10 things you SHOULDN’T do in the PHILIPPINES! | Filipino culture

 10 things you SHOULDN’T do in the PHILIPPINES! | Filipino culture

In this video, I will be your local tour guide to help you get familiarized with some of the things you shouldn’t be doing in the Philippines to not get yourself in trouble! Save this video if you’re planning to come to the Philippines. 😊 #filipinoculture #rubeauti #philippinesvlog

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  • Taxes or a must but I try understand

  • Holy shit! 🤯 You guys live on nigha time too!? Wow!! I know I'm going to feel right at home!! Oh, man 15minutes late on the job is normal over there…lol

  • Good day to you.
    My name is Drew I live in the United States, I'm from the Caribbean and thinking of visiting your beautiful country one day soon. I can help myself by letting you know how beautiful you are… And hope one day I'll meet a beautiful Philippine lady dark skin and beautiful has you are… please don't find it as me being rude, but if you do I deeply apologize!!

  • I found in the village I was at outside of Bacolod the kids would sing songs in English but did not know any English or know what the words were

  • Rubeauti, Love your video. I saw another video that they said it was "illegal" there to get Divorced ?. So what would happen to you, if you did get Divorced ?. Also, you touched on the Weather. I knew a girl, a long ago that was born and raised there. and she said the Summers were so hot and humid, that she would always pass out. So i was wondering, if you had talked to people that moved over there, from the states and how they put up with the weather ?. Thank's so much, Don. San Jose, CA. U.S.A..

  • I'm American and I'm planning on settling in the Philippines with my (Makati-born) Cebuana after cutting through a lot of red tape and I feel blessed that I was (somehow) never the confrontational type. But as a progressive and a straight ally, I was planning to support the Ladlad, the world's first LGBT political party, from behind the scenes in a way that wouldn't be perceived as "meddling in government affairs"….maybe write scripts for street theater bits at protests or rallies which I wouldn't attend to keep from "breaching the contract". I wouldn't do anything to wear out my welcome and if things go well enough for me there, who knows? I might even consider applying for citizenship!

  • The biggest issue I would have is that I'm very punctual. I make sure I'm early. I'm from Canada and I have to be early. I will have to mellow out which isn't a bad thing.

  • Slight correction: The person who was on time for a date didn't stand up the other person if they couldn't tolerate the other person's lateness and left. They were on time for the date. Standing someone up means not turning up at all.

  • If you see them laughing at you it's really because you're a fat westerner! 🤣

  • Taking one's shoes off before entering a house is the general rule over most of Asia, not just the Philippines.

  • It’s so clean you can lick it. Lol

  • I really don't like your personality and the way you speak English.

  • The US did not colonize the US. Colonization displaces the local customs, traditions and population. The Philippines became a territory like Puerto Rico and Guam but was granted independence in 1948. Spain and Portugal did colonize the Philippines. The US never colonized the Philippines. There's a great museum of the Philippines history in Cavite.

  • Thank you. Important information.

  • Useful information. Thank you!

  • 06:55 In the Netherlands we have a term for this, we call it "Oost-Indisch doof" (South-East Asian deaf, literally East India deafness) because historically it was considered rude in Javanese culture (Java being an island in Dutch India) to say "no" directly so many people would jump through hoops or pretend to not have heard the request.

  • 01:10 I didn't have this experience in the Philippines, but when I went to Hanoi I did have it and it was horrible. But then again I didn't get off Luzon in the Philippines yet.

    Meanwhile with mispronouncing words the people I met wouldn't stop laughing at me because I thought that the last part of "Philippine" is pronounced as "pine" like a pine tree.

  • shes so beautiful! UwU

  • Thank you for your care and information😃👍

  • Thank you as usual..!!

  • I enjoyed this important information about the Philippines thank you for sharing.

  • I've noticed that countries where people have a relaxed attitude about time tend to be significantly poorer than countries whose people take being on time more seriously. I think there is an obvious connection.

  • Thank you. I just want to know the exact place to find smart and beautiful person exactly like you. Your perfect eyes and nose. 🙃

  • Nat ebiriwan kan inglis da inglis. Dey kan onli inglis da no and da yes. Das ol. Bay

  • I always thought that Filipinos were the kindest and respectable people. So it surprises me that some locals in the provinces don't respect their fellow neighbors with loud karaoke music in the hours when people are supposed to be sleeping.

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