Latest updates and advisories for Philippine travel

Updated Travel Guide to the Philippines
✨ For Filipinos (Filipino):
✨ For Balikbayans (Former Filipinos and their Families):
✨ For Foreign Nationals:

🔴 All passengers entering or leaving the Philippines are required to register with E-TRAVEL:
Tutorial Guide for E-TRAVEL (ENGLISH):
Tutorial Guide for E-TRAVEL (FILIPINO):

Source of Info:

👉🏽Philippine Exit Requirements for Foreign Tourists, Balikbayans, Duals, and Filipino Residents Abroad:

👉🏽Filipino Tourists departing the Philippines may be required by Philippine Immigration to secure travel medical insurance. For this, you may check out Safetywing:

👉🏽Foreign Tourists, except those covered by Balikbayan Privilege, may be required by airlines and immigration to show an exit ticket. You may rent a ticket here to satisfy this requirement for just $14:

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Want to stay longer than 30 days? It’s easy!: First extension Quick Process:

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  • 📍From April 15 onwards, if you're leaving the Philippines, it's recommended that you register with E-TRAVEL at for a better travel experience.
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  • Dami pautot mga nsa immigration solve nyo muna mandurugas dyn

  • Hi guys, how are u ? One question please, i'll arrive in PHP on 17 April, i'll leave it on June…but i still have exit ticket flight when i'll arrive soon?
    Thank you so much for your help
    And thank you so much Jenifer ❤

  • Why can’t the Phil follow the standard procedure in entry and exit of most countries?

  • We know the Philippines has signed the WHO one health agreement and is now following it to a tee, they also know Filipinos will do whatever the government tells them, and so will everyone else that goes to the Philippines like it or now. The extra measures are about control and providing certain factions of the government and cooperations with the details for the added digital enslavement coming soon. When it's all said and done, it's about control plain and simple!

  • Thank you very much Jennifer for the updates. Take care always ❤🤗
    God Bless🙏😇

  • Tuwang tuwa mga magnanakaw nyan sa NAIA di mo alam kung saan dumaang mga kamay yung bagahe mo lol✌🏽😂

  • ok lang po ba na email ng anak yung gamitin sa pagregister ng etravel ng parents? thanks po

  • Good day madam my in laws are going back to Philippines via EVA air this month ask ko lang po kung meron parin bang requirement since lay over(4hrs) lang sila sa Taipei then Manila…tnx po

  • Hi Jenn,
    Traveling from San Francisco to NAIA on PAL, is it still arrival at Terminal 2?

  • Jennifer What is the different the e-travel card
    And the e-Arrieval card,? I'm going to Philippines soon, please answer my Quistion,,

  • Well that Sucks!!! Too Much filling out paperwork! You are right! What does it matter where the forienors Going when there leaving the Philippines 🇵🇭 😊 I Know New Rules 😊

  • Hello po gud evening maa'm jenifer tatanung ko lng po mam sa april 26 po fligth ko etihad airlines terminal 3 susundin ko po ba un nkalagay sa ticket ko na terminal 3 at 23 po pwede na po ba aq mg online ng etravel departure mdyu naguluhan lng po aq marami salamat po uli god bless

  • I think u gave me the anserw

  • Im leaving the philippines in june, going back to america. Been here over 6 month. Am i going to need a departure card ?

  • Awesome updates Jennifer! I didnt know you changed your name to Jon Snow 😂

  • So pag handle after immigration more risk na nakawan na naman sa luggage. So sad I don't trust our airport anymore .afrer my experienced last March 9 2023. So scary and sad . dami mag nanakaw sa contain ng luggage .

  • separate; repetitive

  • Going back is really stressful Philippine government really must level up. Too stress in immigration and too much stress and hassle going back. Exaggerating in requirements. Which other country so simple with their locals requirements

  • Still a hassle

  • I am leaving the philippines on April 12 @ 11AM. Do I still need to be at the airport 6 hours early. Thanks for any info

  • Typically frustrating, pointless, mindless, filipino bureaucracy to have foreign tourists complete the etravel on departure. The BI Commissioner Tansingco needs to explain what useful purpose it serves. If it collected feedback on the visitor's PH experience…maybe. Are they going to stop me leaving if I refuse, definitely not

  • Do you have to transfer your own bags when you come from terminal 2 to terminal 1?

  • Is there any update on if they will remove the antigen test requirement for incoming unvaccinated to the Philippines? I just realized they still require this.

  • Etravel for departing foreign passport holder passenger is worhtless time,why do they have to know why i travel back to the country where i reside,…..maybe going home after spendingall my money in the Philippines,why do they have to know my occupation and my contact number abroad…do they have to call me or being nosy?…..all these questions are already filled up and it is in their system before we even get to the Philippines……they have to work on the honesty of their airport personnels,….you know the stealings and their attitude towards the passengers foreigners or domestics….so much hassles about nothing

  • those time was frustrating as heck!! hallilua

  • Remove the etravel in the Philippines , departure & arrival , it’s none sense

  • Hi Jennifer. I travel to the Philippines a lot and I always check with you before I leave. You make everything so smooth for me.
    I’m coming to the Philippines may 27th. I’m going to get the 59 day visa extension as soon as possible. Do I need an exit ticket when I apply and for when the visa expires

  • Foreigners should be able to use the same E-Travel that they used to get into the Philippines

  • Terminal 1 won’t let you in until 2 hrs before the flight! Why they want you there 6 hrs before the flight??

  • Why PHILIPPINES can’t go back to the way before covid came?! Why making everything so complicated?!
    To comply with all these none sense are not necessary! Sorry to say this! It’s all about control from NWO!

  • Visited 5 times since March 2022. Why does the Philippines authorities want to know where I'm going on leaving. Haven't had to do that before. Crazy

  • Thanks Jennifer. God Bless

  • Thank you Jennifer for the update

  • Stay out of the Philippines. They don't want you here. Between the disgusting food terrible living conditions. Bathing in buckets.. Come here for vacation stay because you died.

  • Departing US on May 1st, when can I register? Wala bang update from 2 days prior to departure to sana a week before? Thanks Jen

  • Foreign tourist should not fill up departure form. It does not make sense. 😖😣

  • Sana yung mga nasa authority ay nagbibigay din nang panahon na panoorin itong mga Vlogs mo/ ninyong mga vloggers.

    Hindi lang informative para sa mga traveller. Naroon pa yung mga comments, at sound opinion nang marami.

    Nakaka lungkot isipin na gumawa sila nang kung ano-anong rule, pero mukhang basta lang ginawa, may maipakita lang, o sadyang makikitid lang talaga, at kulang sa critical analysis.

  • I’m interested for those holder of foreign passports is there any restrictions if you’re nớt vaccinated?

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