7 Things We Wish We Knew BEFORE Travelling to The Philippines

 7 Things We Wish We Knew BEFORE Travelling to The Philippines

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In today’s Philippines travel vlog, we share our Top 7 things we wish we knew before travelling to the Philippines in 2022. This video is sponsored by Busuu.

Filmed August 2022

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Wifi
2:45 Accommodation prices
4:01 Seafood & BBQ
4:38 Travelling Around The Philippines
5:50 English Speaking
7:31 American Influence
8:49 Weather


Lloyd & Mandy

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  • Did we leave anything out?

  • Great points, thks guys!

  • Thank you Lloyd and Mandy for a very informative video!🙏

  • I would rather be in the rain on the beach in the Philippine's, than in the sun in traffic in America. Great video, God bless!

  • Young and unprepared

  • At first I thought these were two men. Because there's nothing soft, feminine or fun about this female. You can tell that this man is emasculated.

    He is in a country full of traditional women, and he wants to settle for that? Man, grow a pair, dump that, and get yourself a traditional Filipino woman.

  • How do you spell the area you stayed in, thank you

  • please let us know you're a digital nomad one more time.

  • Just because the Philippines is located in South East Asia doesn't mean that everyone in Southeast Asia uses… Chopsticks. aside from that weird observation, most of your videos OK. And you're right, you do have to plan ahead if you're planning to travel especially from country to country. 10:07

  • Filipino watching your video here in the UK. You've been to places in the Philippines I haven't been haha, enjoy!

  • Really interesting info.
    I think in the Philippines they like the rest of Asia are trying to stop low rent backpackers and digital nomads.unfortunately they don’t spend enough and don’t usually get proper life insurance.
    Holidays are different but I understand the reason why you feel it’s too expensive.Thailand is changing its views on d nomads since the end of the pandemic too. Not enough money coming in .

  • Hey! Love the video. We are digital nomads travelling to Philippines next month. What were the best places you came across in general for wifi/internet access? Or any places to avoid? 😅 cheers!

  • 1. Wifi .. Ooh poor you. Your job is so hard. You must wait or get wifi data from cards. That’s hard. I mean i feel your suffering.

    2. Price .. bitchin about how accomodation is more pricy compared to Thailand.. because you have to spend 2$ extra bucks to get a gym is one of the lamiest thing i heard from a travel “expert”. All that just to end your point by saying “since food is cheap, that “pricy” accomodation is not so bad.

    3. Food ; so.. we are not suppose to go in Philippines because BBQ and Seafood is great. Got it. I’ll try to find a place where the food suck ! 🙄

    4. Traveling around. Yes.. got to spend a bit to travel. That happens in all countries. Let’s compare with Australia or Canada.. shall we ? It is still pretty cheap. And people that go in Philippines know it’s a country that has so many islands. You know what people do ? They plan the trip knowing they will spend a few bucks on planes/ferries. Get a grip !

    5. English : so.. we want to avoid Philippines because locals can understand english well ? Ok.. that’s like the food. It doesnt make sense..

    6. American influence … driving on the right.. you had to go there .. American influence .. aside of basketball, i dont see how Philippines is more or less americanised. Oh because they drive on the right ? Like 90% of the other countries ? Or is it because you can get a burger ? So it is too hard to get local food ?

    7. Weather .. again.. plan your trip and dont go in rainy season.

    You guys are idiots.

    This whole video .. if i sum up ..

    Dont go in Philippines because :

    People speak english too well, they will understand you too well, which will make you feel you’re visiting USA.

    the accomodation is a tiny bit more expensive than Thailand but since food is cheaper, you wont see a difference.

    Oh but dont go, because local food is too good, especially the BBQ and seafood. Too good in fact that you will forget about this deliciois local food wheb you will understand you can get a burger with ease just abkut anywhere.

    Also, be aware of the many islands.. you’ll have to spend a few bucks traveling between them, in case yku thought they were offering free transpirtation to tourists.

    About transportation.. it sucks because going in Philippines, you will notice they drive on the right. That fuks up the exotic immersion if you’re coming from a country that also use the right.. and for the others, you will hate it because you’ll get confused when you cross the streets.

    Finally, please, dont go in Philippines because the weather is only awesome 9 months per year.


  • Sounds like you’ve not been anywhere before.

