$10 FILIPINO STREET FOOD TOUR at UGBO in TONDO Manila, Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ | MUKBANG Philippines

 $10 FILIPINO STREET FOOD TOUR at UGBO in TONDO Manila, Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ | MUKBANG Philippines

If you want off-the-beaten-path Filipino street food, with a more local (less touristy) feel, head to UGBO in the Tondo District of Manila. This place was busy with a younger crowd, with lots of music and action going on. The entire street is just one food vendor after another. We really only spent time on this one street, so I’m sure we missed a lot, as well. We were able to get a taxi here and back to our hotel with no problem. There were many tuk-tuk trucks passing through there, too. We never figured out how to get on one of those, so that is something we will have to try when we come back. In this video, we eat, eat, and eat some more. We had fried foods, meat on a stick, popcorn, empanadas, and the dessert YOU suggested: Halo Halo! Kelly found a twister potato (and off camera she found fresh chili and garlic peanuts). It was a full night of eating. We met so many fun kids running around.

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We are the Bags Packed Family: Jonathan and Kelly with our three children. We sold our home in Alaska, USA, eight years ago, and headed overseas. We are teachers and found fantastic teaching positions in Chennai, India. Two years later, we moved to the United Arab Emirates. Three years after that, during the beginning of the pandemic, we made the move to our current teaching jobs in Indonesia. We love traveling and finding adventures as a family. We hope that our travels will inspire and provide our children with the confidence to meet new people, try new foods, and enjoy learning a new language. We hope our vlogs will inspire you to get out and travel, too!


0:00 UGBO Night Market
2:07 Shawarma
3:32 Spiral Potato
4:55 Fried Baga (Pork Lung)
6:48 Korean Corn Dog
14:21 Majic Icecream
17:22 Popcorn & Basketball
18:51 Coagulated Blood Satay
22:08 Filipino Empanada
26:22 Halo Halo


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  • Make me miss filipino foods ❀ i am living in USA now

  • Hello there! Very nice family. Also would like to give tips, halo halo means mix mix in english so before eating the it you will mix all the ingredients using the spoon ❀

  • You have to mix the whole ingredients before eating -halo halo (mix everything 😊).

  • I love empanada made by Pinoy ! You can put vinegar sauce or you may eat plain empanada❀

  • Halo means mix, before you eat halo-halo you should mix all the ingredients to get that delicious taste of it.

  • Next time when you are trying to eat new foods, just ask the vendor instead of speculating. The purple color in the halo halo is ube not blue berry and the yellow is custard. Well traveled family you got there and the kids are adventurous too. Nice family, easy and friendly. Keep up guys and hope you enjoyed your stay in the Philippines

  • Lex st CV h FBI HTC GB bought FC GB oh HIV GB huh it's h NJ GB CV huh GB oh high huh in NJ in huh Munich GB GB nnjn?

  • I love your adventure as a family. Kids are so great too trying different foods. I miss the philippines❀️

  • you know what's the yummiest of them all? chicken intestines 😁😁😁 and i also lovw LOVE chicken skin…
    chicken skin not fried but the ones grilled on the street together with the chicken intestines it's so hard to stop eating… i love it more than the intestines it just taste so good 😊

  • Very beautiful family. 😍❀️

  • You should mix your halo halo first before eating. πŸ˜… But nice content great job!

  • I want to be a member of this channel how i can pay the payment?

  • your kids don't look very happy

  • Take care and enjoy in tondo

  • Your family and kids are awesome. So willing to try new types of foods! And my god can't believe you guys tried beta-max (the blood pork on a stick) Buhaha not to many Americans go for it.

  • I love this Family. Keep it Up!

  • Halo halo you must mix it thoroughly from top to bottom before eating it, it means mix mix ,

  • That empanada is partner with vinegar, maybe the seller forget to tell you😊

  • Baga is lungs

  • You must try beaches and other tourist spot in the Philippines especially its summer time😊

  • Love the Kids.. So brave. πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜

  • New subscriber here i kove ur family πŸ˜‰ enjoy the philippines…

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