favorite so yummy I enjoyed watching you guys appreciating pinoy food ❀

  • love this

  • ❀

  • β€πŸ˜‹

  • you ain't seen nothing yet….more to come….glad you enjoyed Filipino food…thanks

  • That sisig looks underwhelming 😭😭😭

  • We Filipinos like korean food too❀

  • the manok here in cebu has a sweet and smoky taste thats for sure..

  • oh, I wish they had "Inasal" for the seeing you guys enjoying Filipino dishes.

  • Your soy sauce dipping sauce would taste better with a squeeze calamansi juice. Sauce is better with sour flavor.

  • You look like uncle Roger πŸ˜…

  • I miss Red horse 😊I've 3 Korean co workers at Seattle VA hospital ❀

  • you're a korean who speaks English fluently 😊 ❀ cool

  • Filipino really loves korean foods even my daughter born in France ,she loves korean but me as a filipina still Pilipino than french food and korean

  • this was like the entrance to filipino food, theres alot more that you should try like silogs,bulalo,lechon kawali and adobo and so many more..

  • Looks like "I'm gonna visit Ph soon" vibe. πŸ€—πŸ€­

  • I had some Korean Medtech schoolmates way back early 2000s from Pyeongtaek University in Central Philippine University in Iloilo City πŸ˜…πŸ€­

  • Proud Filipina here!

  • Next time, try grilled chicken and/or pork with atchara (pickled papaya).. it will neutralize the saltiness that it has..

  • Maglaway man pod ta😊

  • mix d sisig

  • 0:54 blink and you'll miss it.

    "Who're we fightin', boys?" πŸ˜‚

  • Filipino Grilled Chicken is not naturally cooked too salty because if its too salthy then that is not authentic its bad cooking. Pinoy grilled (inihaw) chicken (manok) is a balanced of salty / sweet/ sour because we marinate the manok in soysauce, cola and kalamansi with pepper and garlic before we grilled it.

  • that 3 dish is good source of protein even the kangkong its a lot of protein and iron

  • uncle Roger's nephew

  • Good you love our food! Sending love from LA!!!

  • Guys, you are making me drool with all those delicious food!

  • This is the first filipino food videos I watched that showed how filipinoes hold their spoon and fork. I loved that. The chicken (like most filipino food) is a bit too salty because it is meant to be eaten with rice.

  • We pair almost everything with rice that's why if the food is salty, that's where the rice comes inπŸ˜‚

  • is john oh in cebu? i think i saw him last sunday

  • Done ,new subscriptions

  • Mr.Bulbul , where are you. Krispy Pata say's Tagay Hanggang Mamatay .

  • UNCLE ROGER say's Liempo and Kangkong is the BEST FOR FRIED RICE.

  • Thank you for your appreciation.
    But we don't slurp while eating. Table manners matter.

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