5 Wacky Things About Filipino Culture

 5 Wacky Things About Filipino Culture

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After spending nearly 1 year of my life in the Philippines, I have noticed several wacky things about Filipino culture. Here are 5 of them that stand out to me the most about Filipino Culture!

Do you have anything else to add to this list about the way of life in the Philippines?

P.S. This video is not intended to be rude or offensive — it’s made out of pure good intentions. As many of you know, the Philippines is my favorite country in the world and my second home!

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  • The questions for me😅 How old are you sir? everytime i have to answer this,

  • Can’t wait to move there this summer!!! I am so excited to immerse myself in the culture and experience of The Philippines!!

  • That's Right 💖💖
    Filipino time

  • Thank you so much for the great infos.

  • Thank you for visiting our country!!!!!! 💕

  • Correction Filipino culture is more severe due to poverty.
    1.Prostitution is high
    2. Poverty
    3. girls easy to open their legs for foreign.
    Especially outside marriages they don't believe sex after marriage.
    4. Gossip
    6. you can't find virgin woman in the PH due to its adopted Spanish colonial culture

  • Wrong about the Filipino time like seriously

  • I use spoon and fork in formal occasions…I use spoon when I’m eating something that is wet and has soup but I commonly eat with hand…I’m partly Chinese so I eat with chopsticks a couple times a week because of my mom😂

  • Facebook!! So true! I have family in the Philippines and feel as if I'm right there with them! A positive is I get to watch my cousin's children grow!! Lol

  • I spent some time in the Philippines in 1991 and ever since then I'm eating with a fork and spoon.

  • Drew: Filipinos are friendly

    Me a 9 year old who wants to kill everyone and likes 1933-1945 germany:i really have to get myself together

  • The part where you said they tell you anything one is so true. I'm Filipino and moved to a different country a few years ago and going to school was so different, weird, shocking, confusing and almost rude in a way? I would always be like, "That looks bad" or "Don't do that do this instead". I just want to help them and people always found me rude because I'm helping. Not hating, I just was confused at the new style and I'm used to it now 🙂

  • Seek and love the truth. (Not relating to the video)

  • Spoon and fork is a thing in Thailand too. Didn’t realise it was a ‘wacky thing’ haha

  • Batangas people are called in Tagalog is Batangeño but in lipa Batangas it's called lipeño

  • filipino security guards also take the job extremely seriously, especially young male guards. they love having a uniform and some authority to chase away loiterers. security guards in europe or north america wouldnt care at all about stuff that filipino guards go crazy about

  • Pickapino, Pickapino what is a Pickapino? It’s a Filipino who picks on other Filipinos 🫣🤭🫢🫤

  • Wait, are you also Jewish? (mainly because of your shirt with hebrew on it) Because I'm about to start dating this Filipino doctor (so my family likes that outcome) but I was wondering how Filipino's feel about Jewish people? I don't know if I am receiving a real straight answer out of him.

  • 2:14, I'm confused why they're using a spoon & fork to eat dried fish (do it w/ hands), as a Filipino, it's cringey XD

  • Spoons are almost used for everything
    (For me using knife is for pizza)

  • QUIRKY FACTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY BETTER. #1: i prefer Water buckets are a little better than just tissues I mean cleaning is better than just wiping🧻.

    #2: the food is also what makes the country having thin or sometimes healthy people. It's because they eat rice and chicken soup etc.

    #3: did you know that Jolibee exists in the Philippines? they are also more popular than McDonald's in the Philippines.

    #4: they sometimes still speak English with a Filipino accent but some NO accent just a normal WORD they say.

    #5: spoons and forks are the main thing of meals because the one who invented that culture says "it is a safe way of eating" so they don't have to use a knife for cutting also they like to Finish meals so the spoon has more storage for rice to enter.

  • Pog

  • 2:15
    I don't know why he used a spoon and a fork for separating the tuyo meat from the tuyo bone "tinik"

    This is 😂😂😂😂

  • “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

  • In tarlac theres a tradition that happens in april where catholics whip their backs with 20 pieces of small bamboo sticks and then they inflict tiny cuts on their backs some wear robes while carrying a cross some are tied with a rope and pulled around while some carry a cross while being pulled around

  • balut's all over SEA, kh has it too

  • This is the reason Why Emelda Marcos used FB to trick pinoy into her lies about their family. Sadly most of us did not check the history, we only use FB for our reference in voting the next president. Go BBM 🤦

  • As an Indonesian, we share the same traits with our filipinos neighbour. Particularly regarding the "punctuality" issue (an Indonesian friend says "i'm otw" when you call him/her to an appointment, it is very likely that he/she is still in the bed). And about being nosey, i think it is a common trait in South East Asia. In Singapore they call this trait as being "kaypoh" (please correct me if i'm wrong), and in Indonesia they call it as being "kepo".

  • For me eating red hot dogs with Filipino spaghetti is normal because…

  • i'm filipino but never tried balut, i think thats the most bizarre food we have here.

  • Not me thinking that spaghetti is normally sweet

  • What the heck?? Never knew that spoon and fork is weird. Lol

  • Was this video made before Drew ever visit Indonesia ? Because aside from no.1, all of them also apply to Indonesians.

  • Soap and water is better cleaning

  • Welcome to our country Philippines

  • Fun fact:
    Everyone is watching is Filipino

  • marites😘

  • One culture I see so fascinating is why many Philippines peoples loves to smell shit, They do even argue and debate which person’s poop smell the most. Infact if one’s poop did not smell bad, some neighbor do feel disappointed. But when they passive good food they still echo same Baho and one can sense the symptoms of jealousy and anger from the Baho when they passive the fragrance of food. Some people even starts to echo the Baho in joyfully once they listen and hear the toilet door being opened. Cos normally toilet door sounds differently from all other doors in the house. This act is 24 hours and non stop in the Philippines. Have never read nor seen useless act like this in the history of mankind. Even since Adam and Eve. Even their dogs already knows and understand when they say Baho. This act is a culture in the Philippines. They do even discuss poop in pubic. It’s a shame and I guess that’s why majority of them are so poor. They waste time on trying to smell poop, pee, fart, food and gossip.. it’s hard to see two people discuss business ideas. The most useless can be found at almost every neighborhood in the Philippines.

  • I don't know why suddenly corious about Philipies, filipinos are good at english, kudos people and their favorite sentence is
    Are we okay now in english LOL.😂

  • Nosy people 🤣🤣🤣🤣 yea I agree

  • Drew come here no more traffic the Duterte administration done all from violence,drug addict, traffic as i said,to cleaning all beaches

  • Hahahha all true ! I agree drew

  • Very true when me and my father went to Batangas my aunt pointed out the obvious that I was really skinny and should gained weight with a tough tone. Also same case if you're fat some people will straight up say you're fat lol

  • Study shows that "Being Late" is being "Optimistic".

  • Starting off with the balut cmon drew😂😂😂

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