American’s try traditional Filipino Street Food | Mactan Island, Cebu

 American’s try traditional Filipino Street Food | Mactan Island, Cebu

We love Cebu! Our first experience here was to try some authentic Filipino street food. We joined our local Filipino friends at the street market in Lapu Lapu, Meagaworld at the Mactan Newtown. The market was around the famous Liberty Shrine in Mactan and had a great atmosphere. From our Airbnb, we could see the blue and white lights of the market and as we got close we could hear some happenin’ music. When we stepped into the market, there was a Zumba group dancing to some pumpin’ music! It was lots of fun right off the bat.

We took a quick tour of all of the food options and shops that were there and made our choice. We decided to try a couple types of seaweed and to buy some pork and a FULL FISH that they grill on the BBQ. We have never tried anything like that seaweed. It was salty, slimy, and….delicious! We really liked it, especially how the little pods popped into our mouths. The other seaweed felt like noodles that we were chasing around our mouths as we tried to bite into them. It was a fun new experience.

When the pork and fish were done, they brought them out to us to try. They both tasted so good! We weren’t quite sure about the fish because we have never eaten an entire whole fish before. The moment we bit in, we were hooked. It was really delicious! We ate it down to the very bone and then got some fun pictures with the fish’s head and bones.

After our delicious dinner, we decided to get an avocado and green mango shake. The avocado shake was the best we have ever had. It tasted so yummy. It was a great evening at the Filipino market!

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Our Backman Family

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  • Seaweed salad is very healthy and delicious. I am half-Filipino and I would eat that fish with a fork or using fingers. That's not how to eat it, though. The bones hurt so bad if accidentally swallowed. I would start by prying the meat behind its head with a fork or spoon or your fingers. You can leave the abdomen part where the ribs start. This fish is easy to eat. Not so bony. Just pick the bones from the abdomen and the dorsal part. I think it's called Bulaw or Mackerel in English. You have to ask the locals how to eat something you're not familiar with. Either way, great videos!

  • Very Gutsy,and Dynamic Family!!❤❤❤❤❤❤Love and Respect from the Philippines

  • Suggest all PI filipino resturants charge Americans a Rescission Act of 1946 fee.

  • ang kyot ni Kuya kinagat buo ang grilled fish

  • i am just laughing on how you guys eat the fish😂 but it is all good.

  • I love that your kids are down to try different foods and they weren’t picky about it. My parents did the same for us and now, we’re so happy that we eat different cuisines from around the world without much trouble! 😊

  • The winner is… the avocado shake…i really like your bonding sir….

  • New subscriber here😊😊😊

  • I like this!


  • the local name of the fish is "Anduhaw"

  • its called milk fish

  • Nice try seaweed 😊😊

  • The fish is commonly eaten by hand not directly from the mouth.

  • What a great family dynamic this family has! Building a long-lasting memories that each one could someday cherish 🇵🇭

  • Philippines Adventure,there are so many Authentic Super delicious filipino food you can find in every province in the country.

    Thank you guys for visiting our country.

  • Please be Careful with those little bones get stuck in your throat if you’re not used to eating fish – some people forget about it when they’re very hungry not worth it you guys not at all

  • You just pinch a small portion of fish and put it in your mouth using your hands. Sometimes I don’t understand western people how they eat food in Asia.

  • Enjoying watching how the kids eating the grilled fish 🐟 … thank you for visiting Philippines 🇵🇭 ❤hoping you have so much fun GODBLESS TO YOUR FAMILY SENDING MY LOVE TO THE WHOLE FAMILY KEEP SAFE♥️🙏♥️

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