$12 All You Can Eat FILIPINO BUFFET & Country’s BEST BURGER?!

 $12 All You Can Eat FILIPINO BUFFET & Country’s BEST BURGER?!

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Miami is one of my favorite places to go for food and this time, I’m headed to a dive that is a local food institution with possibly the best burger in the country.

Restaurants I went to:
Le Tub Saloon
Address: 1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

Manila Kantina Buffet Asian Food
Address: 245 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131

Miami Tres Leches y Más
Address: 7801 NW 95th St Ste 5, Hialeah Gardens, FL 3301

Address: 140 NE 39th St Suite 136, Miami, FL 33137

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Mike Chen

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  • I couldn't eat that burger it's very undercooked…

  • That burger scared me but I can do the filipino food everyday. 😁

  • Can you direct me to a vid where you DIDNT like the food? Lol

  • As a Filipina, thank you for supporting Filipino small businesses! 😊

  • Filipino food tastes better than it looks, I swear.

  • The burger was alive

  • YOU NEED A FORTNITE CHARACTER!!!! Also my husband and I always watch you and freaking think your awesome!!!!!!!!!’n ❤

  • I can’t do the innards.

  • That burger looks nasty.

  • Heto na. Pagalingan ng comment!!! 😂

  • It's oozing "juice" ? Dude that's blood.

  • No way to eat the burger sir. Na ah!

  • I cringed when he ate the reddish bloody burger. Can’t risk getting E. coli.

  • How are you related to Jacky Chen?

  • That is a great selection for the buffet! Quite a bit of dishes. Now I'm hungry

  • the fork just annoys me

  • That burgers just glistening….out pours blood 🤢

  • Sheesshh i wish there was a $12 flip buffet here in OC🤦🤦

  • I just get white rice everyday and watch Chen's video.


  • Checking out baddie by the escalator. Busted 😁😁

  • That was a Mondo burger

  • Hello Mikey Chen
    Aren't you worried about the pink inside the burger? It looks so under cooked. I've never had a Burger that size.also I don't buy steak because I can cook it right. The heavy prices also makes me stay away. Can you do a segment on how to cook steak and big huge burger please.
    Love all your videos.

  • Yeah that burger isn't done

  • Wow
    All u can eat pilipino buffet for $12
    Thats a good deal,with sisig and lechon, thats a bonus

  • There’s blood on that burger
    No thanks

  • That burger is too rare for me 🤢

  • pag fiesta ing ana jud ang dagway sa plato lol

  • Couldn't let comment 444 stay there.

  • No wedding ring anymore???

  • I love rare or medium rare beef and juicy beef. But I hate soggy bread if its not just been dipped in soup and gone straight to my mouth. The pink meat juices on that burger soaking into the bun bottom isnt appealing. I get why it happened with that round burger just seemed less desirable

  • What I loved about Manila Kantina (besides the food, the staff and the prices) is just how wonderful the little Filipino bodega is surrounded by Miami bougie places and they couldn't care less. They're serving great food on foam plates with plastic utensils. And they'll make many people happy for years to come.

  • It really amazes me how people eat bloody burgers! Perfect?! Absolutely not, it’s uncooked and needs to be properly cooked. Now the Filipino food…chef’s kiss 🤌🏽 I could live off most of the dishes!


  • i love pork adobo with a lot of fat in it😁

  • Hi Mike! Come back to the Philippines! There's still a lot for you to try here! Loads of regional dishes, from Palapa and Pyanggang in the south, to Uved and Pinakbet in the north 🙂

  • Pork ribs sinigang is my favorite Filipino comfort food. I eat it with rice and fish sauce. I can eat eat as breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can eat eat it as my afternoon snack. I can eat it everyday, I swear. 🥰

  • Your burger is on its period 👺

  • Most of filipino food is unhealthy, fatty, oily and overcooked. Absolute not recommended. Was living and working in the PH for almost 6 years. Beside that, people are nice and lovely!!!

  • what's the address of the all you can eat filipino store?

  • Eeeeew! The burger is raw.

  • Dude, there’s a little happy face in there don’t you see it

  • I love Filipino food (no bias because i am Filipino) but i actually have to say, filipino food just don't look as appetizing as other cuisines maybe due to the lack of color and garnish or how it is presented which is probably what puts off a lot of foreigners. But it's basically normal for filipinos because a lot of us are always on the go.

  • watching this on my 19th hour fasting..

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