  • How can you post a long Video of this country Without warning people abouth all swindle, robbery and crime here
    You not safe any place in this country

  • Wifi question. Does purchasing a sim card allow you to use wifi through a laptop or only on your phone? I plan to work remotely in the Philippines for a while, but I would need to be able to work through my laptop.

  • it's called football, not soccer

  • Thanks for the super helpful video. We will travel to Philippines in April. Can you please advise the best mosquito repellant you've found?

  • Yes because nature here in the Philippines especially Palawan so beautiful.

  • Just Wondering why in the video title picture ( DONT GO IN THE PHILIPPINES?) Philippines and American have history too ,many American people is living in the Philippines American and Philippines is friendly country and helping each other that’s why Philippine people is so easy to speak English , and in the school like kinder to elementary to college too many subject is English more than Philippine language , if you meet more pilipinos over there they are really fluent in English ,

  • When it comes to internet, the Philippines teaches you how to literally live “Off the Grid” regardless of urban, provincial, or island areas.

  • The Philippines is overhyped and overpriced travel destination.
    Expensive for a third world country. You can visit Thailand, or Malaysia or Indonesia or Vietnam for the same number of days at twice the fun at half the cost.

  • Thanks for the Video 👍🏼

  • Well if you want high speed in wifi you have to buy converge or dito but if you really want very high buy the converge because that high 5 G

  • Philippines sadly is getting worst each year. Nice people but they are corrupt and do not how to manage their country, i feel sad about them.

  • 3 of the 7 items were there in the list just for the sake of sponsorship! Now why do you need to know locals speak good English before going there?! Ridiculous

  • Remember USA had Military Bases there for many many years. That’s where the American influence came from. Should have never left. US Bases were great for the economy there

  • Hello, I want to visit the Philippines soon. I will be doing so for one month. I've never travelled out of the USA. I have no clue how anything works. Am I supposed to exchange currency before I leave my country or can I do it in the Philippines? Can I use my credit cards in the Philippines? Do I need a visa or visitor visa to visit Philippines? Do you need to quarantine if you haven't been fully vaccinated? I am absolutely lost at travelling somewhere new. Any help with these would be appreciated or somewhere I can get all of this information. Thank you!

  • How is safety and security in Philippines?

  • The wifi 😅😂😂😂😂

  • Also٫ be careful not to sing "My way" when your doing karaoke in the Philippines.

  • Manila has many stray cats
    And more of philipines is poor than reach philipines product is cheap
    You can buy burger in 1,000 times
    Without breaking bank you can use these burgers to feed poor peapole with it. Internet in philipines is okay for Filipinos even piso wifi so weak wifi that you have to use money for time is super usefull for us philipines has much nice relaxing islands i just share shis for some informations visit our country
    If you want

  • you australians and your wifi problems …

  • R u both married

  • richto

  • Mosquito and flies is The most I hated in PHILIPPINES

  • I'm a Canadian born in the Philippines. I totally agree with you about the expensive Wi-Fi and the cost of traveling. Most of it is because of the duopoly they have going on there. They don't allow outside airlines and telecoms companies in, so the companies have no incentive to improve their services as there is no other competition.

    They should introduce short inter-island flights between the major Philippine islands like Cebu, Panay, Negros, etc.. That would cut traveling costs because people don't have to fly back to Manila every time they want to visit another beautiful island. That would be a win for local Tourism as well.

    That said, I actually think we have the same problems here in Canada but it's getting better with the new budget airlines coming in. It still has some room for improvement here though.

    I wish the Philippines government sees this video and look into improving the country's infrastructure, especially in the provinces. It should be a priority for countries that rely so much on tourism.

  • Have you tried Agoda? The prices are Very Good for Asia. But ho9w safe is it?

  • FYI: Lil History Lesson – Philippines was part of America from 1898 – 1946. (after American won the Spanish war). During WW-2 Japan invaded China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indo china, Singapore, Burma, Thailand and many other countries including Philippines Where they killed many Americans and later attacked Perl Harbor in Hawaii and declared war on America. Atom bomb on Japan ended the World War-2 and that

  • People should not travel if they cannot afford and always remember you got what you paid for! If stay at BGC or high class hotel you have to pay more than airbnb or hostel, if you eat at high class restaurant you have to pay more instead of eating at local carenderia which is kulas favorite place to eat, you have to do research and planning before you travel instead of whining so many things you dont know about Philippines my advice to both you watch kulas becoming pilipino vlog you will learn a lot from him.

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