🇵🇭 American Couple Reacts “14 Reasons the Philippines Is Different from the Rest of the World”

 🇵🇭 American Couple Reacts “14 Reasons the Philippines Is Different from the Rest of the World”

🇵🇭 American Couple Reacts “14 Reasons the Philippines Is Different from the Rest of the World” | The Demouchets REACT

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The Demouchets REACT

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  • i barely//rarely use my phone for phone calls…everything is txt LOL when people call me, which is very rare, i dont answer…i just wait for voicemail then i respond thru txt

  • Even urgent I want to txt except emergency gonna happen

  • Colonized countries have way more churches. They are tools ued to brake a population. In Jamaica where I'm from the church were use to brake Africans into slave, then they were transported to other British colonies.

  • It's more fun in the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Hope you guy's visit the Philippines

  • Not anymore becuase we are busy now texting our opinions in social media

  • Depends where you are in the philippines, I’ve personally not seen a church inside a mall in our region but I’ve only seen one in metro manila..

  • Story about Magellan is wrong…

  • I don't believe this guy is telling that Pakistan and India speak fluent English like the Philippines, the reason why I've been to this country several times and even worked with them onboard offshore drilling rig ..

  • This year jeepneys are being replaced by air conditioned vans and mini buses.

  • The 1,700 languages are not called LANGUAGES but DIALECTS which are spoken from every province or where the islands are.
    DIALECT are based on the provinces in the Philippines.
    That must be a Correction.

  • The reason why we do have church in the mall because filipino familly is always sunday fam bonding so after church we usually have bonding in the malls your right guys after church in the am we shopped and dine. Coz we start our busy days of the week schools and work every mon thru fri and some has work during saturday.

  • I think we have a different definition of MALL hehe – but really the MALL here are pretty much different from other countries it is very very very HUGE, in fact 3 of the most huge coliseum in the world are in the Philippines

  • Hai ma'am and Sir great content thanks for the videos.god bless you and mabuhay sending love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • only thing missing in a philippine shopping mall is a hotel

  • Hahaha Pakistan doesn't speak English same like India been there several times working onboard offshore drilling rig, communication is a barrier for me as a supervisor.

  • Now summer time good to visit here' Cebu negros island more fresh foods sea side anywhere

  • I speak Visayas Ilongo Visayas Spanish Tagalog English, we're simple but beautiful

  • I belong Visayas Island my home toun in kanlaon volcano,my city is canlaon City with many natural spring water falls our rice terrace and sugar Land y natural great parents is have beautiful Land

  • Go and visit the Philippines. You will have fun!!!

  • Thanks for reacting to our country and culture.God bless you and mabuhay po kayo !


  • Largest pearl on record. 😊

  • Wow! Glad to know we are a goodlooking people😊

  • And current Ms. UNIVERSE was Ms. USA… born to an American mom and Filipino dad.

  • Please react to Philippines SB19 PPOP group. They are our National pride..

  • Correction there's no church inside the mall

  • Hi there New to your Channel please react to – Waking up in the Philippines 🇵🇭 it's a 17 minutes video but worth watching

  • Subscribed!!! -from Philippines

  • NOT JUST A Texting capital of the world BUT Philippines is also the SOCIAL MEDIA ( SNS ) CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.

    BTW. I love your rv's I'm enjoying it! ❤️

  • Do a vid about battle of yultong

  • Do 8 days in Philippines pls

  • Hi … Kindly react to a new all Filipino group HORIZON with their pre debut single called DASH

  • SP is 12.3 mi.
    Metropolis area is 22 mi.
    Is big city.

  • Please react to SB19 KEN aka FELIP STRAYDOGS MUSIC VIDEO 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Hilo guys . I'm joy watching you.from Zamboanga del Sur Philippines.

  • Filipino Americans are the only people that claim to be Pacific Islanders but not know what Pacific Islands really is. Most deny being Asian though the Philippines is literally part of Southeast Asia smh

  • those jeepney are good for all-terrain so good for africa,

  • You guys should react to Passport bros

  • Texting nation: I guess the reason is 1. It’s a young population. You’re right about “Text me, don’t call.” You’d get along well with Filipinos. 2. It’s cheaper to text than call. Minutes cost more money, hunny. 🤣

  • 7:48 i was waiting on both of your reactions to the mural that shows a couple of "KKK" flags lol 🤣🤣🤣
    in PH, our KKK stands for Kataastaasan, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan
    (in English "Supreme and Honorable Association of the Children of the Nation")
    simply put, they are freedom fighters that fought against the Spanish and American that took over the country. (they were also involved in other conflicts prior/post Spain & USA wars) they engaged in combat, politics, arts, subterfuge/spy craft, etc to fight against invaders.

    PS. dont worry about the flag turning and signaling for war. all conflict PH was involved in was defensive in nature. even when the Filipinos fought in the Korean war, their roles were mostly defensive. we only declared war to gain independence as a country, but never to expand our territory. (maybe the ancient, tribal Filipino kingdoms warred against each other but PH, as a sovereign country, never declares war on another country)

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