Asia Jackson and Anthea Asmah react to “Anti-Blackness in Filipino Culture”

 Asia Jackson and Anthea Asmah react to “Anti-Blackness in Filipino Culture”

We sat down with Asia Jackson, creator of the #MagandangMorenx campaign, and Anthea Armah to talk about anti-blackness. Reacting to our episode of “How do we unlearn Anti-Blackness in Filipino Culture?”, they share their experiences with racial aggressions, skin whitening, and the harmful effects of colorism. They also explore the history behind colorism in the Philippines (especially towards Indigenous Filipinos), its connection to spanish colonialism, and how blackness shouldn’t be associated with class. In this One Down Reacts, we explore this topic even more and would love to know what you think. Let us know in the comments below the next video you want us to react to!

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0:00: Asia Jackson and Anthea Armah react to Anti-Blackness in Filipino Culture
0:56: Experiencing colorism from family and friends “Why is being dark bad?”
2:36: Talking Toxic Filipino Beauty Standards
4:09: Black Filipino identity and role models who embrace blackness
6:11: Reacting to comments from “How do we unlearn Anti-Blackness in Filipino culture”
7:56: Connection between Filipino colorism, classism, and Spanish colonization

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  • Your beautiful you look like the aeta tribe who are African and austronesian. In the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Filipino and other Pacific Islanders share the the same bloodline

  • In the bible phillippines is the ancient ofir south of sinim.theany isles

  • Interstingly,the original people of the Phillipines were the Negritos or Aeta tribe who are related to the Black people of the island of New Guinea,Timor,Maluku,Fiji,and Australia in the Pacific!

  • In America, when adjusted for their percentage of the population, Filipino people marry, and reproduce outside of their race more than ANY other group. Black and white being the groups they marry most often in America. Filipino people – according to data – are the least racist people in the countries they occupy. The Chinese are by far the Asian ethnic group most likely to hold anti-black attitudes.

  • if you ever get a Chans listen a music by Fila Kuti Yellow fiver…

  • I'm Brazilian, raised in USA. I can totally relate with people not knowing what I am like you. I did my DNA and I'm ~20% Black and the rest is mixed European. I'm 6'0 and nice frame (people think i play ball but I'm just a nerd), with lighter skin (but still darker than white) and curly black hair. Here In the USA, I've been confused for Pacific Islander, in fact in college this girl was just literally after me (she was very beautiful) and I noticed she was big on Hawaii, wore Hawaiian stuff all the time. So talking to her, she says she was Hawaiian (probably Filipino born there now that I know more about that history) and I guess she thought I was Polynesian and was just enamored. She literally dropped me the moment she learned I was not that. Anyway, depending on where in the country I was, I have been confused for Mexican, Puerto Rican and black people think I'm a 'light skinned brotha' which I have been called several times (they aren't totally wrong). But I have to say, my lighter skin is attractive to the darker skinned crowd, so even the darker skinned folk have this anti-blackness as you say. BTW I married a dark skinned Filipina and we have a beautiful daughter. Everyone should be proud of who they are, and it shouldn't reflect badly on anyone else.

  • Much it is said and discussed about this evil but few people point out the culprit. All of this is the work of the Devil…the Europeans!!! The argument weather God is a woman or a man is still an ongoing argument. Who's the Devil is very clear.

  • Life is to short for the dumb s. J.gwynn.

  • Spot using pilipinx it sound racist to locals pilipinos

  • So many people missing the point of this video ….

  • I think there are too many people worried about their skin color here.

  • This like an Asian issue in general. Asians don't view fair/black skin as beautiful. Even the Chinese and Koreans look down on Southeast Asians because they have darker skin and they view dark skin as dirty.

  • I don't think the desire to have sharp nose and brighter skin says anything about racial discrimination against black people but Filipino jealousy because we all want to look good. Stop exaggerating that Filipinos are discriminating Africans and stop comparing Filipinos to Africans Filipinos aren't Africans. We're south East Asians. Now Filipinos are being attacked for that thought but cruelty doesn't discriminate anyone.

  • Why are they only talking about Filipinos? South East Asians all are like Filipinos 98% that's where Filipino ancestors came from.

  • Asia jackson you became look latina haha beautiful

  • Africans loves to talk about Asians whenever there is the topic about "colorism" but they rarely talk about the "colorism" in Africa. So many videos and articles online about Africans women burning their skin by using WHITENING PRODUCTS.

  • It's not anti-black people. This mentality has existed prior to Spanish colonization. Go check the Boxer Codex. Light skinned Filipinos already existed back then. Lighter skin means that you don't work in the fields so you're richer than most. That's why it's glorified in the Philippines and in Asia. It has nothing to do with hating Africans or Black people. Get your facts right.

  • Wow Asia is an Igorot, how much do you on your mother's side? Just curious.

  • This is so awesome

  • Black Brown beauty is the most beautiful 🖤🤎 I've traveled the world and let me tell you the most beautiful people are NOT South East Asians or Filipinos. Filipinos think they're pretty that makes me laugh

  • I learned back then Black parents would also pinch their childrens noses I've learned Latino people did the same.

  • Growing up in America, you fine it's tuff when you don't have to right skin color.
    When you're a black man you have try twice as hard to be successful. I've been in the Philippines and It's interesting how different people react to me. This just lets me know a little bit more about the culture. Interesting this is very interesting.

  • I suddenly remembered about the Mestizos from Spanish Colonial Rule in our PH history class. They were referred to as children of Spaniards and Filipinos; and are placed in the middle of the social heirarchy because the "Indios" (referred to Filipinos) were seen to have undesirable uncivilized bloods as we engaged in polytheism compared to them (Christianity).

  • Mad this black and white shit you gotta love urs

  • THANK YOU for correcting the misconception that colorism in the Philippines is only about classism, when the truth is it's always been tied to colonialism and racism.

  • So we're not going to talk about how almost all Filipinos are mixed with Negrito?

  • If your black, don’t travel to no Asian culture or European culture. Will we be treated very bad do to your skin color and you will mostly be over charged for items and food.

  • The Bay Area where I live has so many Filipinos and mixed.. the colorism, texturism, and featurism is worrying.

  • Thank you for mentioning the Filipino community in London… we exist too lol

  • The word '" No one like to explain it," is the sign of Indoctrination aka BRAINWASHING…

    Note: Brainwashing Make people become stupid of what they believe in ever since as a child.
    Like what?!

    Cause seriously, it s very hard to break an Idea that was ingrained in your mind like how AMERICAN IS BETTER IN EVERY ASPECT and I'm like I totally I agree with that😐😑😑. But while I grew up and study for more, the mental impact of the truth devastated me…. HAYYY, #BRAINWASHING

  • I appreciate this so much! As a morena Filipina, growing up with my aunts and mom urging me to lighten my skin took such a huge toll on my self image and the way I feel about my own skin colour. Colourism, anti-blackness, and anti-indigeneity are definitely such crucial topics that needs to be discussed more among the Filipino community and the Filipino diaspora

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