A few days in the Philippines | traveling solo, eating alone & exploring Boracay

 A few days in the Philippines | traveling solo, eating alone & exploring Boracay

A vlog from a few days alone in Boracay in the Philippines, talking about traveling solo, dealing with loneliness, getting more comfortable and eating alone. My bf also joing me at the end of the video (week 3) to join me on the final strech of my trip ❤️‍🩹

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✨ Who am I
My name is Madeleine or Maddie for short, I’m a 22-year-old Norwegian in London. I make videos about adulting, productivity, lifestyle and London life.

My amazon favourites (my camera equipment etc): https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/macerly

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  • My mom said something that struck to me about eating alone
    “So what, they dont know you “ 😂

  • Welcome to the Philippines. One of my bucketlist is to travel solo. A bit scary but i know everyone should try it once in a lifetime. So will be booking solo travel to Hk and Macau wish me luck hahaha

  • You seemed so much happier once you were in good company 😊❤

  • the restaurant I think is Italian, it had all Italian specialties, from risotto to pasta with pesto (as well as ice cream)

  • Wow amazing places nice beaches new here watching here from philippines🇵🇭❤ always take care to travel any conutry's

  • You're like the blonde version of Ellie Thumann

  • 6.43 aku sangat suka melihat ini

  • The Philippines has over 7,000 Islands Boracay is just some Islands is also the most crowded. There's plenty of beaches in Philippines that are not over crowded plenty to choose.

  • Enjoy Filipino Foods & Views here in the phillipines ❤😊

  • Part 2 where ?

  • Im so glad you went to our country and enjoyed your vacation here in Boracay and El Nido 🥰🥰 i've been watching your videos a few mos back. Thank you and please visit again soon!

  • Next time go to here in Cebu City

  • Davao city

  • wtf. that place is unreal! it's beautiful!

  • So beautiful..

  • Hello enjoy your vacation in beautiful view and island sunset so pretty in paradise island in Boracay and enjoy explore and food trip god bless stay safe

  • Your so beautifull the eyes ohhh

  • Filipino is very happy to talk to just simply approach theme and they won't stop talking but not all actually but most

  • i'm in boracay alone right now! the algorithm (creepily) brought me to your site! haha

  • Be safe and injoy 🏝️ love from ph❤️

  • Hello! Which hotel did you stay at?

  • U still need sunscreen even if youre inside or in the shadows

  • Would you mind sharing the name of the resort? It looks really nice

  • Nice vlog

  • I remember you I saw you in boracay with your green dress😍 I was looking at you because you look cute with your green dress🥰🥰

  • Mangoes in the Philippines are sunshine.

  • Hi,watching your vlog here Australia,new sub.too im Pinoy.7641 Islands &16 Cities in Manila Philippines to C/out.Enjoy ur vacation &takecare ❤❤🇵🇭

  • Can we go on a date

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